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  1. Sorry for taking too long to get the pic to you guys. I have been planning to do my leg sleeve for a feew years and just finally did it last summer. I started the first week in July and has it done before the Navy game this year. I am actually going to add a little bit to it here soon.
  2. I'll have to take some pics and post the pics. Go Irish!
  3. Last summer I actually sleeved my leg with all Notre Dame tattoos. I can send you pictures if you wanted to get any ideas from it...
  4. Maybe if I don't move... They won't see me!
  5. Just went to pick up Massillon playoff tickets and saw Gareon wearing an Oregon hoodie. Then I spoke to my buddy that is close to his family and he heard it Oregon and won't announce till NSD. For what it's worth...
  6. During the Massillon - McKinley game last week the rumor was possibly Oregon. Gareon even wore the "Volt" colored socks underneath his orange and black Massillon uniform. I wouldn't be surprised if O$U moved in, Gareon's former teammate, Devin Smith, is a WR there. Also his current teammate QB Kyle Kempt is headed to Cincinatti. At this point there are 3 schools that keep being mentioned, Cincinatti, Oregon and O$U. Also, I know that there have not been many Maaalon or McKinley players that have attended Notre Dame. I was just curious if we had any interest since he is a highly rated c
  7. I agree with you... I know BK was easing them into the mix, but we are almost 3/4 the way through the season now. Let's get them in there and contributing. Davonte' is barely a glorified John Goodman at this point back there on punt returns. We can see that Chris Brown can be a deep threat also. I think they would all add a dynamic to the team that we haven't had in a while.
  8. Just a question... Did we have an interest in Gareon? My son and I just talked to him (my son is in 7th grade and goes to Massillon.) My son then asked him something about Michigan. Gareon stated that he isn't going to go to Michigan even though he is listed as a verbal recruit on Scout and has been verbally commited for a while now... I noticed he was the 15th overall corner prospect and was just wondering if anyone knew anything about his recruitment. http://recruiting.scout.com/a.z?s=73&p=8&c=1&nid=5819920
  9. I know not everyone likes the helmets and uniforms, but I found this link that is pretty cool... It talks about Troy Lee Designs that hand painted each helmet. Thought some of you might like to check it out. http://www.troyleedesigns.com/news/article.php?news_id=2665 and this is the link from last season http://www.troyleedesigns.com/news/article.php?news_id=2153 both the links have videos that show how they painted the helmets. I guess since I used to race motocross (quads) and I always wanted Troy Lee to paint a helmet for me. That is why I think that this is a pretty cool thing
  10. He is going to be a special player! Going to be fun watching him the next 3 years...
  11. Wondering if Deontay Greenberry has decided he made a bad decision yet... especially after losing the opener to Texas State. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8333454/houston-cougars-offensive-coordinator-mike-nesbitt-quits-wake-loss
  12. I see... That's sucks, I left my wife at home 2 years ago and drove to the USC game with a buddy and without tickets. Found 2 tickets 10 minutes before kickoff.
  13. Wow, tough one. Take him to the game if at all possible...
  14. I went up with a buddy two years ago (Clausen's last year) to the U$C game without a ticket. I was able to find a pair of tickets $125 a piece on about the 45 yard line in the upper bowl.
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