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  1. Lol I’ve done hotlegs before pretty much the same way! Easier to eat and more meat.
  2. Gabe’s Hot Wings X-large defrosted chicken wings Franks red hot Butter (copious amounts) Chicken stock paste Old Bay, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning...etc. Smashed garlic cloves (copious amounts) Steps: Mix patted dry wings with olive oil and seasoning in ziplock bags—let sit in fridge for 30-60 minutes. Be liberal with seasoning. Wings should have a solid orange color from the Old Bay with flakes of Italian seasoning speckled throughout each wing Slowly heat Franks and stick or two of butter in sauce pan on low—add smashed garlic cloves once butter is completely melted. Add 2 spoonfuls of chicken stock paste. (can add a little cracked pepper in this step for extra spice: be careful not to add too much though as it really permeates the sauce and intensifies the finish heat on your lips) Sear/lightly char wings directly on grill and then place into foil pan and lightly cover with foil until internal temperature of 185-200 degrees is reached. 165 degrees is the typically required cooking internal temp for chicken but the juices might still be red towards the bone so I always take it up to 200 degrees without danger of drying the wings out. Only flip wings one time. Do not over flip. Uncover wings and drain juices into Frank’s butter mixture Submerge wings into heated hot sauce mixture Return directly to grill for finish sear/char Take wings off grill and submerge finished wings one more time in hot sauce mixture before plating *I do this on my Green Egg with lump charcoal and add a little wood chips at the end to add smoke flavor to them but you can you any grill you have available. Also, this recipe is best when you use those giant wings that come in a pack of twelve at Kroger. They have a lot more meat and flavor and hold the flavor better. Enjoy! What are your go-to recipes?
  3. Well, I can't disagree with this. What do you think?
  4. DD has and will always continue to be about free speech.
  5. You’re going to have to tell us your allegiance now. We’re all curious. Otherwise rumors will swirl that you’re an Alabama fan. [Gasp] lol. PS: I root for Toledo, too, so it’s all good.
  6. Some posts were zapped during today's reconfig. Basically, anything today after 2:30PM EST. Sorry about that. Call it collateral damage--but just a small hiccup to deal with for a website transition. I blame Echo...
  7. @Mike is the new owner of DD. He's been reading our threads to kind of get a feel for our community and to assess our current state so he probably already knows all of our warts. lol. Anyways, no big changes planned. He aims to keep DD's feel the same as it is while making DD a better mobile experience. Just wanted to fill you in as I'm sure Mike will be stopping by to say hello sometime soon and fill you in with any other pertinent details.
  8. Just an FYI. I haven’t spoken to new ownership yet nor do I have any specifics other than DD has been sold and to expect somebody to reach out. As always, I will keep everyone in the loop. Sorry this loop didn’t have much substance, though. **Also, expect there to be some site-wide outages during this transition.
  9. Nix’s mother just confirmed that Louis has passed away. Very sad day. Just awful. **the “located” excerpt was taken directly off the police page where the original bolo was released to the public. That’s all they stated.
  10. Cripes. They just pulled a silver Hyundai out of the pond at the apartment complex Louis lived at. This was shortly after detectives went to his mother's house and spoke with her. A scream was allegedly heard coming from the house during this time. Ugh.
  11. You can follow along here: https://flippa.com/10774480-advertising-sports-and-outdoor
  12. Nice to hear from you, Chad! Stop on back anytime...I miss the old days.
  13. Currently listed for sale. We shall see where this goes. I will keep everyone in the loop.
  14. Wow, I'm just seeing this. Thank you, Chuck, and everybody else. Turned the big 4-0...ugh. lol.
  15. You can access it directly above at "Chatbox Full" located in the blue banner or by following the link below. http://www.domerdomain.com/forum/misc.php?do=cchatbox Let's go Irish! Jesus take the wheel...please.
  16. Clemson probably simply saw our first couple of drives and then reworked the math. Funny how our first drives were pretty successful and then it all went to hell after that. This isn't Kelly's first inability to protect our play calls either. He's done it multiple times before. We've tried giant signs, ghost signals, calling from sideline, wristbands...etc. They all fail, seemingly. I chalk this up to tendencies out of base formations. It drives me nuts though as it makes ND look completely inferior when in actuality, any team would be inferior when the opposition knows the play calls. And this isn't just on offense either. This is why second half adjustments seem to help our defense tremendously. Can't we just have the ND track-and-field team run in plays and run off again under guise of trainers?
  17. Here's an article with OSU head coach, Ryan Day, discussing this very conspiracy. Sound like it's not exactly a well-kept secret. Now I feel even stronger about Clemson stealing ND's signs. That's a sure disrupter right there. Would make any team look incompetent against Clemson's talent. Asked about matching up with Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables, Day coyly referenced the Tigers’ well-earned and not really disputed reputation for stealing opponents’ signals. Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde published a piece in early November about how the Tigers’ defense became so adept at stealing signs — a completely legal practice. “He’s one of the best defensive coordinators in college football, and he does a great job calling the game,” Day said. “He seems to always know exactly what the other team is doing in terms of the plays that they’re running each play and seems to call the right defense into that play a lot. “Why that is, I don’t really know. But I can tell you that he’s been doing it for a long time, and it’s a good challenge.” Forde’s reporting characterized Clemson’s sign-stealing practice as an open secret in college football. The Tigers also are not the only program that engages in that practice. Many teams also change up their signals each week regardless of their opponent. The key for the sign-stealing teams is to recognize the signs in real time, relay that information to the sideline and then have it relayed to the players on the field. It is a mixture of science and art that is ingrained in all kinds of team sports. But that is also probably as close as Day will come to trash talk this week.
  18. Guys and gals, we've got nothing to lose! We suck and are going to be destroyed. Deadspin says we'll be turned to "plasma." Having said that, it takes a lot of pressure off. We should be pulling it all out for this game. I'm not nervous. They've already established the outcome of this game. Everything else is gravy. It's time to release the #TommyGun and bring back quick passes, inside screens, TE seam routes, and tons of misdirection.
  19. Yes. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying time with family...between secret sips of Fireball in the garage. And despite our current divisive climate, I'm hoping that 2021 brings us back to what truly matters. And that is an ND championship...lol. Go Irish!
  20. Anyone else rewatch some of the key defensive plays made by Clemson from yesterday and wonder if Venables knew our playcalls? And before anyone blasts me for mentioning this when it was obvious our lines got destroyed, Brent is known for stealing signals. SO much so, that we and other teams have to resort to QB wristbands. Most lines look bad when the other team knows what's coming. Some of our drives had plays where the D-linemen drove in the direction the play was going before the play had time to even go that direction. And some of these same drive-killing stops had these D-linemen in positions that were not going towards the QB or RB play but rather where these offensive players would end up. I guess it really doesn't matter. I do wish that ND would utilize the same gamesmanship used against it, though. Fire up the deer antler spray! Get your binoculars out and steal some signs. Whatever helps ND win that's within reason. And yes, recruit more depth on our lines! Thanks for reading my far-out conspiracy theory. I would post this to Twitter but it would probably be flagged as disinformation.
  21. You can access it directly above at "Chatbox Full" located in the blue banner or by following the link below. http://www.domerdomain.com/forum/misc.php?do=cchatbox Let's go Irish!
  22. I was at that game as well. My very first ND game, sitting in the south end zone in my grandfather's row of seats he had held onto since the late 40s. I still vividly recall the emotional letdown after that FG sailed through the uprights. I was also at the 2005 USC game under the lights. Ugh. I went to many games in between and afterward but these two games stick out to me as being the worse thing to live though as an ND fan. Complete emotional deflation walking out of the stadium.
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