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  1. Lol I’ve done hotlegs before pretty much the same way! Easier to eat and more meat.
  2. Gabe’s Hot Wings X-large defrosted chicken wings Franks red hot Butter (copious amounts) Chicken stock paste Old Bay, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning...etc. Smashed garlic cloves (copious amounts) Steps: Mix patted dry wings with olive oil and seasoning in ziplock bags—let sit in fridge for 30-60 minutes. Be liberal with seasoning. Wings should have a solid orange color from the Old Bay with flakes of Italian seasoning speckled throughout each wing Slowly heat Franks and stick or two of butter in sauce pan on low—add smashed garlic cloves once butter is completely melted. Add 2 spoonfuls of chicken stock paste. (can add a little cracked pepper in this step for extra spice: be careful not to add too much though as it really permeates the sauce and intensifies the finish heat on your lips) Sear/lightly char wings directly on grill and then place into foil pan and lightly cover with foil until internal temperature of 185-200 degrees is reached. 165 degrees is the typically required cooking internal temp for chicken but the juices might still be red towards the bone so I always take it up to 200 degrees without danger of drying the wings out. Only flip wings one time. Do not over flip. Uncover wings and drain juices into Frank’s butter mixture Submerge wings into heated hot sauce mixture Return directly to grill for finish sear/char Take wings off grill and submerge finished wings one more time in hot sauce mixture before plating *I do this on my Green Egg with lump charcoal and add a little wood chips at the end to add smoke flavor to them but you can you any grill you have available. Also, this recipe is best when you use those giant wings that come in a pack of twelve at Kroger. They have a lot more meat and flavor and hold the flavor better. Enjoy! What are your go-to recipes?
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