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  1. Agree with your assessment (meh). Good, but not great coach. Wondering if he is past his prime and really has it in him to turn around a team like Chicago. I wish him well in his endeavors. That being said, as a born and bred Packer fan, I think this is a great hire. I see the NFC North as a battle between Green Bay and Detroit for the near future, with Minnesota rising, and Chicago bringing up the ranks.
  2. Wow! Gorgeous weather, beaches, sun, warmth.... gambling ND should join the MAC or CUSA. No disrespect intended, but this hits me as a better option than where we are going.
  3. Define GOOD. Cuz it's 17-3 after two turnovers Failing to see a correlation
  4. Ummm... Lack of scruples on the part of FSU. Nothing new for them. If they don't suspend him it will become very big dumpster fire. However I don't expect him to do anything about it at least until after the ND game.
  5. Agreeing to Disagree. The sweaters with the flag were awesome. The U.S. just sucks at team golf. Don't blame the clothes.
  6. Louisville. Go for something new and different. Plus. the last Northwestern game I went to ended as a loss.
  7. Methinks the endowment wins as the biggest money maker for the school.... It garnered $1.5 Billion in one year, but it can't take any money out until it turns 65. http://news.nd.edu/news/50617-notre-dame-endowment-returns-19-7-percent-for-fiscal-year-2014/
  8. Calling it! I know there's some grousing going on now, but just wondering how many games into the season before the talk gets serious..... On the other hand, the schedule is pretty weak, so they may end up with a decent record despite being mediocre: Miami (Oh) Utah Minnesota Rutgers Penn State Michigan State Indiana Northwestern Maryland Ohio State Forgive the pun, but we'd be crucified if we played such a lousy schedule.
  9. As a devout Packer fan, I can only offer my silent support for Clausen. And, having personally witnessed the dumpster fire that was the Carolina Panthers during Clausen's rookie season, I hope he gets a chance to show his skills. Just so long as da Bears end up behind the Packers in the standings......
  10. My first game as a Cheerleader for ND. As Buerlein said, there were a lot of tough losses than yet. This was the first. Lost something like 5 games by a total of 12 points. Only game we were outclassed in was the Alabama game in Birmingham. Great game, even though we got robbed in the end. Only game where a team lost and moved up in the rankings.
  11. Cleveland does not carry the cache' of Miami, for sure. I give props to LeBron for "going home". However, from personal experience, I would never move back there. Spent a lifetime one year in Cleveland.
  12. Always good to see guys coming back to finish up getting their degree. A lot of schools probably never see their early draftees come back. http://espn.go.com/blog/notre-dame-football/post/_/id/20898/ricky-watters-finishing-what-he-started
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