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  1. Wimbush plays most of the 2H in this one as he should...BLOWOUT!
  2. Never seen him play. Never seen anything on him. I never watch any tapes or highlights. I just do my best never to accept what is widely accepted and make statements for fun. You can see that based on me being a part of this board for 8 years and having only 300 posts.
  3. I agree. If the QB competition is open, I would hope he gets a shot at emerging this spring.
  4. Curious what everyone's thoughts are regarding Avery Davis. To me, he seems like the perfect cross between Wimbush and Book. Athletic with a good arm, able to run and yet accurate and intelligent. The offense would keep the running aspect that Wimbush provided, with an accurate passer. Am I missing something as to why he isn't getting much hype by the staff/Rees?
  5. Shamrock pancakes for breakfast, coffee with bailey's in my ND mug, kids and I hang the banners/flags outside as a ritual, I hold my ND football the whole game while always wearing the shirt and my wife makes an awesome bean dip!!!
  6. Thanks everyone. Found them at the bookstore website. They look quite a bit different than what was expected.......not sure I am a fan of denim hats.
  7. Anyone know if the bookstore plans to sell these?
  8. I was holding out hope for John Goodman as ST coach. His fair catches were electric and game changing.
  9. Avery Davis committed today during the Junior Day Weekend! Welcome aboard!
  10. Good call. I hope not to repeat any of those feats. I am sure we will find some new shenanigans to get into. GO IRISH!!!!
  11. I will be there rolling down hills, falling out of trees and getting footballs stuck! GO IRISH!!!
  12. Dungeons and Dragons....I have my buddies over in my Mom's basement. Been going strong for 23 years. The occasional game of Magic when we get bored.
  13. I was telling a co-worker about this series and he watched episode 1, but noonkick took episode 2 down. Can anyone embed it into a post like episodes 1 and 3 are? Thank you in advance.
  14. Anyone know when episode 3 comes out or where to find it?
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