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  1. K. Williams has been named as number one and C. Tyree is number Two. Number three has not been named.
  2. We know how the Dem Governors keep their citizens safe. They should issue bullet proof vests.
  3. You are pulling numbers out of the air or maybe some place else. I wonder what the Democrats think of each other after planning lies after lies like the Whistle Blower. They have to look at each other in the eye knowing that they are liars too. Birds of a feather.
  4. Speights` HS videos were very good. Good moves running off tackle and the defensive players never gained a foot on him. His 4.38 40 speed looked to be the real thing. He played Safety also.
  5. I suggest that you quit watching CNN.
  6. BS!! Are they still providing cars for the players? Still changing grades to keep the player eligible? I doubt they have changed that much.
  7. Most HS boys could not bench one. Maybe a few football linemen could do 4-5. A slot receiver or punt returner needs to be quick and strong hands. Not benching 225 pounds.
  8. Rees will run Kelly`s offense and if he listens to Kelly and I`m sure he will, he might be able to keep the job.
  9. If your post was pointed toward me, I have a degree. The last thing I wanted in the last election was another damn professional politician. One that lies and has sold his soul to his donors and pollical friends. Obama wasn`t rich but after 8 years he has two homes worth $25 million. How did that happen? Trump is still working on draining the swamp. Just think what could get done for us and our country without the Democrats.
  10. The announcers kept talking about coaches kept passing up the two star QB. Most coaches had him pegged as a LB or DE.
  11. Clark is very good and supposedly passed Phil at practice. He has a strong arm and is accurate in long passes but his touch on short plays needs work. He is a good runner. I have not heard how he compared to Phil but he is suppose to be a tough guy type. Pyne is a good player also. Tyler Buchner, best QB since Brady Quinn per Irish Sports Daily, plus others. Watch his videos, there a lot to watch and I think you will enjoy it. Phil might have been much better if he didn`t have a QB coach.
  12. Wrong, Tommy is his coach. Also, Phil said that Tommy is the main reason for leaving.
  13. Kelly has strict guidelines and even though he might not have offered, I would bet that his grades and personal history has been checked out. If there are players that Kelly can`t recruit, most schools can. Duck
  14. I don`t know how true that is but Trump gives his salary to charity. Also, Trump is the only President that has fulfilled his campaign promises or in the process of doing so.
  15. I don`t think Sabin is better than Kelly but the main reason that Sabin wins at Alabama is relaxed nothing degrees. One year scholarships. If a player didn`t live up to what is expected, he loses his football scholar and placed under a different program. The NCAA has made all teams to go to a 4 year scholarship recently. One of the main reason his teams are so good is the Junior College teams. A few years ago two OTs, number 1 and 2 didn`t have the grades so Sabin told both that he would be there for them in two years. Sabin kept his word and both started for the two remaining years winning a
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