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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29095352/georgia-kirby-smart-non-sec-coaches-warn-recruits-too-tough It's just not a fair playing field. Dumb kids get into dumb schools with NFL budgets.
  2. I think they drafted the same type of receiver last year in K'Neal Harry
  3. At least that metric makes judging them fairly even. As someone else pointed out, say a program like Miami of Ohio has a 100% hit rate on 2 stars as starters. How would you compare that to Alabama's class?
  4. What a terrible way to assess a recruiting class.
  5. Why make excuses for the guy? Even he admits this has been a weakness
  6. Cry more. It really changes my opinion of an above average coach that can't elevate his players and gets clown-stomped by teams with equal or greater talent.
  7. I'm not saying that any of them were better coaches, just that it is difficult to compare them. I'd be interested in seeing what an up-and-coming HC could do with a team full of talent and modern facilities.
  8. Uh no. His predecessors had a Pete Carrol led USC and dominant Stanford and even MSU teams. They played teams that had Matt Ryan, Luke Kuechly, Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson etc etc. Now we play a bunch of crappy ACC teams and lower division teams and lose to anyone that is good. Kelly started with a full cupboard and a bunch of concessions that none of his predecessors ever got. He was so far advantaged over anyone since Lou that its not even a fair comparison.
  9. I don't think anything Kelly has ever done has been extraordinary. We've been blessed with an easier than expected schedule and losing to any team with a pulse. All with mediocre recruiting and questionable coaching hires. I'm of the opinion Jack doesn't care about the football tradition of ND and he's easily manipulated by Kelly.
  10. I think the thing that has most people worried was that we needed innovation in the offense and someone who could possibly challenge Kelly's ideas Instead we got a guy who will run the same offense that BK ran for the past decade. And there's no way Rees will ever stand up to him because he owes him for giving him a job he's unqualified for.
  11. Kelly v1.0 is back. The only time he made major positive changes was after he had a come to Jesus talk with the AD. Now that he's not afraid of ever losing his job, he falls back to his normal self. That self likes comfort and total control.
  12. I'm happy for him. I just don't want him to be OC here. It's a complicated role that requires a lot of experience to make adjustments with the flow of the game and reactions of the defense.
  13. I rewatched the bowl game and was not impressed. So many plays went for negative yards. The only time they scored was huge chunk plays and you can't count on that with good defenses.
  14. ND is not the place to learn how to be a OC. He can go to Miami of Ohio or somewhere and then we'll revisit.
  15. W/L has to be the most useless stat at evaluating a QB. Does anybody honestly believe he will improve next year? No? So back to 2 and 3 loss season we go, and that's best case scenario
  16. Book should not have been invited back. We know his ceiling. All he has left to go is downward.
  17. Kelly's attitude about what is possible at ND has always been his biggest hurdle
  18. TE is the hot position right now in the NFL. In some systems, more valuable than WR
  19. Super good take Oh waitz I want to hear why you think we'll beat them
  20. A very possible L Very Their coaching is way better
  21. gene smith has ridiculous influence in NCAA. He's avoided two big scandals.
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