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  1. I think a big problem with some high rated players is, they get to college thinking they are just going to be handed starting jobs and walk over everyone, then that leads to them having poor work ethic on field and in class and before you know it, they are overwhelmed and sinking fast!
  2. True that was hand timed, but he still looks to be a good athlete!
  3. Just read article on him. Seems very interested in ND. Related somehow to Keivarre Russell and was clocked at 4.21 in 40. Anyone else hear anything on him? [ame] [/ame]
  4. My thoughts exactly! Atkinson has the speed, just needs some progression! I think Brown also just needs a little progression and he will be there. I really want Neal to be at the slot, he's a playmaker with the ball in his hands!
  5. Heuerman, awesome pick up! And sounds like a great recruiter to!
  6. I think Anzalone pulls the trigger for us! But lets not forget about Jarrett Grace who we have, who Diaco said was going to be a flat out beast at MLB!! But with that said you always need depth and i think Anzalone could play most ant LB position! Would love to get him!
  7. I really dont see us having to get a RB this class! Love to land another top WR, LB, and some great DB's!!!!!!
  8. We are finally bringing back in some great front seven recruits, and i just dont understand why we cant pull in elite DB recruits! One would think that DB would be chomping to play behind our front seven, but just seems like we always lose out on elite recruits. I think Atkinson and Brown are going to turn into something great, but our depth is extremely shallow! I think our staff is pulling out all the stops for these recruits, but you cant force them to come. Would love to get a combo out of: Hargraves Luke Alexander Redfield Willis And i'm sure there are others, any 2
  9. The no win situation i'm refering to is that, i think no matter how well he plays this summer and fall, no one wants him to be the starting QB! Thats all i was saying!
  10. I would personally be disappointed if anyone besides Golson was named starter!
  11. Of course i'm talking about his remaining football career at Notre Dame, not his education, not sure how you got degree out of that but everyones eyes sees differently! Of course he's getting a top end education and i commend him for that!
  12. Really hope we can get Jaylon. He is a game changer and play maker! These days you never know whats going to happen, i mean hell Darby was solid committed to us for about 8 months last year and praised Notre Dame! I want Jaylon and some serious DB talent!
  13. First let me say, i believe with all in me that Golson should be named the starter and i want him to be! My thread start is just the simple fact that Rees is really in a no win situation that he can do nothing about! Think about it, if Kelly names Rees the starter, it will set ND nation into a wide spread panic and disappointment, no matter any success Rees has had in the past. It wouldnt matter if Rees has a great summer and a great start to fall camp, no one wants him to start, including me it would be big mistake for Kelly to name him starter in my opinion, especially if Rees turns b
  14. Wish they would go ahead and name Golson starter! Think of those play makes and throw Davonte Neal in at slot as well! I like Toma, but Neal is a playmaker!
  15. I think Kelly has them going in the right direction! And like he said, it is attention to detail, playing with passion and going in with full hearts! Like mentioned previously several times, take away some of the crucial fumbles and Interceptions last season and were in the BCS! I didnt say win the BCS but we would have been there! Players do ned to take more responsibility at times, other than throwing it all on coach!
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