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  1. Is this Randy Moss number 2? He will probably go to some small school and in three years be one of the top corners in the draft. Then all the big schools will say "Man we should of givin this kid another shot."
  2. Wasn't it last year, the 2010 season?
  3. I should have been a cheerleader... lol.. Those guys are living the dream!
  4. If you are going to call someone AN idiot you may want to learn how to write first.
  5. I agree that safety will probably be his future position but I would not be surprised to see him in put at running back. He will most likely redshirt this year anyway but with how depleted we are at that position it may not hurt to put him there for one year for added depth. Unless they feel really high on Cam or Cameron is back healthy. Who knows what they are going to do but either way I really like this athlete and I am sure he'll be able to play multiple positions.
  6. Its sad to say but sometimes it feels like the program is just fading. I love this team but we have become a money making media circus! Remember one thing: there are millions of more fans of ND than their are alumni! 1. The school has to decide which way it wants to go, If you wanna go the Ivy league route thats fine. At least make it clear to the millions of fans that keep waiting for the team to get back to the top. 2. To compete in the NCAA for a champions consistently the standards have to be lowered! 3. I don't think the coaches and the players should have all the obligations
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