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  1. I feel good the score is still manageable and we get the ball to start the second half. We got this!
  2. Put scout team players on that banner!
  3. I have said it before and I will say it again. Notre Dame has been cursed every since they closed the stadium and Touchdown Jesus has been blocked from watching the games. Until they open that side of the staudim up ND will continue to be cursed. Jesus wants to watch his boys play some ball!
  4. I loved that series. Watched every episode. It was my relax show during Electrical Engineering school. We will get to see what Zachary Levi can do in a different roll this fall since he is going to be part of the Heroes Reborn cast. Side note: If you have not watched the Dexter series and you like Yvonne Stravoski you might want to check it out. She does not show up until late in the series but she has a good part.
  5. Raspberry PI 2 with Kodi XBMC. You guys can look that up and check out all you can do with it. All this talk about watching shows made me want to contribute and not lurk so much.
  6. I agree on Jimbo licking his chops. I really like Zaire but I feel Kelly made a big mistake letting EG go. He should have made him the clear starter but said that he was going to let Zaire play a lot. Tell him he was starter but would use Zaire in multiple situations. I think we lost a great QB who went through a rough spell last year (Not all his fault by the way!) and we are going to suffer greatly because of it. With EG and Z both on the team ND could let loose and not worry about injury. Now we are one play away from disaster. This situation really sucks the big one. I still can n
  7. Man It's hard to be a Notre Dame fan and live in Alabama. I can't even give away two tickets to the game tomorrow.
  8. At first I was mad and now It's just comical! Zero fire from our team. If you don't play like your *** is on fire even with all the injuries then you deserve to be embarrassed.
  9. I have a trivia question for them! How many holds will USC commit before they get called?
  10. Ok I see where our disconnect is. I am not just talking about luck on the field. I am talking about everything as a whole. Player suspensions, death of videographer, bad coach hires, players either leaving early or getting injured. It just seems that ever since they closed up that end of the stadium nothing seems to go completely right with this program. Call it Juju, call it luck, call it karma I don't know, but I think Jesus needs to see the field! Oh and this is from a guy is as big a doubting Thomas as anyone.
  11. Ok so we will call it bad Juju then. I do not see this good luck you speak of.
  12. The problem with this comment is the end of the FSU game was a bad call and was not a pick play. Darby jumped in front of Fuller instead of bouncing out to hold the edge and make an attempt at stopping the play. There is a video floating around from behind the play that shows this was a bad call. As far as I am concerned we were completely robbed and that ref should be fired for such a blatant bad call in a game like that. Now it is ND's fault for letting FL State even get back in the game but that's another story.
  13. Oh and start allowing JUCO transfers. I do not understand why ND will not allow a JUCO student. They still have to perform in the classroom. Give them an opportunity to prove they can.
  14. Ever since they closed off the end of the stadium and covered Touchdown Jesus ND has had bad, bad luck. We need to open that end of the stadium back up immediately.
  15. So the only thing I worry about with the Committee is if OH St beats Michigan St tonight even if we beat Az St. they will jump them above us and say it was a better win.
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