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  1. Losing McCloud to the Draft too!
  2. With this many transfers in a single season, especially some decent players says something to me. Says we are moving on and want different (possibly better) opportunity. While ND gets recruits and wins football games, there sure is a tough job keeping quality.
  3. Coach Kelly with his “we’re not quite there yet...but we will be”. Why are we not there NOW?? 10 years and we’re still not there, why?? When you continuously are unable to compete in the big games, wins and undefeated is irrelevant.
  4. Some say it’s negativity and I’m not a “real fan”. Born and raised Notre Dame...I bleed for the Irish but get tired of those groups content with just winning. Content with Kelly turning the Team around by just going to Bowl Games, not winning the games that actually count. The “next year will be it” or “it’s a building year” every year gets old...does anyone think Alabama says: “Ahhhh, there will be next year”. Hell no, they go for it EVERY Season. At this point, we will never win another Championship with Kelly or the Administrations contentment with how things are.
  5. Next year (and the year after that, and the year after that) will be our year...the usual mantra for the last 11 years
  6. Normally after a loss I’d be down in the dumps and pissed off. Today I woke up and PROUDLY donned my ND gear, to show everyone who I support and cheer on! What gets me is all the bad mouthing and negative talk by some of our “fans”. Remember kids and Players can see this...they visit many pages, hell a good majority of them follow a page I write for. They see all the bad talk and they shouldn’t need to. They put up a GREAT fight and stood in better than all the haters had ever thought. Most of those negative Nancies are now eating their words admitting Notre Dame showed up! If you’re a true fan act like it...don’t stoop to the rest of the trash talkers. If you’re this disgusted after the 3rd game, jump ship and stop calling yourselves “Fans”! Loyalty and Respect is what makes Notre Dame the greatest place on Earth and sadly seeing some of the talk, “Fans” aren’t holding up to those virtues! I’m PROUD of our Team no matter what...WE ARE, ND!!
  7. I think it was rather cool! Considering all the haters out there who slam Notre Dame but snuggle up with the others. Sure didn’t see Alabama, Clemson or other of the schools people yack about featured!
  8. I guess 12-1 is a great season if...you’re satisfied with never winning another Championship and simply having a “good” regular season, EVERY year.
  9. I'm sorry but to ask to lower the academic standards for "better players" is ridiculous! That's basically asking every student who doesn't play that it's OK not to hold a high standard. The University has ALWAYS had high standards, you know this coming in when offered that scholarship! If you want lower standards go play at one of those other dirt bag schools. Not only are you an athlete, you are walking away with a degree and top notch education from the University of ND. I'd give my right arm just to have been a student there! Student first....
  10. http://teamstre.am/2dryCY7
  11. You're not even worth arguing with. Thanks for the links to those older articles, some great reading
  12. Are you serious?? You and all the other BLM idiots are what's wrong with this Country- causing divide with stupidity!! So you're saying if Butler was white the Cops would've just walked away saying "Have a good night". Black, white...purple or pink they should be punished accordingly. There should be no special passes for being an athlete at Notre Dame or ANY school!! You're thought process irks the hell out of me
  13. If true, wonder why the switch-up?
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