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  1. I’m just thankful I didn’t have to waste $1,200.00 for this years season tickets. The fact that Bret hasn’t been fired is a big “**** you” to the fans. This program isn’t going anywhere.
  2. I presume ND thought Ivey’s coaching learning curve would be counteracted by her reputation as being a great recruiter. She just lost the #3 recruit from her own back yard-Ft. Wayne- to UCONN. But you have to ask the question: Who would you rather play for, a coach in her 2nd year still learning to a head coach, or a proven legend? ND took a huge risk with Ivey. I hope it works out.
  3. The thing that strikes me is how bare McGraw left the cupboard. She had a roster full of elite talent, all who are in the WNBA with Arike Scoring Champion , and there’s nobody in the senior or junior classes who are going to be drafted. I could speculate, as ND has a habit of pulling the plug on successful coaches recruiting (see Lou Holtz/Frank Leahy/Digger Phelps) , but it’s also possible Muffet staked everything on her last two teams and did not spend enough time recruiting. Secondly, the first person to be fired is the S&C coach. Look at the difference in Kelly’s teams conditioning a
  4. Just watched ND get destroyed by Louisville. Ivey needs to get much tougher with her players. The difference in toughness between Walz and how he coached his players vs Ivey was huge. They out hustled ND all game long. Ivey also has to get on the refs. ND got a ton of lousy calls, which Ivey should have been all over the refs. Miles is already the most important player. If she develops a reliable outside shot she’s going to be a superstar. Brunelle can’t defend post players. She needs to lose 20 lbs and be a perimeter player. That said, at least she can score consistently. With
  5. There’s no way she’d be carrying all that weight at UCONN. In shape or not, whatever they’re doing with her nutritionally is wrong.
  6. Syracuse tied the game with 5:13 and had 8 offensive rebounds from that time till the end of the game, compared to none for Notre Dame. That’s hustle and strength and conditioning. This is why ND keeps collapsing. The other teams are in better shape.
  7. Loaded with talent? This is a bubble team with bubble talent.
  8. Kelly’s Achilles heel is his 10 year track record of QB recruiting and development.
  9. Agreed. It is baffling how Kelly didn’t recognize he needed to recruit more speed and a QB that can stretch the field. Perhaps he knew it but just couldn’t close. Who knows, but our lack of speed is so obvious and the reason why we aren’t elite v
  10. All I know is that we have to prevent explosive plays on defense and on offense stay out of 3rd and long, while converting on 3rd down. If we do that, we can be competitive.
  11. Kizer , which is why he got drafted and is still on an NFL roster even if it is a practice squad.
  12. He's making $2.1 million per year. Does anybody blame Elko for taking the money? The amazing thing is his protégé Lea was better than he was at ND for less money. I suspect, depending on how he does at Vanderbilt, Lea will be one of the candidates to replace Kelly at ND when he retires.
  13. There’s no doubt that Ohio State is fresher and once an injury occurs that is chronic, but the player still can play, it impacts performance. So, Ohio State does have the advantage. On the other hand, Clemson has more full speed game experience. So, there’s an advantage there. I expect Clemson to win, mainly due to Lawrence’s dual threat ability, which makes Etienne and the downfield passing game better. I would like to see that mouthy Clemson linebacker get run over by Ohio’s big running back.
  14. At this elite level of offensive football, it’s hard to keep offense’s under 28 points. Our issue is that our offense doesn’t perform like our opponents.
  15. I can understand that the defense’s performance could be impacted by Lea’s situation, but what about the offense? In two of the 3 recent games against Clemson, we scored 10 or less points. And even in our victory this year against Clemson this year, our offense disappeared for long stretches of the game. If we’re going to be competitive with Alabama, it is the offense’s game plan and execution that are going to have to keep the game competitive. I expect our defense to give up points. The difference between getting blown out and making it a game will be the offense.
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