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  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing the style of QB Freeman picks. I would prefer Ohio State-like QB’s who are athletic, but also have big arms.
  2. In the old days, access to campus was easy, particularly in the summer. So as a kid I saw football players from the 70’s all the time. Ross Browner was truly a man among boys. I’d met Leon Hart, who was a friend of my dad, but even Leon -who was taller- seemed small compared to Ross who was a massive guy. Quick as hell for his size too.
  3. My biggest concern if I was Freeman is USC every year. Kelly benefited from a historically bad USC. If Riley bring them back and beats Freeman every year, despite the watered down schedules Swarbrick will try to manage, he’s not going to have the leeway Kelly got
  4. You’re forgetting who Smart, Day and Riley added to their coaching staff to help them in areas where they didn’t have experience. I saw this (below) on NDnation and think it’s relevant to this discussion. I’ll be watching Freeman’s hires closely. He needs to bring in some really qualified and experienced coaches. Kirby Smart, UGA (DC background, 2016) - Hired Jim Chaney (21 years running offenses in college and NFL) and James Coley (7 years running offenses at 3 stops, including 6 at Miami and FSU) as co-OCs Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma (OC background, 2017) - Kept Mike Stoops (8 years running defenses + 8 years as P5 head coach) as DC Ryan Day, Ohio State (OC background, 2019) - Hired Greg Mattison (18 years running defenses in college and NFL) as DC Dave Aranda, Baylor (DC background, 2020) - Hired Larry Fedora (7 years running offenses + 11 years as college head coach) as OC ….and that doesn’t even include the plethora of talented coaches that Saban has.
  5. I don’t think one data point (Iowa State) can override the fact that Kelly’s system- and Rees with Coan this year-often used a slow developing read option running attack where the QB never keeps. Rees either needs to change the run game, or all his QB’s need to be able to run.
  6. In fairness to Freeman, he’s never had to assess what’s happening on both sides of the ball. We can only hope that his work ethic overcomes his experience limitations. My belief is that Swarbrick made this move to the inexperienced Freeman because he gambled that recruiting was the missing piece to taking the next step. Everything hinges on Freeman navigating a steep learning curve, because recruits will ultimately gauge him on results. Being a players coach won’t help him if he gets tactically out coached like he did yesterday.
  7. Even when Rees was QB, that slow developing read option, where the QB never keeps, never worked against good teams. I’m no fan of Quinn, but the run scheme is also a big problem. Unfortunately, it’s all Rees knows. Looking forward, the run scheme-and QB recruiting- is something to watch.
  8. I’m not calling for Freeman or Rees’ job. If the offensive line is soft, it is in the realm of the OC to fix it. My concern is that Kelly’s offense is all that Rees really knows. Like when Rees was QB, Coan was never going to pull and keep on the slow developing read option run play that has always been stuffed by good defenses. Rees either needs to have a true threat QB, or scrap the only running game he knows. Freeman said in his PC that there’s a QB competition, if Pyne wins and ND is still running the read option that yields no QB runs, we’ll have our answer. If Buchner wins, he better be able to also pass consistently.
  9. Oklahoma, a comparable team talent wise, rushed for 189 yards. Still couldn’t stop us? They completely shut down our passing game, as we stubbornly and stupidly chucked and chucked at a fast tempo no less, hanging our D out to dry. Gundy didn’t panic, stuck with his O when it didn’t initially work, and schooled our rookie coaches. Hopefully Rees/Freeman will learn from this.
  10. Sadly, Tommy thought Coan could be the mad bomber, even though this wasn’t his role all season long. Did you notice how Gundy didn’t panic even though his offense was stymied for most of the first half. He stayed with what got him there like a guy whose been to the rodeo before.
  11. Who cares if it worked for one half? Coan was not physically capable to throwing the ball accurately 68 times.
  12. Nonsense. Rees didn’t give it a chance. He made a rookie mistake and got burned. Somehow, incredibly, he expected Coan to carry the entire load. It was a stupid, short cited rookie mistake
  13. Freeman better get control of Rees. Today was proof positive that putting the entire game on the shoulders of a QB - and chucking it 60+ times- may feed a young, inexperienced offensive coordinators ego, but it’s disastrous for your football team. Abandoning the run so easy was a huge rookie mistake.
  14. Cool isn’t going to make us Alabama, who may have great facilities, but has an old school uniform that they never -unlike the cool teams-deviate from. Putting players in the NFL is what matters. If Freeman can overcome the academic filtering and school oriented ND student athlete model to bring in loads of NFL bound talent, he’ll be a miracle worker.
  15. The reason there’s an SEC bias is because every year they have 2-3 teams that are so much more physically dominant than any other team. Watching Alabama and Georgia vs Cincinnati and Michigan was watching men dominate boys. That happens when you have no academic restrictions, or academic requirements. They are semi pro teams and exist because NFL money is so big that the best players are taking the gamble that going to Alabama/Georgia/LSU and being a de facto semi pro player will pan out. Their state (and regional) pride rests on their football success and they will spare no expense to keep it going.
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