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  1. 1. ND has two lousy offensive tackles. This limits the passing game to short passes in regular sets, or keeping a tight end or two and having Coan throw in very tight spaces. Our offense will be limited all year due to this tackle problem. 2. ND spent most of the day on defense in 4 man fronts and played more zone in the secondary with favorable results. Even with this adjustment, we will struggle with faster offenses with a better QB due to average speed (with the exception of Hamilton) in the linebacker corps and secondary. 3. After some game tape on Buchner, Purdue contained him better than Toledo. I hope they’re holding back his downfield passing ability for the upcoming better opponents, instead of seeing it as a liability. 4. Coan must pass better and our wide receivers must catch the ball better in the upcoming games. Due to our protection problems, when Coan does get a shot we must take advantage of it. He struggles with accuracy when he has to step up in the pocket more and, when he doesn’t have to step up much and throws either a perfect pass (Braden Lenzy ) or a good enough pass (Austin) the opportunity has to be seized. 5. Kyren Williams is the heart of this team. That TD run to seal the game was all willpower. Kris Tyree has a bit more talent and will be a superstar if he develops Williams’ willpower. That being said they are two very complimentary weapons
  2. I’ll be looking at defensive intensity and tackling, how Purdue defends Buchner, and like you looking for improvement/adjustments with the o-line.
  3. This is going to be an interesting week. Usually the most progress is made from weeks 1-2, but an away game and a short week may have limited the available work. So, how we look this weekend will tell us a lot. If the same problems are there, it’s not going to be a good sign. And even with that Purdue is the 3rd straight not near elite program. ND is committed to a two QB rotation. So, it’s going to be interesting to see how that works out this weekend and going forward to solve the offenses problem. The D has another week to show that Freeman’s scheme can work with the available talent. One crucial change needs to be limiting big plays. We’ll see.
  4. I agree with your overall points. A few elaborations related to your thoughts. 1. I can’t be sure if it’s a Coan issue or a Rees issue. There were a number of times Coan could have kept the ball and run for decent yardage, but when Rees was QB he never kept the ball and ran. So, I don’t know if with Coan they’ve reverted to what Rees did when he was QB, or if Coan has the green light and he’s not keeping and running. Both QB’s should be able to execute the read option imo. 3. I agree that running backs are getting to the second level very quickly when we run a 3 man front. It’s not working. If they keep it, both the down linemen and the linebackers better execute better. Here again, you’re spending practice time teaching different techniques. It’s stupid in a limited practice time situation imo. I wish they’d scrap it till (hopefully) they have the speed to create chaos.
  5. It felt like 2013 Tommy Rees football yesterday, with Coan never keeping on what looks like read options but aren’t. Consequently, the running backs get run down by backside pursuit, just like they did when Rees was QB
  6. 1. The O-line can’t run block. This is what is forcing ND to go out of the offense they want to run with Coan and turn to a rollout rpo offense with Buchner. 2. Notre Dame does not have the talent to play as much man coverage that Freeman wants to run 3. Putting Foskey off the line is dumb. It puts so much on his plate when he should be focused on terrorizing QB’s as a down lineman. 4. We really miss Owusu-Koramoah. None of the linebackers have near his talent, which is one of the reasons why we’re giving up so many long runs. 5. I don’t know how this coaching staff is going to fix this. This is a rebuilding year imo. Hopefully, Freeman can keep the recruiting class and bring in more elite talent. I’m not impressed with his more complicated scheme.
  7. I’ll tell you one aspect of why the south end zone was half full, if that. The south end zone was a place where season tickets were passed down through middle class South Bend families from Rockne into the 2000’s. Then, Notre Dame demanded what was essentially a one time seat license to those families, which they couldn’t afford. So, the most loyal fans ND had were gone. They felt betrayed by ND and those empty seats are on Notre Dame.
  8. For fucks sake. This is a mediocre football team. Somewhere along the line we’re going to get beat like the dog we are. It’s inevitable.
  9. ND didn’t reload. They are rebuilding. This is not a reload program. It is what it is.
  10. I watched the kid live. He was faster than Toledo’s linebackers, but those 15 yard runs would be 3 against better competition. He’s got a long way to go from a physical development standpoint, but will eventually get there. He does not have a particularly strong arm. He’s a quicker version of Book. It’s a pity that the O-line sucks so bad. Coan has a big arm, but it won’t matter since we can’t run with him under center.
  11. I listened to his postgame press conference on the way home from the game. I kept waiting for him to say, “It’s hard to win in college football “. Lol
  12. Think about it. We’ve got crony Quinn and crony Rees. Who is gonna kick ass? Nobody. I went to this shit fest today. It felt a lot like the Davie era.
  13. DJ Brown was playing SS on the long early FSU touchdown run. He was very slow to come up and fill the gap, which makes me wonder if the linebacker Simon had that responsibility. Either way, a safety has got to make that tackle as a last resort .
  14. When I heard that his scheme was simplistic and designed to let players make plays I knew there’d be growing pains. Seems like they’re gambling that eventually they’ll get enough quality athletes to dominate. As it is, they don’t and it was evident last night.
  15. I’m I found this an interesting read. Looks like they picked Mertz’s potential vs. Coan’s performance. Looking forward to seeing how he performs Sunday night. Badger Writer Opines About Coan
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