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  1. Interesting. I didn't listen to it, but I will take the author at his word. I wonder if we had to make a comittment to be able to lure him away from LSU?
  2. Yes south lot, too. Both ACC and south would be more expensive to park, but the atmosphere is crazy and you can pretty much go up to anyone's tailgate and partake.
  3. Plenty of houses around campus open up their yards for parking - that would be the cheapest. The best tail gate option is probably the big fields like White Field where you'll have to mortgage your home to buy a spot, but there will be thousands of people there. They are probably like $30. The ACC lot is the best probably, but I bet that is even more expensive. I'm sure the ND website has parking info with prices.
  4. Crap - I might have done that for the damn B&G game. I can't remember if that was premium or not.
  5. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/dominick-campbell-276273 Predicted to be in Rivals 150
  6. I'm torn with this. I want that for Pat, but it would be nice for Monte, too...
  7. The original graphic that had him 3131 pounds was hysterical.
  8. Ha. That stuff is great when the guy is on your team. I would have been pissed if I was a parent on the other team...
  9. This was the one I saw. A little nastier. Just ASSumed that it was the same clip.
  10. I guess watching it back it wasn't as bad as I first thought. Just kind of an unnecessary cross check. I'm also used to watching girls lacrosse more recently, so it probably makes it look worse than it was too...
  11. The tweet Ziegler posted originally had a comment from him. I guess I like the nasty streak, but it was kind of dirty.
  12. This was actually a dirty play - not sure why he was bragging about it.
  13. Really sad. One of the best ND writers.
  14. Just saw that. I am guessing we have better options? Is his low ranking just a factor of COVID, or is that about right?
  15. Yeah that too. I picked UNC going into the sweet sixteen based on how badly they thumped us. I guess I should have thought that through with some logic.
  16. I was thinking the same thing. On top of that I was thinking how pathetic it is that we cannot make the tournament. A lot of these teams are in there with inferior talent, but better coaching and teamwork.
  17. This has been the greatest thread in a while. Bringing back good memories and making me laugh. Is it wrong that I thought the Keenan review was a cool thing? I got invited a couple of times by a Smic, so maybe that is why I thought that way...
  18. Take your pick I guess, ha. I was in St Ed's, but of course me and my friends were all the cool kids.
  19. In reference to other dorms. Nothing compared to other campuses I am sure.
  20. It must be really bad to do this. I am surprised changes in rectors, etc, did not correct the behaviors. I was in school 30 years ago and they were known to be a little wild there, but I also lived in the dorky dorm, so any place was wild compared to us.
  21. I think the girls will be fine. She has some good recruits coming in and seems to have the passion for it.
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