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  1. I agree! Sweet victory. I lived in TN for a long time and their fans are rough...
  2. Thoughts on this commitment? Seems odd we'd bring in possibly 2 lower rated prospects when we are likely to get two more higher rated prospects.
  3. I guess this is about 50 years past due... The new syncopation will be tough to stumble over while singing.
  4. This is huge because we really have no other bigs other than the freshmen coming in. I still think we need to add someone from the transfer portal.
  5. I feel badly for him. He made a bad decision. I think he graduated, right, so at least he has that going for him
  6. There is the kid from Wright State that visited last weekend. I had hoped we'd hear by now. He looked like our only option for a big.
  7. Do you guys know if the university can pay for the travel for former players to come back or is this on their dime? I guess they can afford it, I was just curious.
  8. It was a good game and we were in position to win. Unfortunately had a lot of turnovers at the end. Miles is a lot like Wesley. Unbelievable talent that will make an amazing play followed by a WTF play. I think this is just the start of a run for the WBB.
  9. I've seen all these sports writers comment about how many times Atkinson got raked across the face. I just assumed that it is now OK to hammer someone in the face as long as the ball is clean. There were so many of those. The refs were awful looking back. The hanging on the rim before the dunk and then the shot clock reset when we had an easy basket were too big blunders... Again, if we made some free throws and had better shot selection other than driving to the basket and chucking it, we could have overcome the refs, but they definitely did not help.
  10. That was some tough officiating for sure, but we blew it by not hitting free throws down the stretch - think we missed like 5 and the front end of a 1 and 1. I am sure fatigue was probably setting in, so that is the fault of only playing 7. Then, the hero ball at the end instead of working our offense was the final nail. Hopefully Wesley's poor performance in prime time during the tourney will help Brey convince him he needs to come back. It was like watching my 5th grade girls team drive to the basket because they could get by a defender, but then we can't make a layup to save our lives. Overall - exceeded expectations and if we can get everyone back with the addition of the two stud freshmen, we should be pretty good. Praying that Atkinson is given a waiver.
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