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  1. I think they listened to the hype. I was getting frustrated with the D. Atkinson was getting smoked 1 v 1 in the paint and we did not change up. Sadly, we make a couple of free throws and the game might have ended differently.
  2. Yes. This is very confusing. I guess just proven depth, although his percentage was not stellar.
  3. Just thought I'd post for discussion. Just barely squeaked one out last night against GT, but again showed some poise at the end of a close game, winning in OT. Wesley is just a stud. Brey luckily has been giving him a ton of minutes on this streak...
  4. ESPN article said he was a redshirt sophomore with up to 3 years remaining
  5. It was nice to see them work through some adversity at the end and actually pull out a close win. If they can play with that intensity every game, we could turn this around. Maybe Phonz has to be the new coach.
  6. We looked like garbage last night vs BC. Just totally dominated. This doesn't bode well. It is really hard to determine what is going on other than just lack of hustle. We have talented players.
  7. I think it would be great if Polian stays. He has great experience. He would be the only one that we have not heard from that i think is critical.
  8. The key thing in the SI article is it says there is no reciprocal interest,
  9. I actually think the staff changes were great. We've suffered from some poor recruiting after this current senior class (which has underperformed). The current Freshmen class and next year's class will make up for it, but that void hurt - not having any Juniors and then the sophomore class being underwhelming. PA was a great transfer. Wertz and Ryan are OK, too, but don't really give us anything different than the 4(3) in the senior class.
  10. I didn't see the game, but it seemed like we were up late, too. Noie indicated the loss was due to lack of effort towards end due to short bench?
  11. He’s played a lot on special teams.
  12. It's interesting to be that Bramblett would transfer, unless he really just was focused on some graduate degree he couldn't get at ND. Glad we have the next man in.
  13. No way they are here for Freeman right?
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