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  1. Really sad. One of the best ND writers.
  2. Just saw that. I am guessing we have better options? Is his low ranking just a factor of COVID, or is that about right?
  3. Yeah that too. I picked UNC going into the sweet sixteen based on how badly they thumped us. I guess I should have thought that through with some logic.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. On top of that I was thinking how pathetic it is that we cannot make the tournament. A lot of these teams are in there with inferior talent, but better coaching and teamwork.
  5. This has been the greatest thread in a while. Bringing back good memories and making me laugh. Is it wrong that I thought the Keenan review was a cool thing? I got invited a couple of times by a Smic, so maybe that is why I thought that way...
  6. Take your pick I guess, ha. I was in St Ed's, but of course me and my friends were all the cool kids.
  7. In reference to other dorms. Nothing compared to other campuses I am sure.
  8. It must be really bad to do this. I am surprised changes in rectors, etc, did not correct the behaviors. I was in school 30 years ago and they were known to be a little wild there, but I also lived in the dorky dorm, so any place was wild compared to us.
  9. I think the girls will be fine. She has some good recruits coming in and seems to have the passion for it.
  10. I actually think the transfers we have gotten in are good - they're just the same as the players we currently have on the roster. We have 4 good guards, a really good wing (Laz) and no big. Durham is just weak. It was like watching me playing against Shaq last night. So - really we have no big depth. Laz is a guard. Durham is weak. Zona is not ready for prime time - might be later. These are all recruiting deficiencies that are blamed on the coaching staff. I don't know how you don't recruit good bigs that last few years. Djogo was a wild card - sometimes he looked like he played
  11. No commentary really, just seems odd with all the high profile types we are in on.
  12. A typical game last night for us, losing the entire game by double digits due to the absence of D and generally poor shot selection. Came back to win at the end on a buzzer beater - went on like a 17-2 run maybe. Great individual D played by Ryan and then a great dish to Wertz to hit the game winner from deep. It was nice to see some life out of the team. The best part was one of the bench players face planting running out on the court to celebrate the win.
  13. https://notredame.rivals.com/news/four-star-qb-steve-angeli-commits-to-notre-dame-football
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