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  1. If that was the case they would likely have been more bullish than 20 right? Who's buying an Athelon because ND is ranked 20? That makes almost no sense. Texas at 13? Yeah that's more in line with your logic, not Notre Dame at 20. Look, if you're an advanced metrics guy, the S&P+ had us as a top 25 team last year despite going 4-8. It was a perfect storm of trash and if you had played that season out a 100 times there is no way we'd go 4-8 again. I still don't understand how we lost to Duke. That first half against Sparty was mind numbing, looking back it just doesn't compute how that
  2. I think a big factor too is the schedule has sizzle but no steak. Georgia and Miami are kinda just names, I am not sure either team is top 25 material right? How good is UNC going to be this year? BC, NC State, Wake, Miami Ohio, Navy, Temple...with competent QB play and a decent defense we should dispatch of these second/third team schools... The aforementioned Michigan State thing. If the talent on this team is developed and the steroids are working, we should have a base level expectation of a 10 win season. And honestly, that should be the expectation every year given the talent on the
  3. I'm not. They for some reason aren't in the headlines but they have had an offseason from hell, Baylor-esque... http://www.mlive.com/spartans/index.ssf/2017/03/msu_police_send_football_sexua.html 3 players and a coach? Woof. Not only that but they still have no answer at QB...they have COUNTLESS question marks on their offensive line, they lost three starters and their best up and coming frosh to transfer...post spring game most of the big Michigan State sites out there project a 6-7 win campaign next season. Losing to Michigan State this year is a recipe for another mediocre season and grou
  4. Bruce Feldman ‏@BruceFeldmanCFB 5h5 hours ago #NotreDame was 103rd in the country in D before Brian Kelly switched DCs. Under Greg Hudson, they rank No. 8.. Looks like a very shrewd move
  5. I was in agreement, I'm at work and I have to make sure I scroll down immediately when I do anything on this site. I work for a Catholic Software company so...yeah...not a good look.
  6. Seriously...If you want T&A you're already on the internet...
  7. I'll give you Miami...but I think Stanford is as big a mess offensively as we are defensively...
  8. If he beats Louisville, he's going to the playoff. Big12 is down, Pac12 will eat itself. Houston, B1G, ACC, SEC. So the earliest you could hire him is January 2nd? And you would be competing against teams that will pay him 6+ million, which I don't think we would do. I just don't see a chance where we get Herman.
  9. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-notre-dame-brian-kelly-contract-extension-20160129-story.html We JUST got done paying Charlie Weis. Now we want to pay another guy to not coach us? Look, I'd love Herman, but there is no chance we lure him here. So then what? Is there a retread out there you want? You want row the boat PJ Fleck? Fire up the old get Gruden out the booth chants. Brian Kelly's biggest mistake was hiring and keeping Brian Van Gorder. There should be enough talent on this roster to have a serviceable enough defense if the scheme was worth a damn. Look what Do
  10. God. The man to replace him was right there...We played against Don Brown's defense a week before we should have hired him. We should have backed a goddamn brinks truck up in front of BC the day after the Stanford game and paid the man. Instead he went to Michigan.
  11. Yeah so let's just throw out any analysis and ****ing **** out a stain of pessimism based on nothing but pessimism. Their freshman center played like trash, basically the Texas game was 2 things. We had no answer for Swoopes package lining up in that god awful 3-3-5 and the two long passes against Nick Coleman(72yd bomb to Burt and a 68yd to Heard, accounted for 140 of their 280yds passing) Does Michigan State feature a 250lb running back and 250lb running QB? Do they feature a tempo offense? In terms of Texas in was a bunch of inexperienced but talented Texas kids. Michigan State? By a
  12. Really? Because outside little giants, Brian Kelly OWNS Dantonio, winning 3 of 4 Actual events are this Michigan State team is the least talented in 7 years. Their dline is folding chairs outside McDowell. Their offensive line got trashed by Furman, gave up 2 sacks and several holding calls that prevented others. And their QB? I wish my wife looked at me the way O'Connor stares down his receivers. I'm sorry. I just don't see, baring injuries, any way Michigan State is able to keep up with us in this game.
  13. Who are they throwing it to? Other than true freshman Donnie Corley, Michigan State's receiving corps is dreadful. After last year set graduated, there is a dearth of talent at the WR position for Michigan State. Outside their sketchy Oline and Secondary, it's their biggest concern.
  14. We want Stanford to win. They have the higher ceiling to remain ranked as the season wears on. Plus, USC seems like a mentally soft team(they gave up in the Alabama game) and as the losses mount, they might end up a shell of a team come November. I mean, leading up to playing us, they play Oregon, @UDub, UCLA. They could easily be 6-5 at that point.
  15. Nope. Closest was Air Force in 2011, we were up 21-3
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