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  1. I LOVE what this kid brings to the table. If you watch his highlights, you'll see his HS coach just called a lot of designed runs for him. When pass plays were called for him, he hung in there and usually made the throw, often to his 2nd or 3rd receiver. His throwing motion is quick, compact, and effortless. The ball has plenty of zip when need be. He is a MUCH beter passer than Denard and just about as fast. Kid is electric. If ND doesn't land Kiel, I'll gladly take Fuller. Not that he is a second choice, only because of how the timing will play out. He would also give BK the luxury of three QB's who fit his spread system. All three very athletic, with big arms, who will hang in there to throw it but can do damage when things break down. I really like the prospect of having Hendrix, Golson, and Fuller or Kiel for 2012/2013. The competition will be fierce, making each QB that much better.
  2. Agreed. One of the positive aspects of a guy like Fuller is that ND would have three QB's on the roster, Hendrix, Golson, and Fuller, who could all run the exact same offense. There would be no need to have two separate offenses. I wanted Kiel as well and would still be happy with his commitment, but it just makes me think if ND would be better served with a guy like Fuller to establish an offensive identity that multiple QB's could run. I know Kiel is a good athlete, but after watching Crist struggle through injuries, I worry about another 6'4" QB trying to run the spread option as BK likes to run several times a game. At least one that is not an absolute burner. Too much surface area for LB's to take big shots on. Anyway, just my opinion.
  3. I agree. He would KILL it in ND's spread. How many runs have our backs broken over 20 yards this year. He has that extra gear, even more than Cierre and Jonas, that could turn 20 into 80.
  4. Per a poster over at IE who knows Marcus, he has finished his senior tape and is in the process of getting it to Coach Denbrock. The poster had a conversation with Marcus and the kid "gets" what ND brings to the table. Tee's done a GREAT job making sure Marcus knew all about ND. It sounds like Marcus will wait to see what ND does before deciding anything. Again, not my info, just passing along what I read. I love this kids game. He seems to enjoy contact which you just can't get enough of from your CB's in Diaco's defense. He seems to fill like Gray and Blanton in run support but appears faster than Blanton. Also an EE which would be great. Since ND will depend on freshmen DB's to someextent, it is great for them to come in early like Tee and Marcus.
  5. Agreed. I too live in central PA and I've known about his crap for years. Do you remember several years ago when JoePa had the team "clean the stadium" after each game after some plyaers were arrested? We all knew then that it was a superficial "punishment" which really just kept those key players eligible. Joe PA isn't necessarily respected in the PSU community as much as he is feared. And he's helped to facilitate that fear. I'm just glad he is being exposed, FINALLY, for the hypocrite he is. "You reap what you sow."
  6. Sorry for the typing errors. These damn smart phones.
  7. I really think BK is playing to his talent. He knows he has a very good D and is going with more the game managdr at QB. My biggest issue with Dayne is the maddening missed throws to wide open receivers. Tommy has already put some balls in spots Dayne couldn't think of. Tommy also completes the easy throws. To compound that fact, many of Dayne's bad misses stalled drives and cost ND points. How many times did ND have a great drive going under Dayne just to see it stall due to missed throws. Finally I think Dayne is what he is and BK knows it. At least there is an upside to Tommy in BK's mind and I tend to agree.
  8. I was sitting int the upper deck at Heinz Field on Saturday. Here's my view on Rees from where we were sitting. I counted at least 4 very smart plays where Pitt had the first and second opions covered whereTommy purposely threw the ball out of bounds or to the ground. To me that is growth. I could see the entire field and did not see a lot of receivers running free. ND also had a lot of 3rd and 8-12 due to unsuccessful 1st down runs. It seemed like every third down was third and long sitting in the stands. Tommy's pick waz caused by pressure. He had to step up and reload which gave the defender time to recover. If he had Dayne's, Golson's or Hendrix' arm that ball may get there. I also don't think Tyler helped him at all as he sat back waiting on the ball. Overall a very average but pretty smart and gutsy performance. That's two great 4th quarter go ahead drives. The D closed this one out. Anyway that is what I saw from 7 rows from the top of Heinz Field.
  9. Thanks everyone. Does anyone know if the players show up at the away pep rallies? And where would the pep rally be held? Then again, I can always check for myself. Looking forward to a great game and a BIG Irish vicory!
  10. I'm going to the Pitt game and taking my wife and kids to their first ND game. I have a 6 year boy who LOVES football and LOVES Notre Dame. My wife is a Penn St. fan by family but is coming around to the Irish. My 9 year old daughter also likes football and likes ND also, though she is not that into it. My question is this. Are there any ND fan related things going on Friday evening? We plan on getting to the hotel by 5pm at the latest. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  11. By the way, the stats you provided would make MUCH more sense.
  12. Then Keith Arnold had it wrong. In the third paragraph form the end he writes "the Irish have a chance to use thier robust rushing attack...against a Michigan defense that was the 5th worst team against the run in the country, giving up a gaudy 7.3 yards a carry to Western Michigan." Bad reporting or just an error?
  13. I think I read on the NBC site Inside the Irish that they quoted a stat that WMU averaged 7.3 yards per carry. Is that correct? If so I'd look for a big day by Cierre and Jonas.
  14. I follow some of the players on twitter. I don't ever tweet them and I do not follow facebook. I just like hearing what's going on with the players. Guys like Lynch, Te'o, Ishaq, Bennet Jackson, etc are usually tweeting about going to class or doing presentations or assignments. Or talking about spending the day in study hall. When they tweet about social activities, its about hanging out with teammates or going to see a movie. I wonder what you would read from some of the other programs out there. At the very least, ND players are smart enough what to and not to put on twitter.
  15. Appears to be much more instinctive and explosive on the defensive side of the ball. Nos such thing as too many explosive athletes and speed on d. Nice pick up and very confident. Definitely has that "swag" as the kids are saying these days.
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