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  1. When was the last time we banned a poster. Asking for a friend
  2. The kid is 17 and hasn’t played his senior high school football. Give me a break
  3. That would be YUGE Can anyone help with the pronunciation?
  4. Coan will be opening day starter. Bank it Doesn’t mean he will play most of the game or start the whole year though
  5. How do people see everything that’s going on and still think the government deserves more power?
  6. It’s never been about right vs left It’s always been elites vs everyone else
  7. I’m in health care. Everyone I know has been slightly sore with first shot The second shot people are getting cold sweats, insomnia, swollen glands, and feel....sick
  8. The survival rate has always been 99.625%
  9. Most likely we would take graduate transfers The credits don’t usually transfer for undergrad
  10. I didn’t see that I wonder if that was suppressed What is actually in these vaccines
  11. I think P Riley is the next pick to click
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