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  1. all i notice is that it seems cole is the only player who consistently has his jersey untucked and hanging out. Its kinda funny.
  2. Quite few TAMU crystal balls rolling in for Soso. I think they offered some of his basketball teammates scholarships and he may want to play bball with them.
  3. Nope officially a wide receiver now. He was moved during the spring/ http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/08/04/michigan-committed-with-devin-funchess-at-wide-receiver/
  4. i agree that defections happen. But to be fair, it seems that Sills was highly encouraged by U$C to look around. He was a Kiffin guy who did not pan out the way people thought he would. It would allow for Darnold to commit to them.
  5. It seems that from what I've read, Notre Dame slow played Jashon Cornell. It seems he aggressively sought after by the staff. This perturbs me only in the sense that if we could of landed Jashon, it may have helped sway Hilliard.
  6. The display of the forum is enough to dissuade me from using NDnation, let alone the content quality
  7. also, i prefer having guys that want to be at ND. The elite guys are great, but if they don't want to 100% be here, then better they don't commit.
  8. good pick up. I know these DTs are 3*, but they are big framed, high ceiling guys in a position of need. You can never have too much beef in the trenches.
  9. I would love to land Stidham, the TTech verbal. While Waller would be a tremendous bounce back pick up after the decommitment, I feel like Stidham is closer to Barnett's caliber, while Waller is a little more raw, and arm strength does not seem to be quite as good.
  10. Not looking good for either Hilliard or cornell... Seems Cornell was blown away by OSU and crystal balls are trending heavily towards them. Isn't attending Irish invasion anymore.
  11. Got 165/174, which ill take! I missed Nebraska, NC State, Utah, Oregon State, Nevada and Maryland.
  12. Elijah Hood decommitted earlier on in the process. other than that, the class has held pretty steady
  13. Wow just glanced at the AP poll: Notre Dame played: #4, #5, #11, #16, and #26 (U$C was next one in)... Anyone who says that this schedule was easy is nuts. I think Notre Dame will finish around #17, with a decisive win over Rutgers. Next Year Preseason: #14
  14. Did yesterday suck? You bet. Did I want to throw my tv through a wall? Of course. But the season is not over. Of the remaining schedule, there are only two teams I am very concerned about: Stanford and ASU. U$C lost to lowly wash st. Oklahoma squeaked past a bad WVU team. BYU rolled ( a traditionally overrated, not unlike ND) Texas team and yet lost to an awful UVA team the week before. Michigan st could barely score on south Florida! In short, Michigan may very well be the second best team in our schedule. They were impressive, as much I hate to admit it. Gardner has the potential to be the best QB on our schedule (though hogan is pretty good) Adjustments will be made and chemistry (especially on def will improve). The offensive line, in spite of the loss, played pretty well. The receiving corp is very solid. the secondary andlinebackers were rough yesterday, so we shall see how they respond. i believe 9-3 is still feasible, with 10-2 being the high water mark. A successful season is still possible. Do not lose faith just yet.
  15. Quincy has a twin brother named Chad. Not very highly recruited or on ND's radar. http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recruiting/player-Chad-Wilson-150763;_ylt=AgqL9qBOYeuMl8Zuo3t.F.RIPZB4
  16. ND just offered him. Seems to be excited about it. Interestingly enough, 9 guys on 247sports just predicted him to ND on the crystal ball, fwiw. http://247sports.com/Player/DeShone-Kizer-17704?Institution=4146
  17. Damn, he is an Aggie... and they all conveniently changed their predictions to TAMU today... to make it seem like they knew what they were talking about.
  18. Rivals just updated their rankings. Quenton jumped up to the #16 player overall and 5* status!
  19. Officially going to Cincinnati. Good Luck to him. http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2013/4/10/4197366/gunner-kiel-transfer-cincinnati-notre-dame
  20. 21 reps? Guess i assumed he would be a bit stronger than that, i mean his arms are massive.
  21. sportales is not a credible source. Anyone, including you or I, could write articles for them if we so pleased.
  22. i lived in Indianapolis for many years and have watched many, many games. With the likes of Warren Central, Lawrence Central, Ben Davis and Carmel, there is some solid ball played Indiana. Currently i live in Nebraska, and i can definitively say Indiana football is better. Again, not saying its the best by any means. But to say that it is one of the Worst, is simply not accurate.
  23. Please, Indiana, although not great, is FAR from one of the worst football states... not even close. More D1 Players signed from Indiana (39) than 15 other states combined. IN fact in terms of signees to total players ratio, Indiana ranks 19th for 2013. Not too shabby... http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=193&f=2561&t=11271158 http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1470883
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