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  1. 10-4. Didn’t see it there, saw it in the transfer portal thread, which didn’t make sense to me. Feel free to delete this.
  2. Found this posted in the transfer portal thread… I mean, this is a surprise and HUGE news ! Thanks to Big23Head for initial posting: EDIT: i suck at quoting
  3. Ok, now this rings a bell. GD zone blocking. Hiestand was a proponent of this, and our Big Boyz never seemed to be able to get a push off the line because of that. Counterpoint is we got a bunch of guys to be productive NFL linemen. Guess we’ll see what our identity will be next year once all this gels together
  4. If only for shaking things up and creating new powers, all the while giving the kids more of their share, i’m all for it, especially if ND is all in
  5. Why is my memory failing me here… I remember swearing at our weak running game, especially north-south when if was with us. I don’t ever recall being able to lean on our OL and run game to close out games, convert 3rd downs or get a 1-2 yard push off the line consistently. We were always getting yards off the jet sweep or option or QB scramble. Apologies if I’m mistaken won’t deny he helped develop a bunch of our OL into NFL starters
  6. Better run blocking this time Harry. Please? Hope we can officially welcome you back home shortly !
  7. I’d like to think Freeman ‘s coaching was strategic. Pushing everyone to their limits to see what those were. Our lack of depth (and talent at certain positions) became so obvious as the game went on, yet Freeman didn’t try to slow anything down or make any substitutions. Our lack of depth was indeed obvious at WR, LB and Secondary. Austin leaving hurts. We’ll be thin for another year. So let’s hope we can build the running game over the summer. That said: was surprised at the dropoff at RB as well. Looks like Kyren pushed everyone to be better. Without him, we lose 2 more games this year easy. He kept drives alive all by himself. What happens if Cam Hart gets hurt again? Even crazier drop-off, can’t even imagine the drop-off after Lewis…
  8. I know you know why. More time will always favor the football factories. If anything, 8 team playoffs shortens that , hopefully leveling things a bit
  9. Was. He’s officially back, but he’s decided to be on the sidelines more or less
  10. Didn’t say Gundy payed bad on purpose. Meant to say he quickly gauged us , noticed what to target and adjusted. Good part of this is preparation, plus experience. MF didn’t. At all. And as much as Elder grates me, I agreed with him on that. It was troubling. No doubt Freeman will accumulate experience. But he needs to better prepare. The whirlwind of his hire, saving the recruiting class, reorganizing the coaching staff, holidays, all the other stuff required from a ND head coach, etc. So i’ll give him a pass on the lack of preparation for this one. But another deer in the headlights game next year, against OSU or whomever, would be very concerning indeed.
  11. Good on the mods for drawing a line in the sand. I mean, you banned Echo for less than this, and IMO he brought way more to this board than Elder. Better delivery too I hope he learns from this, though it’’s not his 1st time. If all he wants is a soapbox to spew his all knowing gospel, let him stand outside and see how many followers he can muster. worked for Jesus… this is a discussion board, not a podium. If Elder has an opinion i’m all for hearing it, but only if he is also open to debating it with facts and arguments, not insults or other any sort of abusive demeanour, as well as accepting other’s opinions. It should go both ways so all can profit from the exchanges. with that said, Echo, it’s a new year, come back we have an open spot lol
  12. Whatever. I’m out. Way to be impartial here, congrats Bud
  13. Then be a better poster. Goes both ways. You want to troll and call people names, deal with it.
  14. Hold up here. I’m being warned but the guy calling anyone who disagrees with him stupid , is greenlighted? My analogy is a valid one. It’s up to the moderators to do their jobs here. All this guys does is cherrypick facts to support his opinions than makes personal attacks with anyone who disagrees. You want to support that to generate hits? That’s your call, live by the sword….
  15. Congratulations. you’re officially the Donald Trump of DD
  16. You mean 1st year Kelly? 8-5 Kelly who got beat by Tulsa and Navy? Or maybe 2011 Kelly, also 8-5? or are you gonna cherrypick the latter years Kelly (of course you will) Hope you’re not a lawyer by trade, you’d get killed by any well prepared attorney
  17. So if ND does better than 8-4 you will eat crow on Freeman?
  18. Playing against a veteran savvy coach. He noticed our weakness and keyed in on it. and then kept driving it home because we didn’t counter adjust. Why that is is the concerning part. Freeman pushing his OCs to show them what they got? More rope to hang themselves with? Maybe Freeman wanted to see how Elston would react, worst case to make him understand he doesn’t have the chops to be an OC? Or worse option: Freeman too much of a nice guy, unprepared, can’t make difficult in game decisions. Really hoping it’s the former
  19. This. I was stunned how poorly our D was early in the season but pleasantly surprised at our progress as season progressed. Hoping /expecting an exponential curve from him
  20. This is why i love football so much It really is a chess match, but even moreso a battle, where preparation, being able to size up the opponent and prepare a game plan, adjust when necessary, have a plan B and even C, all the while being a Field General that can rally his troops and clearly convey his orders and delegate to his officers. It’s beautiful when it all works out. Not everyone can be a Napoleon however. Freeman did not properly evaluate his strengths/weakness vs the opponent. He did not prepare for tempo, or the losses of Hart and Kyren. Gave Rees and Elston too much leash due to his recent hiring and need to win points with them. Too much of a nice guy? Or was this done on purpose to “evaluate” his personel? Let’s hope the latter
  21. Someone explain to me how difficult it is to coach up a bunch of big linemen to be able to run block? I mean seriously, no amount of practicing this season could achieve it? The fact that Kyren alone WAS our run game is pathetic
  22. Go check out Mike Gundy’s post game. You see the difference in preparation, his answers are much more precise on how he gauged ND, prepared, and how to counter us, plus how he adjusted and got his payers to buy in for the 2nd half comeback. Freeman’s answers were vague and generic, dare i say, BK like. We’ll now see how much of a hard worker Freeman is . He has A LOT to learn, and adjust from this defeat.
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