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  1. Last year , when attending games was still possible, We’d have regular feedback from posters at the game saying how Book would miss open receivers on almost every play. From my screen, what i can see is that most pass plays seem like a strenuous exercise. They usually take time to develop, with Book often needing to squirm/move/scramble. I can’t fathom this is coaching/play calling. If it is, then shame on BK and Rees for not simplifying/ shortening the passing game. Others this season have critiqued the receivers instead, not getting open, etc. Don’t know about that. Again, seeing highlights from other games this week ( like Bama/ FL), saw plenty of short routes / slants. Maybe our game plan is too complex? I might be crazy but it always seems like ND tries to be too cute/ fancy on its plays. Is it Book ignoring the easy play? Making life hard on himself? Or is it playcalling? Either way, it doesn’t work. OL should be frigging mauling/ dominating, which would open the play action/ short slants/ screen game. Enough of the cute pass play/ jet sweep / WR “screen” crap that fail and turn to 3rd and a prayer. It doest work with top teams. Didnt w/ Clemson , won’t with Bama I know we can do it. Hell , Rees ran that kind of Offense to a win against USC in 2010...
  2. Is it lunacy to hope BK finally figures it out, gets his team to beat Bama and get this big game choke monkey off his back?
  3. I grew up watching Holtz teams kick *** Then had to go through all the crap up to now Are they better than 10 years ago? Yes, and that is why i want to like BK But like i said earlier, this shitting the bed in big games is getting real old, man..
  4. Obvious troll is obvious , Elder Don’t feed it That said, it takes a special kind if masochist to keep believing only to get let down time and time again. Guess that’s what we are
  5. Bought ticket before the catfish thing...
  6. Maybe. But this whole BK shitting the bed in big games is getting old. After a while, its like a jinx, and everybody starts to believe it. Including players. I switched off when Clem scored just before halftime. Started to see panic already: sloppy play, questionable play calls etc. Hurts to watch them play like this after fighting all year. All this to be the butt of jokes again. I wanna like BK , was pumped about his recruiting class. But i can’t . Enough of this ****, laying eggs in prime games. Enough.
  7. Making the trip to Miami to see ND get clobbered by Bama..
  8. I’ll give you that. He didn’t fight for a shot. As Someone mentioned earlier, i wish him well. Just not today.
  9. I think we rattled him. Maybe that is who he is, i don’t know. Maybe BK did the right call, we’ll never know that for sure either. But based on BK’s resume on QBs up to now, he deserved our scrutiny. I’m just happy to see our D and O line dominate and step on these 2nd tier teams that used to play us close/beat us. If this game was close maybe PJ keeps his confidence and composure and kills us
  10. Beyond the numbers maybe? Thankfully, our D increased the pressure on him. Our DBs made a few great plays as well. On the other side, their DBs have not done much and our Oline doing great protecting Book, who is still having trouble finding receivers in spite of this! That’s how I see it Does Book have more b@lls? Maybe, hell i’ll say most probably. My remark was more about talent, and QB development
  11. Crazy to see how superior ND’a conditioning is. You can see how they start to dominate as the minutes go by
  12. Was gonna say nice to see some short slant passes, aaannd.. fumble
  13. Tough guy to bring down... At least it didn’t cost us more than 3, nice to see a ND DB turn around a play the ball.
  14. If seeing Jurko play for BC doesn’t prove Kelly can’t develop QBs I don’t know what to tell you. Clean up your sh.t ND
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