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  1. C bo? I just saw that he was transferring after getting his degree. good for him. He wasn't going to play with the rbs we have no anyway. 2 years of eligibility remaining. he should find a good lower level program since he still wants to play, and get a MBA or something. Good for him. love this program...
  2. https://twitter.com/c_borius/status/1523674905669111810?s=20&t=uZbCtOyrJ0ggW1DgJ3XUwQ
  3. The word was he has too many drops. Scared away NFL teams with limited tape. He just needed to put in the effort and become a better receiver. I think the real question was his dedication and that is the kiss of death in the NFL.
  4. I think he’s saying that in Kelly’s 12th season we had only 2 players drafted. I kind of agree thought the draft was a little weak and glad we have Marcus
  5. I think so too. Sometimes I think those events are overrated
  6. Hamilton was referred to as the biggest loser at Safety at the Combine. Needs to improve his 40 time at his Pro Day. Rumored to be out of the top 5
  7. There a pay article out there just discussing Kevin Austin's combine performance vs production at ND. Affirming coaching moves -- Balis awesome, Alexander not.
  8. pinch me. Never would I have thought we would be in on these types of players...
  9. OL has been getting some buzz the last few days. Especially after the OL haul from the last two years to get a few top 100 OL recruits will be huge. We'll see. Looks like we lead for Jagusah, and then a Absher (not top 100). In the mix for a few other top. We'll see. Also Dante Moore is rumored to have us as leader. Sinclair may CB in the next few days....
  10. Does anyone have a visitor list yet. Looks like two big weekends are March 18-20 and Spring Game
  11. A couple other names, tX WR Jaden Greathouse and TX WR Braylon James. There's lots of chatter right now on 247 and on3. Looks like Greathouse is coming for the spring game. Both recruited by Chansi. Something is brewing here...
  12. Anothony Hill just release his top 6, and... ND was not in it. Boo.....
  13. Awesome. Definitely did an incredible job with LBs at Cincy. Interesting that he is well thought of for his defensive coaching, but he was a TE. I always thought he was a good recruiter at Miami. We will see how it translates.
  14. Alot of offensive skill recruiting strategy is to sign your QB early, because WR, TE, Slot all want to know who will be throwing to them. They want a top throwing QB as a important part of their decision process. So many of these top QBs commit early because the top teams pressure them to commit early. So if Moore doesn't commit early, I would move on pretty quickly. Its probably very smart to have our #2 ready to go in case Moore slow walks us.....
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