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  1. Here's a link on ostarine https://www.mynvfi.org/ostarine-mk-2866-review/
  2. Good point -- Maybe that's what works for us.
  3. ESB had a great game. Looked like he was a head taller than anyone they had covering him.
  4. My issue is the short routes by Kizer. I wonder if his percentage was better on the medium and long routes over the short routes. He just seems lack touch and timing. I was on the chat room during the game and the word we used was finesse. He just lacks finesse right now.
  5. You;re right. As a whole 33 points isn't good. But I think the silver lining was only 6 points in the second half. Ok, we're trying to take small steps here. Something to build on.
  6. Only 6 points allowed in the 2nd half. Looks like the defense seemed to figure it out as the game went on. First half was like the first few games. But it seemed in the second half they started to understand what was asked of them. Still a lot of work on tackling needed.
  7. Good win today. Defense actually played well in the 2nd half. Maybe we're turning a page here
  8. One very simple point that has bugged the crap out of me all season -- When a defensive tackle vacates the A gap, the LBs or the DEs need to fill. We have had so many times this year where the DTs rotate out of the A Gap and no one fills. I don't get it. I noticed it a little against Texas. Although against Texas I was struggling to find out what was that 3-3-5 we were running. Then I saw it against MSU constant, and again against Duke (not all the time, but on more that one occasion). So hoepfully the new D Coord has the boys communicating better/working together better.
  9. Check it out. What makes up a zimmer defense. http://www.dailynorseman.com/2015/6/8/8750195/so-what-exactly-is-a-mike-zimmer-defense
  10. Secondary needs to work on pass coverage fundamentals. I remember seeing nick Saban years ago as a DB coach teaching the secondary how to cover. It was so detailed with arm and body position. Then he had them do it over and over. How about Lyght focusing on that all week?
  11. I was at the game yesterday. I would say that the crowd was pretty much where you were. Not much complaining, just watching the game. Maybe it was the heat? I don't know... Then at the end after Duke kicked that field goal, and we missed on 4th down. The crowd just started to leave, almost stunned. No complaining, no anger, just silence. It was weird. I did get to meet Torii Hunter Sr. I was sitting next to him in section 7. That was probably the biggest highlight of the day...
  12. It was a nice looking young lady that asked the question and Brian Kelly was trying to be funny to her question.
  13. interesting at the 33 min mark. Kelly talks about how they practice tackling. He states, we utilize the "whiz" technique. Where they tech the players to "whiz" by the ball carrier. The intent then is that they would learn to tackle thru the ball carrier. Im not sure its working out that way. We practice whizzing by a ball carrier, and we seem to play whizzing by ball carriers. He said they are switching it up this week. Whiz isn't working.
  14. that TE block was pretty weak. But the MSU blocking was great in general. We had no answer for 2 OL pulling and they did it over and over. Amazing that we don't do that. It's all scheme...
  15. I haven't heard the crowd boo in a few years, but after those back to back run plays, down by 29, the crowd then boo'd pretty loudly. I can see pushing the run even when you're down one or two TDs, but when its 4 TDs it's not going to get you there. He just needed to attack the secondary sooner. Now the real question, did we not prepare for MSU well? The weakness at MSU has always been the secondary. Not necesarily their top corner, but normally who the safety is nickel is covering. I think we should have come out passing right away, and set up the run from there...
  16. that's it! Just unprepared. Sloppy. Not ready for this. The receiver was uncovered.
  17. Welcome Donovan! Great school and we definitely need you!
  18. Kelly said as much in his post game. Said we are a sloppy team.
  19. It's the coaching. They need to coach better not try walk ons
  20. Stepherson caught some good passes last night also. Hayes also made a great play in the backfield as a defensive end. He played the ball better than our CBs (ok maybe that went off the bright side theme...)
  21. Here's what I would do: - Fire BVG - Move Jeff Quinn to OC - BK takes over the defense
  22. I agree. We're mediocre and we've been for a long time. It is acceptable with this administration.
  23. I think this is the bigger issue. No changes from last year? Either BVG or Lyght should have been gone last year or both. The defense has clearly regressed with these people. Light at least recruits well, but he can't coach. So get him out of there. Kelly should have made some moves. and to make a move now, doesn't help unless he can't stand them. It's the season now, and he has the coaches he has and he has to make the best of it. The issue was at the end of last season not making a change.
  24. Hes not coached well. Lyght is a bad coach as is BVG. Both need to go in a bad way. Tackling and really simple coverages are all on coaching. Luke was better two years ago. He's regressed under Lyght.
  25. Interesting comment at about 4 min mark. He says the coaches are complaining about the players they have, and Brian Kelly was a little irritated and said, "These are our players, we can cut them, we recruited them, these are our players. We need to coach them better". Indirectly it looks like a dig at BVG, and in particular the "we can't cut them" comment. I'm concerned there's not much loyalty to the players by BVG and other coaches. That's pretty crappy.
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