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  1. I think on the PI, Tyree did a good job of selling it. He turned as the guy had his hand around him. I get why it was called -- the receiver was sideways as the pass went by
  2. mcg - i agree. After that first drive, what a great set of play calls. Really kept UNC off balance. Defense was good also.
  3. Glad they got the FG there. But why wouldn't you have tried to draw them off, then call the time out. Clock was stopped. I don't get it
  4. This is our defense. Its seems once the offense gets a clue, the defense gets porous. Hopefully they hold here
  5. Just saw it. great play action, pulled up the safety Nice pass and catch. Pyne has put together two great series in a row
  6. Horrible Camera work on that TD. Never saw it, even on the replay. JV broadcast crew here
  7. I think what I saw that made me believe was Pyne was good, was 17-19 passing after the 0-4 start. Just looking at this year, that was clearly the best run we've had (not saying much!), and probably better than most runs for the past few years. We also scored twice passing, which we hadn't done yet this year even once. Finally he won, managed the game in the 2nd half with no turnovers (2nd half). Is there more to show, probably, but that clearly was an improvement. In terms of are we in trouble at QB. Definitely. If Pyne goes down we might just pack it in. Today in the PC, Marcus said there was no one else other than Angeli as a backup. So clearly not good. And just to add a little more, There isn't a QB in the class coming in. So this is the class. We definitely need a transfer, maybe two. I think the Buchner experiment is done.
  8. I was thinking about this after the last three games. My view is Buchner was highly rated, but really just based on measurables - speed, arm strength, height, and not actual football ability. Our coaching staff made a mistake believing that this would translate into a capable, efficient QB. It clearly didn't. What you saw last weekend, was once you had a QB in there, that actually knew what it is to be a QB, the team performed much better. Pyne is so much better as a QB than Buchner and you saw it on display in the 2nd half last Saturday. But I blame the coaches. Just stunningly poor evaluation and expectations. Would we have won the first to games with Pyne? Maybe -- probably not. But we would have been in a much better situation than we are now.
  9. And another add. That video of Tom Rees is great! Maybe that’s just what the offense needs
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