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  1. First week in July looks like a big ND week.
  2. Carnell Tate announcing on Monday. ND a longshot here
  3. Big, I was looking for recruiting threads on specific prospects. I saw Rico Flores cancelled his Georgia visit.
  4. We said this before, its important to have a highly ranked QB locked in early so that the rest of the offense knows who they will be playing with. That's why this whole Dante Moore drama is so disappointing.
  5. I read somewhere that Carr is the highest rated offensive recruit in 10 years for us. Great to see. Great job by Tom Rees.
  6. Carr just committed to ND!!!!
  7. C bo? I just saw that he was transferring after getting his degree. good for him. He wasn't going to play with the rbs we have no anyway. 2 years of eligibility remaining. he should find a good lower level program since he still wants to play, and get a MBA or something. Good for him. love this program...
  8. https://twitter.com/c_borius/status/1523674905669111810?s=20&t=uZbCtOyrJ0ggW1DgJ3XUwQ
  9. The word was he has too many drops. Scared away NFL teams with limited tape. He just needed to put in the effort and become a better receiver. I think the real question was his dedication and that is the kiss of death in the NFL.
  10. I think he’s saying that in Kelly’s 12th season we had only 2 players drafted. I kind of agree thought the draft was a little weak and glad we have Marcus
  11. I think so too. Sometimes I think those events are overrated
  12. Hamilton was referred to as the biggest loser at Safety at the Combine. Needs to improve his 40 time at his Pro Day. Rumored to be out of the top 5
  13. There a pay article out there just discussing Kevin Austin's combine performance vs production at ND. Affirming coaching moves -- Balis awesome, Alexander not.
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