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  1. Luke Fickell at #20 is crazy. He should be closer to top ten. He has gone 31-6 last 3 years at a program that was down when he took over.
  2. Unfortunately it is. “Next year ND is in a great position for several high prospects...”. The next year of recruiting comes and goes and we are still way behind the Bama, OSU’s of the CFB world. I have come to the conclusion that expecting ND to be a top 5 recruiting school consistently is not realistic.
  3. I wonder if you talk this tough in real life? My guess is probably not.
  4. My response was not related to how this would play out in court. I was speaking in terms of street justice - if you push a guy expect to get punched. Hopefully this saves the next blowhard from quoting my reply and playing attorney.
  5. Wrong. Once you put your hands on another man be ready to get hit. I don’t care that it was a weak shove. He picked the wrong guys to provoke. Sorry about his luck.
  6. Defensive recruiting is abysmal. Hoping Freeman can help recruit that side of the ball. ND should be landing more than two top 300 defensive players in a year they went to the playoffs.
  7. Let’s compare Holtz and the landscape of college football in 1986 with today...
  8. This is why I have never understood the BK hate. There are maybe a handful of coaches in the country who do more with less talent than Kelly. He did the same thing at Central Michigan and Cincinnati. Thankfully Jack is a lot smarter than the naysayers on this board.
  9. I completely agree on QB. ND has academic limitations on certain position groups - it is what it is. They are never going to consistently match Bama with WR, CB, and DL. What they can excel at is getting great QB, OL, and TE’s. They have done exceptional at two of those three. No excuse for them to not have a 4/5 star QB recruited every year. I really thought Phil was the answer.
  10. Easiest way to identify a clueless fan is someone who blames the coach any time their team loses. There was a clear mismatch in talent for anyone with a brain who watched that game today.
  11. This kid is a superstar and does not get enough praise. In my opinion he is the most important player on ND against the elite teams. He single-handily prevents a lot of the home run plays that turn close games into blowouts. Any news on his injury and status for the playoff game?
  12. I want OSU in the playoffs. I don’t want any excuses or asterisks after ND wins it all.
  13. Do not promote from within. Find another young, hungry coach on the rise. Marcus Freeman would be my choice.
  14. Yes because that was clearly the point I was trying to make.
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