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  1. If you play well at ND you will get drafted high and earn millions of dollars. Do you want to have a chance to play for multiple NCs at Ala or the 1st at ND in a long time? Which would cause you to be more legendary? Hamilton didn't need Saban to get drafted high and neither do any of the other potentially great future college players. It's a rare circumstance IMO that a player elevates his draft stock strictly because of outstanding development from a great coach like Saban. Usually, if the talent is there it will come out regardless.
  2. Ala recruiting is a machine and a pain in the butt. I personally don't get it. Do new recruits just want to be part of another Ala NC which they won't be particularly remembered among all the others. Or, do they want to be part of a historic ND rise which if you win, you will be specifically remembered forever. Don't want to hear about a better chance to be drafted at Ala. Great players will get drafted high no matter which school they play for.
  3. I think the 2023 recruiting cycle will be the last that ND finds themselves in this type of QB recruitment situation. Not saying that they won't ever be in a year where they pursue a Novosad or Minchey but if they will do it will be by choice and not forced.
  4. Is Richard Young really still considering Ala after Haynes committed? I always find myself worrying that top recruits won't want to commit to ND if another top recruit is already on board but I probably shouldn't. If ND is a BCS team 3 out of every 5 years, the recruits will commit regardless of the competition.
  5. My guess is if Moore doesn't win the starting job he transfers to Michigan eventually.
  6. I have nothing good to say about him or his recruitment. Glad ND can move past it.
  7. Hearing that ND might be in the mix for 2023 QB recruit Austin Novosad who is currently committed to Baylor. 4 star recruit and would seem to be a good get this late in the process if Carr doesn't reclassify.
  8. College athletics is so poorly run. Too many power hungry conference commissioners that don't want to admit that there needs to be 1 person/group in charge of the whole thing making decisions for the benefit of the collective. Whether it's NIL or conference realignment, it's all a disaster. I am not the most knowledgeable here but from what I understand joining a conference given recent events might be the only way. Maybe the ND football program could survive maintaining independence but the rest of the athletic dept would suffer greatly. ND brings in far less money than schools that are part of major conferences. Again, from what I understand this is why ND can't pay more for top coaches or assistants in other sports and upgrade facilities.
  9. I wish Moore good luck but I truly wouldn't want him at ND after the way the recruitment played out.
  10. Hearing that another school might have said something about ND that negatively impacted their recruitment of Freeling. Details weren't shared other than to say it's not NIL related. Does anyone know what this is about?? Hearing it wasn't a complete deal breaker for ND but a setback.
  11. Recruiting is going very well and the staff seems to be learning from things that are happening along the way. Under rated part of the recruiting process is Chad Bowden son of former MLB GM Jim Bowden. Best recruiting coordinator ND has had since Vinny Cerrato. I really hope ND does everything possible to keep him.
  12. One of the recruiting sites spoke with Moore about Carr's commitment and how it affects his decision. Does anyone know what his reply was?
  13. From what I read and heard on podcasts, some recruiting gurus and the ND staff feel that Paige is as good as Freeling. Not sure I agree but nobody cares what I think. He's really big but I am not sure he matches Freeling's quickness.
  14. I think the point is that based on how Moore has been so indecisive, he has a greater likelihood of decommitting in the future regardless. Nobody is faulting him for his chosen process and I am sure he has told the team what his intentions are but that doesn't mean ND should wait for or feel confident in his future/potential commitment. I think if ND had a do over they would handle this situation differently and they wouldn't go all in on one QB recruit. I don't think Carr cares who his future team recruits at QB and if Moore is turned off by the potential Carr commitment, just another reason why he isn't a good fit.
  15. Presuming ND lands Carr, I would assume he was told the same thing as Moore regarding the NIL situation. Yet Carr wants to commit now. I wanted to let the 2023 recruiting cycle play out given the newness of NIL to see particularly how it affected QB recruiting. Normally, QBs commit sooner than other positions to lead the effort to sign more players. Good to see that isn't completely lost on all QBs. Given how Moore's recruitment has played out, I don't see how the staff or fans could ever feel secure with him even if he were to verbal. The 2023 QB cycle has gone too far to do anything about it now so if Moore wants to commit, you obviously welcome it. I would guess the ND staff has learned something about the process and might handle QB recruiting differently in the future.
  16. First and foremost, congrats to Joe Otting!! That said, I would assume the staff doesn't feel great about Freeling. I could be very wrong but I don't think Coach Hiestand cares about recruiting rankings and believes he knows better than the recruiting guru's do. I also don't see Hiestand waiting patiently for recruits to make up their mind if someone else he likes wants to commit. I really like Jagusah and Freeling and hope they have a spot no matter the time frame.
  17. Certainly, seems like ND is in great position to get him! I would love to know what the staff said to him regarding the likelihood of getting Moore's commitment this cycle. My guess is the staff doesn't feel good about Moore joining the squad.
  18. Moore's recruitment continues to be concerning. He doesn't seem interested in relationships with the other ND recruits from what I can tell. His recruitment seems somewhat selfish and by that I mean more so than typical. He has every right to focus on whatever he feels is most important. However, he doesn't seem to display the type of relationship building and leadership that you would want from your QB. I'm guessing ND feels that there are no other options at this point for 2023. Also figuring that they are all in with him and if it doesn't work out, they put all their energy into Sayin and Carr for 2024. Part of me wonders if you would even want him at this point. If he isn't going to be a good leader and all in on team goals, then he's not the right person for the position. Ultimately the ND staff who has met with him multiple times must trust their read on him and decide accordingly.
  19. I think coach Freeman is right in thinking if the recruit brings up NIL first, it's a bad sign and they aren't likely to land that guy. Also, it is poor etiquette to start the discussion with money. Should be a life lesson taught by parents. There has to be NIL rules coming in the years to come from the NCAA because the noise is getting louder and there will likely be a consensus from conferences that standards need to be put in place to some degree.
  20. Great news. Staff is doing a great job with the D line.
  21. I read that Burrow was at LSU this weekend and part of the recruiting pitch to D. Moore. Hoping that Kelly will find a way to screw it all up.
  22. Let the commits start rolling in! I don't see why recruits wouldn't want to be a part of what's happening at ND.
  23. Coach Freeman continues to be a breath of fresh air. Putting aside his technical coaching ability and what that will be, he is just far and away a better person that Kelly. Hearing the former players say publicly how this is the 1st time that they have felt welcomed back is amazing. Maybe I'm giving Freeman too much credit. Honestly, it's common sense that you would bring back your former players often to show the connection and to illustrate the value of life after football for the recruits and current players. I have always thought that the primary objective in finding a head coach is that person's leadership and ability to motivate people. That type of person will find the right assistant coaches to handle the teaching of the game. I think that those things were Holtz's best characteristics. His players would run through a wall for him. I think Freeman is well on his way to being the same way. He is going to change the way ND football is viewed and covered especially if they have on field success. When Kelly's teams had on field success the media would pick at anything to criticize because he's a jerk. It will be the opposite now.
  24. I find it disappointing that Dante Moore isn't visiting for the spring game! Especially with all of the former players being in attendance and able to explain the value of ND post playing career.
  25. Sure seems like the staff isn't interested in targeting NT/#1 tech recruits. They seemingly prefer #3 techs. I wouldn't go that route. Teams like Georgia and Ala with their big lines might be able to run the ball down NDs throat without a NT 300lbs +. Has the staff made any mention of that being their preference?
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