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  1. I agree that Taylor wants to move up. However, if ND paid him more, he could wait till it's an opportunity he can't pass up instead of just the next available opportunity.
  2. This is where Swarbrick needs to offer a salary to Taylor that is beyond what Louisville can match. Is ND hurting for money or what?
  3. Swarbrick has got to decide if and to what extent he wants ND football to be a consistent championship contender. If he's committed to that, he's gonna need to step up and increase the pay for the assistant coaches and even expand the staff. Feels like the team is getting close. Just need a push to put them into the same level as the top 5 perennial schools each year.
  4. Hopefully more information will come out regarding why he chose to leave. He's choosing to join a program that has struggled and just last year, required their coach to take a pay cut. Not to mention the NFL rumors. This versus a new coach that appears to be fun and energetic. Kelly passed him over and was more difficult to work with from what is said. Doesn't make sense unless Mich offered him crazy money.
  5. I have to assume that Elston wasn't happy about a new DC being brought in. Can't be a personality conflict with Freeman from what it would seem. It sucks to lose him!
  6. Ranking the Top 25 defensive coordinators in college football for 2021 (saturdaydownsouth.com)
  7. Here's an article listing one person's view of the best college football D coordinators. Tressel, Mason and Heacock are all on the list.
  8. Amazing talent on these 2 teams. From my vantage point, ND is about 1/2 way there. Just think about how Georgia destroyed Mich who was a good team themselves and that illustrates how much talent is needed to compete at the elite level.
  9. I just hope if Lugg wins out that he's clearly better than Spindler. If it's close, I start Spindler because I don't want him to transfer.
  10. If you can't get them to join your team, make their current team pay more!
  11. With Patterson now committed to return, the OL should be solid. Especially with Hiestand coaching them.
  12. Has to be done. Hope they continue to do so and work on improving their advance scouting abilities. You also have to be comfortable pulling offers if you feel you need to.
  13. Harbaugh took a pay cut coming into this season. He's likely leveraging these rumors into a raise at Michigan.
  14. Everyone heard what CJ Williams said regarding Riley's ability to constantly field great QBs and productive offenses. I hope Rees heard that and ND can step up QB recruiting. No reason ND can't get a Buchner level or better QB every recruiting cycle.
  15. The more Coach Freeman can showcase his awesome personality, the better his recruiting will go!
  16. Huge! Got an issue at DBs....Pressure the QB and it won't matter as much if there's no time to throw.
  17. Keep in mind that he grew up in College Station and A&M needed a safety. Beat Coach Fisher aka Gomer Pyle on this one!
  18. Elder either you are one of the most miserable dudes, completely delusional or you are purposely inflaming those that frequent this forum. I hope this forum wouldn't support someone purposely pissing everyone off so assuming that's the case, good luck in life to you!
  19. Trolling post. Congrats, you are getting replies!
  20. Gut punch today. No way to sugar coat it. Yes, there were coaching decisions to question but as I see it, not enough game changing players. Need difference maker QBs and more difference making WRs. OL and RBs are really good or will be really good. Better DBs and LBs would have made the difference today. Good news, they will be there in the future. Arrow definitely pointed up but I would have preferred to start that journey with a win today!!!
  21. Congrats. Pete Sampson compared him to Harrison Smith coming out of HS.
  22. Redshirt freshmen safety Bradon Joseph entering the transfer portal deciding to leave Northwestern. He is an excellent safety and dozens of programs will be after him. Blessing from God for ND. Should easily be able to transfer academically. Outstanding player at a position of need. ND has the right guy in charge that will try to convince him to join the Irish. BREAKING: Brandon Joseph has entered the transfer portal - Inside NU
  23. How soon till Coach Freeman has the team wear the green jerseys? Not sure why Kelly had a stick up his behind regarding wearing them. My guess is that it will happen more regularly for big games.
  24. I don't know if it was so much the o linemen not liking it as much as they wanted to knock him out. Anyways, I don't like soft players but I would challenge the coach to find ways to motivate players without getting personal.
  25. I think there's a chance that Ryan Day is a HC candidate for an NFL job once the bowl game is over. IF that were to happen, it might open up Alford and Hartline to ND. Longshot, I know.
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