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  1. If Swarbrick is ever in a position to hire another HC, I don't think he will choose another inexperienced candidate.
  2. I would suggest that those who want to criticize at least listen to some of the free ND podcasts that are available. Particularly Irish Illustrated, Irish Sports Daily and Irish Breakdown. If you still want to criticize after that, at least you will do so while being better informed. Most everyone in the football community thinks Rees is extremely talented and knowledgeable. However, he still has a lot to learn. In his defense, when you are saddled with an OL that isn't performing well, your success is limited no matter what. What I see and hear is that too often the Irish coaches haven't been willing to scale down the scheme or techniques that they are asking the players to learn. Not only that but if some younger and more talented players aren't up to speed with everything that is demanded of them, the staff will play lesser players that know the system better. As a coach you have to check your ego at the door and work with what you have. Not playing Merriweather because he doesn't fully know the offensive system/scheme is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. A limited Merriweather is still better than a more knowledgeable Salerno, Thomas and Lenzy.
  3. Obviously the start of this season is terrible and has fans losing their minds. I am not happy but I remain optimistic long term. Here's why. HC - For the 1st time in a while there's no arrogance and ego. I'm confident Coach Freeman is going to examine everything which I believe he stated in the post game interview. I believe he will make changes where they are warranted. I am fairly sure he's confident in his coaching staff but improvement will be demanded and outcomes evaluated for job security beyond this season. Freeman is going to go all in on recruiting to sell the recruits on the future. Poor on field results means future opportunity for new players! I think what we are seeing is the culmination of poor recruiting in too many areas. Position groups either have no depth or are depleted altogether.
  4. Frankus came into this season not liking Rees and was looking for the 1st chance to say he should be gone. I wasn't thrilled with the outcome of the game. However, unless you have access to the coach's tape or take the time to pause your way through the entire game to decipher what really happened, you have no idea where blame lies. No WR depth and limited WR talent. Was Styles double teamed all game?? What plays do you run when the interior of the line collapses too often? Hearing Buchner needs work on screen passes but overall, still better than Pyne. For what it's worth I think Rees got a heck of a lot out of Coan given last year's circumstances. I do think it's too soon to know how good Rees can be but it's way too soon to say he should be gone.
  5. Clemson seems to have one of the best defenses in CFB. Their offense isn't great but no worse than NDs. At best it's an even contest if ND finds a way to improve on offense.
  6. B. Morrison looks like a stud DB! Rees needs to work on offensive play calls to use when the opponent is taking away the run. I'm not the expert but maybe sweeps, RB screens, etc. I think we saw NDs lack of run stuffing big DTs. Too many lighter 3 techs. Great job by Al Golden. I only saw 1 big mistake which was the 3rd QTR TD pass from Stroud to Johnson. Heard that Mickey might have thought he was going to have help deep and came off the receiver. If any of us would have been told that ND will hold OSU to 21, we would have taken it.
  7. Does anyone know if Patterson is playing today? I don't see it anywhere on the sites. Sure hope ND wins tonight. I am not ready to read all of the Freeman should be fired posts if they lose.
  8. I'm hoping that ND can pull off some high level flips in the 2023 cycle. I don't hear about the ND staff pursuing those situation often though. Wondering if the staff views that as unethical unlike most other schools. They shouldn't.
  9. Not saying this situation is the same but Buffalo saw in K. Mack what most other schools didn't!
  10. I heard on the free Irish Breakdown podcast that the staff passed on higher rated DL recruits to take Mukam. They really like his quickness, power and arm length. Occasionally big schools miss on a guy for whatever reason.
  11. What I like most about this commitment is how quickly the staff worked to pivot on the Keeley news. I don't think the Kelly staff would have worked that hard and quickly. Again, doesn't mean that Keeley is out but it softens the blow if he does.
  12. Hearing that Keeley isn't as down on the Irish as others around him are. I'm hoping the staff knows who those individuals are and seeks to reassure them that ND is the best school for him. Also, I am more confident in this staff than any previous groups in the last 20 years to overcome the challenges and make the best of the class. I still think ND is going to have to get comfortable with the idea of continuous recruitment of new prospects no matter what the commit group is and potentially pulling offers if they are able to upgrade. It stinks that it should come to that but clearly they don't receive the loyalty they provide so it needs to change. If a recruit complains that they are still recruiting his position after his commitment, I would ask that recruit, what assurances do we have that you will remain committed? Keeley seemed as though he was solid with his choice to commit to ND but that changed.
  13. God bless Keon and his right to his decision. Time for ND to start working the no loyalty situation both ways, I'm done with this only recruiting 1 main guy like they did with D. Moore to show how committed they are to them. Keep recruiting the absolute best players you can no matter what the situation is and if you have to part ways with a verbally committed player, so be it. I would also start go after other schools 4 and 5 start verbal commits. Look, it is what it is. Having 1 way loyalty just screws your team in the end.
  14. If you play well at ND you will get drafted high and earn millions of dollars. Do you want to have a chance to play for multiple NCs at Ala or the 1st at ND in a long time? Which would cause you to be more legendary? Hamilton didn't need Saban to get drafted high and neither do any of the other potentially great future college players. It's a rare circumstance IMO that a player elevates his draft stock strictly because of outstanding development from a great coach like Saban. Usually, if the talent is there it will come out regardless.
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