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  1. I think coach Freeman is right in thinking if the recruit brings up NIL first, it's a bad sign and they aren't likely to land that guy. Also, it is poor etiquette to start the discussion with money. Should be a life lesson taught by parents. There has to be NIL rules coming in the years to come from the NCAA because the noise is getting louder and there will likely be a consensus from conferences that standards need to be put in place to some degree.
  2. Great news. Staff is doing a great job with the D line.
  3. I read that Burrow was at LSU this weekend and part of the recruiting pitch to D. Moore. Hoping that Kelly will find a way to screw it all up.
  4. Let the commits start rolling in! I don't see why recruits wouldn't want to be a part of what's happening at ND.
  5. Coach Freeman continues to be a breath of fresh air. Putting aside his technical coaching ability and what that will be, he is just far and away a better person that Kelly. Hearing the former players say publicly how this is the 1st time that they have felt welcomed back is amazing. Maybe I'm giving Freeman too much credit. Honestly, it's common sense that you would bring back your former players often to show the connection and to illustrate the value of life after football for the recruits and current players. I have always thought that the primary objective in finding a head coach is that person's leadership and ability to motivate people. That type of person will find the right assistant coaches to handle the teaching of the game. I think that those things were Holtz's best characteristics. His players would run through a wall for him. I think Freeman is well on his way to being the same way. He is going to change the way ND football is viewed and covered especially if they have on field success. When Kelly's teams had on field success the media would pick at anything to criticize because he's a jerk. It will be the opposite now.
  6. I find it disappointing that Dante Moore isn't visiting for the spring game! Especially with all of the former players being in attendance and able to explain the value of ND post playing career.
  7. Sure seems like the staff isn't interested in targeting NT/#1 tech recruits. They seemingly prefer #3 techs. I wouldn't go that route. Teams like Georgia and Ala with their big lines might be able to run the ball down NDs throat without a NT 300lbs +. Has the staff made any mention of that being their preference?
  8. Mike Singer reported that the Rhett decommitment wasn't due to NIL or academic issues. According to the report, ND didn't want him to take the OV to Georgia.
  9. Best ND rb room/recruiting I have seen in a long time.
  10. I have been thinking about the D. Moore situation. I reserve some possibility that the staff knows something we don't that would allow fans to relax a little more. Outside of that possibility, I think the staff can't be thrilled that despite their best efforts over an extended period of time, Moore doesn't feel comfortable committing. Despite the positive impact his commitment would have to the remainder of the class. However, at this point the staff has to ride this out. Possibly the staff has some blame in misreading him but otherwise, I don't fault them for taking the swing. I imagine the staff feels good about the team being in the hands of Buchner and Pyne at least for the next couple years. They probably feel good about their chances of landing Sayin which would ease the sting of missing on Moore. I would not take a lesser QB in the '23 class and instead focus on other positional weakness that need to be shored up. This is my last post regarding Moore's commitment other than to express the excitement of him committing. However, I would worry that he might eventually flip.
  11. I don't know if what you are saying about Hiestand is true but I wouldn't be surprised. He seems extremely confident in himself and my guess would be he doesn't care about the rankings and if he says his choice is better than the higher ranked option, nobody should question him. I am hoping Coach Freeman can overcome some of that if in fact there's any truth to it.
  12. Most of the contributors from the ND websites are saying they would give Lugg and Kristofic at guard. I would say if Spindler has the potential to be as good or better, I give him the starting spot. Ultimately, the staff has to have a read on him as to whether or not he would transfer if he doesn't start and just how close he is in talent to the others. If it's clear that he isn't as good, I would be ok with him being 2nd team.
  13. I think most fans think Hiestand is a great OL coach so I don't need to stick up for him. That said, I know for certain that he was fired by the Bears because new coach (Nagy) inherited him and the next year fired him to bring in his own guy.
  14. With the way coaches are moving every year, the HC has to be able to identify/evaluate new coaches as well as recruits. This looks promising for Freeman as he will certainly need to replace coaches in the future.
  15. On3 bumped ND to 74% (approx) today. Yes, still early but that's really good news.
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