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  1. Getting creative with the TEs and RBs will help make up for the WR issue.
  2. I agree that improvement is needed with QB recruiting. If Kelly doesn't see the need for adjustment then that is a problem. I would like to see a 4 or 5 star QB be one of the first recruits to commit in each class since they typically do a good job of convincing others recruits to do the same. I think I read that they were late to recruit Simpson for the 22 class and you see how that worked out.
  3. Given ND's TE strength and WR weakness, I would think it's going to be 2 TEs on the field most of the time in 2021.
  4. Great pick up! Nothing wrong with NDs TE recruiting.
  5. It sounds like Johnson didn't do much to earn playing time. That is unfortunate but it happens. That said, if they did a better job of recruiting the position it wouldn't hurt as much as it does. A potential CFP champ doesn't roll out A. Davis, L. Keys and B. Lenzy at WR getting any kind of significant playing time. No offense to those guys who obviously work real hard at trying to get better. The only members of the staff I have recruiting confidence in are Elston and Freeman who hasn't even coached in a game yet. At times it looks like Kelly is satisfied with being just a top
  6. Great pick up and that is going to be the trend for '22 D recruits! Offensive side has some work to do to catch up.
  7. Burnham is a great pick up! Looks like ND is going to have a good LB group for the next 3 to 4 years. The top recruiters seem to be Elston and Freeman so I am not worried about recruiting on the D side. I don't think the recruiting is nearly as good on the offensive side. Not terrible but not as good. I had hoped that Rees and Taylor being young and energetic would lead to more recruiting success but so far, I think improvement is needed.
  8. Curious why ND would take this commitment now with so much time left in the cycle. i certainly would have waited and tried to sign higher rated WRs.
  9. I have read differing opinions on how good Angeli is compared to Allard. I'd like to complain but I don't know all of the behind the scenes details that lead to the outcome. For instance, knowing why the staff didn't pursue Simpson sooner would be important before I complain about recruiting failures.
  10. I think this will be a big season for coach Alexander. If there continues to be a lack of development I don't see how he can be retained.
  11. I think everyone is excited about the energy and buzz he creates with recruiting. Time for Rees and Taylor to step it up. I was optimistic about their recruiting abilities but a little underwhelmed so far.
  12. Anyone know why Jones never got on the field? Not good enough isn't what I am looking for. 6'4" receiver that I thought was a 4 star recruit.
  13. He should be a 4 star before too long if he already. Definitely has the size but is he quick enough? Any comparables? Seems like a great pick up!
  14. I attached an article from Polian below regarding recruiting & I thought I would comment on some parts that I found particularly disappointing. The way ND has been recruiting lately is good enough to challenge for the CFP every year. However, if you want to beat those teams you need to sign a top 5 class at least every 3rd year. The staff needs to do better and stop making excuses. Kelly needs to push the staff harder and get involved with top 100 recruits extensively. I perceive an improved recruiting ability from Freeman already in a short time. It can be done. I don't want to hea
  15. K. Williams and T. Tremble have toughness walking in the door and not only that, they motivate others as well. Other fans have always thought ND players were soft generally speaking. Smart nice guys. I think part of the issue is that Kelly is not a great motivator. Doesn't have to come from him but there always has to be someone that gets guys fired up and ready to run through a wall.
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