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  1. Hearing Hiestand is happy being retired. Maybe would come out of retirement for an NFL job. Apparently he despised recruiting. Being in the area and having good feelings about ND, I think he could be consulted if a relatively young OL coach like Watt was hired. Bottom line, I trust Freeman and Rees to make the right decisions.
  2. I don't think the players played hard for Kelly. More likely their positional coaches or coordinators. The best example for a past HC was Holtz. He was tough on the players but inspired them. Kelly was just a jerk. Yes, he won more than any coach since Holtz but if he was a better leader, I suspect the past teams would have been even better.
  3. Having a coach that doesn't act like he's better than everyone and instead inspires people is going to be huge. He's going to get his players to run thru a brick wall for him! It was the right decision to hire him and I will say there will be no drop off next year. I bet Freeman gets a few remaining 2022 recruits to jump on board. It will be an absolute breath of fresh air to not have an abrasive person like Kelly around even though he did fairly well despite his awful personality. Congrats to Coach Freeman!
  4. Check online again. It's being reported lots of places now!
  5. ND holy trinity! Freeman HC Elston DC Rees OC No religious disrespect intended.
  6. It's been said that Kelly put minimal effort into recruiting and had a closed door to players that weren't captains. He's a jerk that I stood up for to non ND fans for far too long. He might have a little success just because of it being LSU but I don't see any way he leaves there on his terms.
  7. The one thing that stands out to me about Freeman is that everyone that comes across him, seems to like him. Also, his great personality doesn't stand in the way of him pushing people to do better. So much of coaching is getting the guys to work hard for you and everything you read and hear tells me that Freeman would be significantly better than Kelly in that regard. Swarbrick is going to eventually lose his job if he screws this up and doesn't hire Freeman! Swarbrick has been around him for the entire season. What else do you need to know????? Is everyone clamoring for Freeman wrong that he's the best fit for the job? Stop trying to complicate the situation at the demise of the program. Fickell might be a good choice eventually if you are willing to wait a couple years. Because if you go with Fickell, current players that have eligibility left and you want to keep will go to the draft or transfer out. 2022 recruits will decommit and you won't have any chance with the remaining top targets. You will have to reset your recruiting for 2023.
  8. I don't think we realize how many coaches really didn't like Kelly. Obviously Quinn was one of his guys. By the way, heard on a podcast that none of the offensive coaches wanted Quinn but Kelly forced it. A little confused about Freeman going to LSU potentially. If that's the case, the rumor that Freeman chewed out Kelly regarding how he handled the situation didn't happen.
  9. I am not ok with Fickell if it means ND has to wait till their season is done. No chance. Hire Freeman now!!
  10. 4 horsemen podcast I just listened to said Jeff Quinn is supposedly following Kelly to LSU. Not official. There are better OL coaches to get. Wouldn't concern me.
  11. I like what Kelly did due to the bar being so low before his arrival. That said, I think his personality is abrasive. With recruits, coaches and media. I absolutely think there are better coaches and recruits that could have been part of the team but were turned off by Kelly. He never seemed to embrace the high level recruiting. Maybe recently he tried to turn it up a notch but he constantly fought back cries to push ND to the top levels of recruiting and the importance of doing so. Seemed like every other year there were rumors likely fueled by Kelly and his agent that other teams were interested in him. I feel like he never really was passionate about being the ND head coach. Good riddance and hopefully we get LSU on the schedule in the next couple years before Kelly is fired. I doubt he lasts 3 full years at LSU.
  12. I don't see this news anywhere other than the IG report you show. Does anyone know how real this news is?
  13. The way other schools get a candidate to not wait is to throw obscene money at them. Has Swarbrick given anyone the indication that he's willing to do something like that? I would be ok with waiting for things to play out if not for the fact that several coaches are already off the board and decommits will come at a fast pace with every day that goes by with no announcement. ND has more roster holes than OSU, Ala, etc and a lost recruiting year will be a huge problem. I am wondering just how much Freeman had to do with Cinci's success... I keep in mind the LSU situation and as soon as those asst coaches left it all fell apart and Orgeron had nothing to do with the championship. If Freeman is highly thought of enough to be a candidate, them hire him now! Too much risk to wait.
  14. I am getting the feeling that Swarbrick wants to fully go through all of the options no matter how long it takes. Media people are saying that Fickell will want to wait till their season is complete. Swarbrick can't wait long to make the move. I read on twitter that Kelly has reached out to Freeman and told him that LSU will make him the highest paid D coordinator in the country. I would have to think that would mean more money than Duke will pay their next HC. Freeman isn't taking a HC job at a school like Duke. If ND chooses Matt Campbell, I am done. For me Fickell is the only choice other than Freeman I would be ok with.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Freeman indicated that he would be interested in one of the major HC openings and Swarbrick stepped in and told Kelly that it was time to make the change. I know Kelly said his comment was taken out of context but he said earlier this year that Freeman would be the next HC at ND. Kelly's demeanor improved but I still think he didn't connect with a fair amount of recruits and assistant coaches. Freeman's defense is a bit different and I think it took the players a little while to adjust. Once Freeman fully recruits to his scheme, I think they would have a perennial top 10 defense. Maybe top 5. If Freeman gets the job, I hope he makes Elston D coordinator and keeps Rees. I know Elston is connected to Kelly but I'm hoping he doesn't want to relocate his family and make a big change.
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