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  1. Tommy Tremble caught a TD for the Carolina Panthers Maybe its just preseason but its good seeing so many young ND players making an impact on their teams right away.
  2. Do you guys think Tommy Rees might one day be ND’s head coach? What an improbable journey that would be
  3. jeremiah owusu-koramoah got a sack in the browns-jags game Is book going to play tonight?
  4. If the Big10 and PAC12 tie the knot And the Big 10 and SEC start raiding the ACC And there’s suddenly just 2 real top level conferences, then the Big10 will 100% start playing hardball with ND. They will refuse to schedule ND knowing full well ND would never join the SEC. And at that point Big10 and SEC would be college football meaning ND would be negotiating from pure desperation. Right now, ND is negotiating from a position of strength. They have to move now.
  5. The more I think about it, the more likely to me it seems like all the remaining big name schools will just ditch their conferences and form one coast-to-coast mega league - the catch being that they will purge all the little school members along the way. Talking Washington State, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Rutgers…. They’re all going bye-bye. It’s really the only way to catch up and pass the SEC at this point. The SEC has a few dead-weight teams that can’t be adding more than they’re taking. Arkansas? Vanderbilt? I have questions there. And the SEC only covers about 40% of the country.
  6. I think there’s two big problems with joining the PAC. One is geography. West coast is less populated and when they play the more populated half of the country is asleep. Also, the most fertile recruiting grounds are in the SE - as is the most lucrative league. Similar issue for B1G. Population and economics are on the decline in that region. Recruiting will be in decline as a result.
  7. 8 was the perfect number but I think ND is the biggest winner with a 12 team playoff…
  8. Though numbers differ slightly, they all agreed, be fore this draft USC had the most players drafted, all-time, and afterwards its Notre Dame with the most drafted. Some numbers have it as 507 to 506 while others have it at 520 to 516. Just an interesting factoid for you today.
  9. Ian Book to the Saints is almost a dream scenario for him. Shame he couldn’t have learned under Drew Brees for a year or two. Being short QBs, I think Drew could teach Ian a thing or two. But the Saints obviously know how to get the most out of Ian’s body-type and skill set.
  10. The closest playoff game played this year. Well, it was.
  11. I agree. I’m rooting for Bama against OSU because it’s garbage that OSU is in it at all.
  12. College football has been horribly mismanaged.
  13. Our defense is championship caliber Offense, not so much
  14. Book has obviously earned the right to be out there But part of me wanted to see Pyne stay out there.
  15. A bullshit penalty on a touchdown pass How do we always get that lucky?
  16. Fields was holding the ball for an eternity every pass play against Northwestern. He does that against Clemson and he’s going to get sacked a lot. I actually went back and checked last year’s Clem/OSU game to see if he held the ball that long in that game and he did not. Seems like he has regressed a bit.
  17. And that’s by looking someone in the eye for sixty minutes.. Go out there and hitch up your trousers and say “Hey, baby... here I am now... LET ME SEE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME NOW??”
  18. Yep, ND and Clemson are the two best and then rounding it out with Alabama and Ohio State
  19. We still owe them an ***-whipping for the last game Time to lay the wood!
  20. A team that beats truly elite teams
  21. Backs against the wall Only one thing to do now TURN THE TIDE!!!
  22. I thought Bama’s defense looked pretty meh against Florida. I think Clemson has a better D. I think Clemson’s offense is better than Bama’s, too. Mac Jones is a total statue. Great passer but doesn’t add the other threat that Trevor does.
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