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  1. The closest playoff game played this year. Well, it was.
  2. I agree. I’m rooting for Bama against OSU because it’s garbage that OSU is in it at all.
  3. College football has been horribly mismanaged.
  4. Our defense is championship caliber Offense, not so much
  5. Book has obviously earned the right to be out there But part of me wanted to see Pyne stay out there.
  6. A bullshit penalty on a touchdown pass How do we always get that lucky?
  7. Fields was holding the ball for an eternity every pass play against Northwestern. He does that against Clemson and he’s going to get sacked a lot. I actually went back and checked last year’s Clem/OSU game to see if he held the ball that long in that game and he did not. Seems like he has regressed a bit.
  8. And that’s by looking someone in the eye for sixty minutes.. Go out there and hitch up your trousers and say “Hey, baby... here I am now... LET ME SEE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME NOW??”
  9. Yep, ND and Clemson are the two best and then rounding it out with Alabama and Ohio State
  10. We still owe them an ***-whipping for the last game Time to lay the wood!
  11. A team that beats truly elite teams
  12. Backs against the wall Only one thing to do now TURN THE TIDE!!!
  13. I thought Bama’s defense looked pretty meh against Florida. I think Clemson has a better D. I think Clemson’s offense is better than Bama’s, too. Mac Jones is a total statue. Great passer but doesn’t add the other threat that Trevor does.
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