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  1. UNC has still been recruiting very well. They will be tough. Clemson will be reinvigorated with new coaches I think as well. I think this year was their equivalent to Kelly’s 4-8 year and they only lost 3 games!
  2. I think you are just overthinking this. Kirby Smart is just a crappy coach.
  3. How many other teams allow their star WR to play punt team? Not punt return - punt. I have respect for that.
  4. Absolutely sublime goal-line defense from Baylor Ok State had the ball on the 1 inch line twice and couldn’t get a TD with 8 downs. Insane.
  5. A LOT of people really like this hire But talk about diving into the deep-end his first games are either going to be a CFP, a NY6 bowl and then a trip to Columbus to take on Ohio State next season. Then Clemson and USC later on. Brutal.
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