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  1. My opinion is bk got forced out. Changing of the guard.
  2. Freeman all day. Swarbrick brought him in for a reason.
  3. Kelly will break through and win one for us. The recruiting in the next two classes is looking really good and with Freeman now that is going to be huge. Bama is finally showing signs of not being completely dominant. Our time is near my fellow irish friends, took him a decade to figure it out but we got some talent coming in and currently on that freshman roster.
  4. Bama loses to an absolute trash a and m team and they drop to 5?! Lol rankings are a joke.
  5. Even if we were playing lights out they wouldnt drop bama behind us. If an unranked school beats a top ten ranked team in any conference that isnt the sec they drop them. Not the sec schools though and its complete bullshit. A and m is not good, and imo cincy would beat a and m this year
  6. To a shitty unranked a and m team riddled with injuries. We lost to the #7 team in the country, technically they should drop behind us no? Oh no they wont the sec bias will shine through
  7. The offense did no favors after we switched to that either. Horrible on 3rd downs tonight and left the defense on the field too much especially in the 4th quarter
  8. I don't think FSU is as bad as we are all making them out to be. I agree him going to a 3 man front was part of the problem but this FSU team is going to make some noise this year I think.
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