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  1. We arent in any different circumstance now compared to with Kelly. He never won a big bowl game either. Freeman is a monster recruiter and that is what wins in college football. The jimmys and the joes.
  2. Where the fuk was that playcall the last half of play?! Rees is a fukin mini bk
  3. This is ALL on Rees. He still hasnt shook his daddy BK's tendencies
  4. Rees doesnt call a series to even score one td in the second half. Garbage
  5. Why not give buchner a shot? I dont friging get it
  6. Goto rpo with buchner and lets beat these frigers
  7. Hope he goes to FUSC so our d can shut him down for the next 3 or 4 years. Lincoln Riley is a fluke and we are going to continue to own them.
  8. My opinion is bk got forced out. Changing of the guard.
  9. Freeman all day. Swarbrick brought him in for a reason.
  10. Kelly will break through and win one for us. The recruiting in the next two classes is looking really good and with Freeman now that is going to be huge. Bama is finally showing signs of not being completely dominant. Our time is near my fellow irish friends, took him a decade to figure it out but we got some talent coming in and currently on that freshman roster.
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