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  1. God their fans are a bunch of southern idiots. I'll be sure to harass them when I goto a few of the games. Great season Irish and we can at least say we have class!
  2. One more to goto omaha! I live 50 mins from omaha so hoping they make it so I can go cheer on the Irish!
  3. I'd argue that's what we need. Football isn't a nice game and I think Kelly likes having 85 guys who slap each other on the ass, makes his job easier.
  4. Yeah play the best players and athletes. I don't spend hundreds of dollars on ND gear to watch the smartest guys play football, i want to see the best product even if they have straight c's. This explains a lot of bullshit I've pondered over the years.
  5. I can almost guarantee the Ohio St kid was replaced by another 5 star recruit or one close to it. Our receiver group wasn't full of 5 stars last year or this year replacing this kid. Kelly would rather play a Finke than a young 5 star and play the safe route. Why is it Bama and such get these young kids on the field for some wrinkles designed around them but with Kelly they have to know the whole playbook before getting any playing time?
  6. #1 player out of missouri and 28th in the country in his recruiting class. Why is it when these players goto ohio st, clemson, bama, georgia, etc they get playing time young and flourish but when they come to nd they ride the pine for 3 years before getting an opportunity. Kelly always seems to favor experience over talent which is why we will never beat the big boys. Total failure by kelly and staff on yet another top notch recruit and reeks of small timiness by kelly. Frustrating as hell.
  7. Im curious too my uncle coached and taught at sterling and woodstown nj and was at cherry hill for a little stint.
  8. Happy birthday! Thank you for everything you do for the site!
  9. From what I seen all of his players wrap and finish. Also he is great at confusing qb's once they get rattled. You could see thune from houston didn't know what he was looking at as the game went on, pressures coming from everywhere. I dont watch film religiously but reminds me of Clemson's d.
  10. Very Brian Kelly of him. Sit the talent for the safe veteran player.
  11. But we are overrated smh. The entire big 12 is a joke. This isnt even close. Does oklahoma drop below us in the final rankings if the beatdown continues? Lsu might put up 70 on them
  12. What a tragedy. So very sad. I can't imagine going through this as a parent. https://www.onefootdown.com/2019/12/2/20993008/former-notre-dame-running-back-george-atkinson-iii-passes-away-at-age-27-josh-raiders#
  13. Fisher is the worst coach in all of college football when it comes to doing little with the talent he has.
  14. I seen a feature on ESPN that Don brown completely changed his defensive scheme against us. They used to do a lot of man to man and have since switched to a cover 2 cover 3 zone mixing some man to man in. They said he adjusted his scheme to his players. Hey Bk cough cough
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