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  1. The Notre Dame campus is beautiful, so I agree with the their ranking. Michigan should not be so high on the list and Michigan State is too low...they have a very nice campus.
  2. Why do you have to put people down so often in your retorts? I highly doubt what you are spewing is more than just your own narrow opinion. And why should your opinion be so much more accepted than anyone else's? Trump is an *** and you have been one on this board for a very long time; whether about politics or football. Is no one else allowed to have a thought outside of one that is parallel to yours? You act like a whinny spoiled little child, who needs his *** kicked. America and all you domers out there: pus your thoughts to the side and leave your opinions to your self, elder will let you know what thoughts, what truths are real. Have some respect for other people dude.
  3. Hardly childish, especially when it is the truth.
  4. Reminds me of some Holtz's practices. He would tell the defense what the offense was going to run and still expect the offense to execute play. We should be able to do that often with any opponent. ND shouldn't run the option? maybe not, but remembering what Tony Rice did....Dam that was fun to watch
  5. Speculation or have you heard something? His decision? I have always thought Brey did a pretty good job for ND knowing he is not going to get th top talent that wants to leave after a year or two.
  6. why was "lovely" added to end of Lou's... "he said he didn't want to coach as long as Rockne (13). Lovely."
  7. Whoever has Direct tv may want to try channel 612 (I believe). The ACC network was on last night for the ND B-ball game. I did not sign up for it, so they may have added it to my package. Hoping it will be up for Saturdays game as well.
  8. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27379180/the-50-best-college-football-programs-150-years some interesting teams on the list. Personally i am glad to see St. Johns get some recognition.
  9. Shameless was very good. I was never a big fan of William H Macy, but he was truly awesome in this.
  10. I am surprised they have Minnesota in the taxslayer bowl. I hope they have that good of a season.
  11. ND club of Miami said they spoke with BK last week and he told them that. that is why not sure how much merit there is to it.
  12. tifwiw  Who's in this photo? ND Club of Miami ‏@NDMiami · 17h17 hours ago @EHansenNDI BK told us last week he expects for Williams to get his ND degree but he will not be on the team.
  13. Thanks for the info. I'll try some and then wait for our IT guy to come in.
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