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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31102554/uconn-gets-second-top-5-recruit-2022-class-ayanna-patterson%3fplatform=amp Ivey keeps losing. There’s no excuse for losing a top 3 player an hour away! I’m sorry but I loved the Ivey hire, but after 1 year I’m slowly regretting it.
  2. Are we done recruiting QBs for this class? To be honest I don’t think Kelly is done.
  3. I like Ivey, but holy **** this was a disaster of a season. Obviously, tons of things were working against them but dam. I hope they don’t get in, and please lose some weight Sam!
  4. Typical 29-5 run and counting. When does Brey go?
  5. 4 ****ing points in the 4th, is an absolute disgrace. So far I just can’t get excited about Ivey. This team is way to talented.
  6. This team can look so good and brain dead so fast! 15 point lead and dominating to being down. Lol you know it’s bad when Cosgrove is playing.
  7. I think Freeman turned the tide thankfully! This is a huge get on the Dline.
  8. Yikes, what a disaster! Ivey just has no clue how to coach this team. 3 straight loses to BC.
  9. When did Sam gain so much weight? So freaking slow!
  10. Not 100 percent he starts day 1.
  11. He wasn’t young, and has his chances.
  12. Sure seemed liked Ford was all ND, not sure what Oklahoma did. This one will hurt!
  13. I’m sorry but not many schools allow a coach to keep going like this * Again, he hasn’t won a ranked game since Witchia State 3 years ago?
  14. Thankfully 2 studs are coming in. Though, that’s it! Both aren’t big time down low players. This team is weak, other than Vaughn and Westbeld there’s no rebounding. There’s plenty of top high school talent on this team, but I’m not sure we’re seeing their potential.
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