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  1. I've always heard he was an ND lean. But it wouldn't surprise me if we lose him to osu. Juniors loves us, seniors not so much. When i first heard of this guy they were calling him a running back. Does he play a lot of running back on his team?
  2. I'm not just talking about last night. It happens almost every game.
  3. Goldies: young: if teams are gonna try to stop the run, we need some speed out their to punish them. Frownies: Houston griffith: they threw the ball right past you. He hasn't looked good this year. Secondary tackling: outside of gilman I'm noticing our guys can be reluctant to engage. They'll chase down or tackle from the side but when someone is coming right at them, they don't go for the legs an upend them. They'll just try to are tackle them
  4. GA and bama would be in for sure. the other 3 would be based on money imo. On a side note, I think michigan may be the only program that could scare bama
  5. I'm not sure he's doing that great a job at recruiting. He needs replacing.
  6. We beat michigan and instead of getting props, harbaugh gets the hot seat. They made it seem like us beating vtech in blackburg would be the upset of the century. Only after we win did they start saying vtech hasn't beat a ranked team at home for a while. Now a barely 500 northwestern team was goingtoderail us. I admit we play to the level of our comp but geez give us a little respect.
  7. Our offense is becoming pretty predictable. Fortunately we have learned to make some halftime adjustments. Survive and advance baby.
  8. I agree. Okwara is held alot.
  9. You think crawfords career is over? Hate to hear that. I was always a fan.
  10. I didn't go for exact numbers or details. It was to simply show how a coach can be portrayed. The same way not everything said about urban or saying every other school save a handful are out of control is true. I loved that you used the word "misinformation". It was the perfect choice. And that's not sarcasm even though it might sound that way.
  11. So a good QB is important to a team? Thanks, I didn't know that.:peace:
  12. And kelly has at least 20 arrest. 3 players attacking police officers. A rape scandal that was kept out of the media. The same player kicked and killed his girlfriends dog. we had to forfeit games. chronic academic issues. And you best believe ND got a fixer lawyer as well. So one could easily spin it to make BK look just as bad if not worse because ND was an institute that never had these issues and under kelly it looks like an SEC school. To the point it now appears they have taken discipline out of his hands. And when our players flunk classes, people start saying we need easy courses to keep our guys in good standing. Kid flunks a drug test and then folks start screaming legalize it. Say what you want but urban is ND's fans wet dream.
  13. Yeah, but actions speak louder than words. we'll have to revisit this when kelly leaves. Dude tarnished his legacy by being unrepentant scumbag, recruiting a literal murderer, and when given the chance to apologize to the wife of a woman beater he hired and kept even after knowing he was a woman beater just said "I'm sorry we are in this situation." But he wins and that's the key. I remember after our 4 win season and we were tossing out names. Chip Kelly's would come up after he was sacked for breaking rules. I bet it wouldn't come up now. A losing season at Louisville will hurt Petrino's reputation more than him getting caught with a student. Nearly every elite college coach winds up in a scandal. And as long as they win they are forgiven. Just like an elite player. I bet javon Mckinley couldn't drink like Michael Floyd and remain on the team. It's hard to stay at the top and the expectations and pressure is immense. Then you have us. On one hand we claim to be so virtous and only want coaches that maintain a clean program. While on the other hand we want to win 12 games a year. You ask too much.
  14. To be fair, NCAA has some wonky rules as to what is a graduate, and it's not exclusive to him. That happens a lot in the SEC. Just 20+ players arrested? That's about the same neighborhood as ND under cbk. I find it funny that we are 1) undefeated 2) We might have the COY. Yet we're talking about Urban and the possibility of him coaching ND. I agree with colt. Everyones a moral pillar until those hypothetical could become a reality.
  15. I'm with you. I don't see simon staying at the rover position.
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