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  1. He was awesome… sad ending to his life
  2. And most irrationals will be in full panic mode if the Irish don’t beat the Buckeyes game one… gotta give MF time to make his mark.
  3. the only acceptable 31 is DuBose
  4. the sport we love is dying...
  5. https://thespun.com/more/top-stories/college-football-world-reacts-to-notre-dame-money-speculation
  6. Maybe send him to an away game closer to his home?
  7. not remotely the same experience as a real game though...
  8. We won’t do anything until a path to the playoff is threatened or removed.
  9. I think many here over estimate Notre Dame’s importance in the grand scheme of things. Is Notre Dame desirable, sure. Does it have a huge fan base? Yes. But they aren’t the only pedigree in the dog show…and while any sponsor would love to have them involved, they aren’t top dog and haven’t been for a long time. I haven’t seen any polls so I can’t comment on what “most ND fans” want, but my opinion is most hardcore ND fans are middle aged history revellers who long for days past when we were able to write our own ticket. I think that era has passed and we will be forced to join. Being self sufficient and not sharing the revenue gained in the 25 or so years of being on NBC surely has not sat well with the rest of the cool kids…
  10. The chance to compete for TWO championships each year…
  11. What has independence really given us outside of an NBC contract?
  12. so am I...every big game is on national tv....
  13. In this day and age of channels and streaming, that NBC contract isn’t as lucrative as it once was…and there’s only three more years on that deal…pray the playoff doors don’t shut us out.
  14. Independence is highly overrated and antiquated.
  15. I think that will be difficult to do in the changing face of this game.
  16. We’ll be next. We better get a chair before the music stops playing… I know we’ll always be desirable but I would like to have a semblance of control…
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