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  1. How does alcohol sit with you, Brian?
  2. Odd, it’s huge news up here in Canada…
  3. Curious, as a non-citizen watching from afar, to know how Republicans (pro AND anti Trump) feel about what transpired yesterday.
  4. Why is all my stuff Spanish????
  5. Even if you can never cruise again? Reading that companies are going to demand full immunization.
  6. Got Pfizer dose one. Zero side efffects... Just kidding. I’m fine.
  7. The University Of Southern California.
  8. Damn, man, tough go. Hope things turn around for you...
  9. Let me know if new owner wants all the working files for banners...
  10. Hitch this friggin’ wagon to Mayer and let him pull us...
  11. Investigation suggests intoxicated or distracted driving...toxicology results to come
  12. Perhaps he had a medical emergency while driving? Strange last months of his life for sure... Loved his Blue/Gold game TD...
  13. Sad, makes me wonder if what happened at the gas station wasn’t more nefarious...
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