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  1. Zero energy or chemistry between the two of them. Zerooooooo.
  2. He is the biggest dickhead sports personality I have ever met. We have mutual friends, he goes to great lengths to make it known that he has a Cup ring…continuously tapping it on the table, his pint glass. Smug prick…
  3. Curious to know where you are in your own lives… do you have families? Kids? Spouses? Calling for firings at this juncture be it Freeman, Heistand or Rees need to take pause and join the rest of us in Real Land. No one is getting fired. There are bound to be plenty of growing pains in the next few years. I would hate to have to count on any of you wanting to bail on the plan three weeks in… adversity is a huge part of life. Learn to deal with it better…
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