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  1. that ship sailed… he can keep his ass sticking fingers to himself…
  2. Austin deserves a game ball Line play was marginally improved Doerer is clutch Turner’s drop on that long pass after the 2 point convert was huge I love the atmosphere there. We need a new upbeat entrance shtick… One last one - BK looked confident in the tunnel pre-game, a stark contrast to the National Championship game…
  3. Without him, we’re all firing every coach and ragging on the players… Way to save Irish Nation #4!
  4. I have zero interest in seeing another Coan snap this year…
  5. No ACC network up here in Canada. Let me k ow if anyone has a link…
  6. We likely had a post just like yours 15 years ago… there have been previous seas of red…
  7. Winningest and the best are very very different things…
  8. You’re the first person I have ever seen refer to him as the best ever… Picking up your sarcasm, I really am…
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