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  1. This stuff is going to ruin college sports unless they reign in the rules…
  2. Don’t let the door hit you on the butt, Kid…
  3. I’m resigned to the fact that unless this all gets reigned in, I’ll be happy to be playing for the New Era Bowl trophy yearly… What a gong show this all has become.
  4. First time I saw Estime, I thought we had an absolute hidden gem. They need to feed him the ball early and often...
  5. We’ve been doing more with less for years… we’ve been lucky where others are more talented. Facts.
  6. Looks like someone is working with the stock fonts in Microsoft Office.
  7. Was thrilled to hear that there is a re-established relationship with our alumni players again…
  8. My takeaway - Orgeron’s prognostication won’t come to fruition unless we land a star QB.
  9. You get it as part of the year package...along with Pro Day...$30
  10. Available on und.com too if you’re a subscriber… More importantly, have any cruises booked? We’re sailing second week of October…
  11. Kelly may have been a good coach at one time but in recent times he coasted and shunned many of his responsibilities that younger, hungrier coaches are willing to do. That’s why he’d never have got us to the promised land. He’s dead to me…
  12. Wonder if he actually believes the sh!t that seeps out of his lips…
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