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  1. Best in person: 2005 vs BYU. Hear me out. This was the game (might be the only game) that Weis had a schematic advantage. The game plan he drew up for BYU was incredible. Brady Quinn was 32-of-41 for 467 yards and 6 TD's, 3 in the first half including starting 25-of-30 passing. Stovall had 4 TD's and 207 yards and the Shark had 2 TD's and 152 yards. Throw in a 83 yard INT return for a TD from Zibby and this game beat down that was awesome to see in person. Really thought Weis had us on the right track after this game. Best on TV: 2002 vs Michigan State. Willingham's first year. Starting 8-
  2. Ha, this site never ceases to amaze me. I grew up Catholic in Provo Utah and then commuted to JD the first year it opened in '03. Graduated in '07 in the first full class. I'd have given anything to attend ND but my lack of football skills kept that from happening (amongst other things). John and Galey Colosimo are both big time homers of ND, John was a major player in getting the grotto and always had us praying there before and after football games. I ended up at the University of San Diego, "The ND of the West" as we like to call it. It was closest I could get to ND. Glad to see
  3. I sure did. Class of '07. Lived on campus 4 years and now live in downtown SD. Not a bad place to spend 4 years. The only issue I had when I was at USD was that Harbaugh moved the kickoff time of football games to during the day, and it collided with ND games. Needless to say, not to many people in the stands...
  4. I live in the East Village downtown, overlook Petco Park. I work in Sorrento Valley
  5. He should come visit the other school in San Diego, University of San Diego. Complete with our own Torero Blue dome and FBI investigation... http://www.sandiego.edu/marketing/images/mission_vision_photo.jpg
  6. Fish-


    I apologize. I've been a long time reader here at DD, (I'm actually a writer for SubwayDomer) and I never saw this message until now. Sorry for the delayed response.


    I followed the plan like you said and it worked. Cappy met my father and my niece at the stadium and showed us around the locker room, press box and all that great stuff. It was my dads 63 birthday, he's been to ND several times, but when he got in the locker room he began to cry. It was awesome.


    Thanks again for the insight on this tour. Was truly something special that my dad and I will never forget. Keep up the good work here at DD an thanks for the help with this.



  7. Correct, Harbaugh was arrested for DUI while coaching at University of San Diego. It seemed to work out for him fine after that...
  8. Did you go to the game? Just curious if you got a tour and how it went

  9. I emailed Cappy Gagnon, one of the heads of usher at the stadium. He was a policeman at one time and I am currently. Not sure if that helped us or not. They were all very nice and told us to be up friday at 10am, which we were of course! I would bet that if you emailed him and asked that you could get in. I made sure that we kept our group to 4 guys though too. Hope that helps.

  10. Id love to hear about how you were able to secure a tour like that. My pops and I will be making our yearly pilgrimage to SB this weekend, it may be to late but would love to know how it all happened. Great pics BTW
  11. The boys at SubwayDomer.com have the perfect Anti_preview for this weekends Blue-Gold game. http://subwaydomer.com/2010-articles/april/blue-and-gold-april-24-2010.html
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