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  1. https://www.rollbamaroll.com/2019/1/1/18162378/graphing-clemson-vs-notre-dame-brian-kelly-was-right-its-a-lot-closer-than-it-seemed
  2. Wo Wo Wo - not for one second would i say anything to belittle Ara. Those were my heros as a child, and Ara was a great man and coach! Nothing I said belittle what he accomplished. My main point is that there have been 2 undefeated seasons in the last 7 years, and to ignore that or argue it away with other things is unfortunate.
  3. I would argue that even Ara/Holtz/Devine, with those teams, got upset. It is tough to go undefeated, and that fact shouldn't be minimized. And the 40+ point margin was in an era when stockpiling talent (no 84 man limit)(kind of like the SEC now) meant that there was much less talent at many of the other schools. Ara took a few a$$ kickings. And I don't want an Urban Meyer as ND coach. I would certainly love to see another N.C. Do think it is possible with Kelly, and I think this set of assistant coaches are doing a good job.
  4. Loss sucked. Depressing! Really hoped for better. Now for a reality check. Last ND coach to have 2 undefeated regular seasons? Ara. That includes THE tie. Otherwise you have to go back to Leahy. These last two years have been a joy overall. Really good teams. I have followed faithfully since 1964. These have been the best teams in 20 years. Fun to watch. Lots of talent. That doesn't mean settling.
  5. Heard on a sports radio show this morning (have not verified) that ND is 2-10 in their last 12 games against Power 5 opponents.
  6. These are from sports-reference.com. The number is based on points above or below avg. - with 0 being avg. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/notre-dame/ https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/wisconsin/
  7. Avg SOS for those 20 years. Wisconsin 2.31 - Notre Dame 5.15
  8. Does anyone know of an instance where a head coach brought in all (almost) new coaches and was successful?
  9. Could be the change at Athletic Director. Wants his own hire.
  10. Don't believe I crowned anyone anything. Pointed out that Harbaugh's situation in A2 is different then his other stops. And since I watch both ND and Mich. every week on TV, I mentioned that they have a pretty good team (nothing predicted about their future).
  11. I think you misread the atmosphere in A2 a bit. In his other coaching stops, he was just another head coach. In Ann Arbor, he is a home town kid, alumnus, and the second coming of Bo. The program would have to fall apart for him to have any trouble. I also wouldn't count on them losing in Columbus. They are a good, physical team.
  12. The down side to the article is that we face 2 of the top 5.
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