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  1. I assume the people that sold their tickets to this game didn't seek out only Georgia fans to sell their tickets. My thoughts are if ND fans really want to keep it to ND fans in the stands, then pony up for the "few hundred dollars". That's a lot of money to me.
  2. J.P.

    Got s7

    I believe Littlefinger will die in the next couple episodes. Sansa will order his execution and Arya will carry it out. Just my thoughts I know it's not the Stark way though.
  3. Amen!! Herman seems like a can't miss coach that Notre Dame will miss out on, and we will be stuck watching him succeed at some big school...
  4. Did anyone else think that this game was lost when we tried to run on 3rd and 12 towards the end of the fourth quarter?
  5. I loved my body cam and used it for everything. But sadly our legislature I guess passed a law that makes it seem like it will be really expensive/impossible to use. So we are not using them at this time until we figure out exactly what the law entails.
  6. Let's revive this again. I want to get to trying more craft beers as much as my budget will allow me that is. I tried Busted knuckle tonight very good to me, but I am not a huge beer drinker. I think I will be changing that. http://www.bustedknucklebeer.com/index.html
  7. Yeah watching Mike Leake pitch in Great American Ballpark a very tough park to pitch in, he is pretty good. That and the success that St. Louis has had with pitchers, I believe he will do well.
  8. Yeah I just read that. I hope the reds can get something from the Nats. The deal they got for Frazier was far less then stellar.
  9. Anyone interested in Votto and Chapman and Phillips? Reds will give them away for prospects! Going to be awesome fielding an all rookie team next season....
  10. Thank you everyone so much for your prayers!! We laid the little guy to rest right next to my grandmother yesterday. I must say we felt Gods help yesterday, my father who is a minister preached the funeral and he did great job considering it was his own grandson. Thanks again to my Notre Dame family for your prayers I have came to you guys twice and you guys have came thru!!
  11. Yes it is. I know your wife is a nurse and I feel like I must say that the staff in the PICU at Peyton Manning children's hospital was amazing. God knew and he sent us one his best nurses, she took such great care of him and connected with my sister and all the family, she cried with us and handled ever tiny detail she was a true angel in a time of need.
  12. My 5 week old nephew passed away at 4:15 this afternoon after a very sudden onset and short battle with sepsis that they believe was caused by meningitis. Prayers for my sister and all of my family would be very appreciated.
  13. Only one?! You are not trying hard enough buddy . I hope to be back in the chat this game day, My son has a cub scout popcorn booth this weekend. Last weekend we had a scout camp out and I got made fun of for watching the game on my phone.... Bunch of haters!!
  14. Episode 3 will air on showtime tomorrow so I bet it will be on TYT sometime Wednesday afternoon.
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