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  1. I actually forgot about that...How does her son get away from ND?
  2. Yo Ziggy...what school does your boy go to? I've coached high school in Philly forever but I always follow the South Jersey schools as well. (My 2 sisters and their families moved their and my parents retired and went to the shore full time.)
  3. The shared opponent thing got us in the playoffs. Loosing 2 straight, albeit to #1 and #3, drops my beloved Irish to 5. I just find it crazy that the best ND team in 25 years finishes ranked 5th.
  4. I don’t want ND to lower academic standards. So if we are the 2nd tier (Bama, Clemson, OSU) I’m ok.
  5. Completely...100% agree. I’m frustrated with the anti-BK crew. At some point it just becomes ignorance.
  6. Sorry...I’m at the point where you guys have no idea what your watching or you know nothing about the game.
  7. I can’t believe home many of you are whining... If you are ascared...get a dog. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? And isn’t there something about the odds being great or small? I get it but I’m torching the boats...ain’t afraid and I believe we are going play our asses off!!! Go Irish! #shocktheworld
  8. It is ESPN...remember their issue with ND is the NBC contract. That Irish Envy is real with ESPN. You can track recruits...ESPN regularly drops kids a star when they commit to ND both in football and bball. That’s legit...they do the reverse in hoops with Duke. A 3 star kid commits to Coach K he goes to 4...4 star goes to 5. (I like Duke hoops so that ain’t a hate post). That being said...I am 100% positive if ND looses on Saturday they are OUT. The NCAA will say the potential 3 game thing was why or that the whatever whatever was better.
  9. In chronological order: 1) 1991 Orange Bowl: Rocket’s last game and what would of been an all-time career finish. Freaking BS clip call nullifies his punt return for a TD in the final minute of the game. Colorado survives 10-9 and wins the National Championship. 2) 1993 Boston College Game: One week after defeating the greatest team ever we get boat raced for 3 quarters. The 4th quarter comeback was stunning and I thought we were getting another NC...and the kick was good, damn it. 3) 2005 Bush Push: Jeez this might be the most painful. The Eagles loose the Super Bowl in February to the Patriots...Charlie Weis is hired away from the Patriots to lead the Irish the following day (although it was not exactly a secret). Then my first child is born in May and my luck had turned!!! I believed God was making up for the Super Bowl loss to me with the way the Irish were playing. The latest “Greatest Team Ever” comes to South Bend and gets outplayed...until 4th and 21..dear God, Why? Then...then there is the fumble. The only possible way the Irish loose there is if the damn ball goes out of bounds and stops the clock!!! It does...and there is time for one more play. Yea, this one still hurts.
  10. Seriously???? We are here again??? Why???? He listened after year 3...never was a serious candidate by any club that reached out to him. That’s reality. Urban Meyer ain’t ever coming here! Ever! Because he can’t recruit his kids. Why did he choose UF over ND years ago? UF said you can recruit junior college kids and he got 6 schollies per year for kids REGARDLESS OF ACADEMIC BACKGROUND. ND will never go for that. Go Irish!!!
  11. Is he leaving now or after the playoffs? That is my only concern.
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