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  1. Well with the BG game in the books its now the loooong wait until fall. I was talking with my father last night about our Irish and we were reminiscing about some of our favorite ND experiences. There have been so many! I would love to hear your favorite memories from ND games. Here's one of my more humorous ones to start off. A few years back, before the stadium renovation, I was blessed with kidney stones and was in the process of passing them when game day rolled along. Being the die hard ND fan that I am I grabbed my Vicodin and headed to the stadium. Halftime rolled around and
  2. I think Josh's chances revolve heavily on how he does this weekend vs. Wake. He's just starting to really get noticed "nationally" and if he goes off this weekend it might launch himself right to the top 2 or 3. However, if he has an off week, say less than 100 yards, he might just fade away. Just my opinion.
  3. Haven't posted since 2014 but I look almost every day. Im back!
  4. With out a doubt Josh's back breaking run against USC!
  5. On this team are? I would suggest you check out Michael Deebs twitter feed. You want to talk about a RKG. What an incredible young man. Have a look. @MichaelDeeb42
  6. Is this because they can't read? Just kidding!
  7. "@jeremycrabtree: #UAAllAmerica OL Braden Smith has scheduled an official visit for #Auburn on Jan. 17, according to his family. He will no longer visit #ND." This week just keeps getting better and better...ugh!
  8. After hearing that the staff was not thrilled with Elams attitude during their in home I remembered seeing these tweets and thought "thats odd". This tweet: "@FballIsLife69: Notre Dame And Coach Kelly Will Be Here For A In Home Visit Today At 7" Followed immediately by this tweet: "@FballIsLife69: Fake Smiles Lol"
  9. I was on the field after a game at ND and Ace walked by. I asked how his injury was (I believe it was his knee). He smiled and gave me the so-so gesture with his hand and then patted me on the back as he passed by. I always thought, "what a cool guy!". Thats my memory if Ace.
  10. I cant believe the phantom clip didnt make that list...that one still kills me! [ame] [/ame]
  11. Yes echo, thanks. A friend mentioned it in an email and I freaked out. Couldnt find any info on it. Huge relief!
  12. Heard he may be hurt. Possible knee? Anyone else hear anything?
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