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  1. might be one of the dumbest sites on the internet thats 100% facts
  2. pretty sure it was 99% of you delusionists so I expect about a 6-page thread how does it feel to be so completely and irrationally wrong post below
  3. "just beat alabama bro" the collective IQ of our fanbase has to be around 65
  4. stick to photoshop your knowledge of football is next to nil
  5. Kelly needs to leave. Hes too good for ND, truly we will go back to being another scrub program without him name a coach as good as him who would want to come here? silence? thats what i thought
  6. actually, everyone should just go independent, keep their rivals, and schedule like ND. conference affiliation is beyond backwards in 2018. im continuously surprised schools like Ohio State and Michigan allow leach programs like Rutgers and Maryland to earn the same amount they do.
  7. low IQ no playoff should give northwestern or utah or pittsburgh a chance at contributing. (yes these scrub teams all have a chance to make the playoffs under your format) please think...
  8. about as stupid as your less than 24 points prediction vs FSU
  9. Gonna see how the line plays out this week. But if stays around -17 range, Vegas is baiting you to take FSU
  10. Anyone else not concerned at all? Vegas apparently isn't either. Spread only dropped from -18 to -16.5
  11. B1G championship game is meaningless, as ND will have beaten both the teams playing in it (UM vs Northwestern) NDs best win: Michigan (11-1) Michigans best win: Ohio State (10-2) NDs 2nd best win: Syracuse (9-3) Michigans 2nd best win: Penn State (9-3) Michigan State will finish 8-4 Wisconsin might finished 7-5
  12. lol, pls explain how... (this will be amusing)
  13. ya, many posters here have extremely low IQs
  14. just imagine, a QB with near zero NFL potential is leading the country in completion percentage AND we still have dumbasses out there on this forum criticizing BKs QB development :banplease:
  15. Plankton IQ thread Book is small. Not very intelligent. Average arm. Not accurate over 15 yards. Prone to panic. Zero chance at playing in the NFL. He's a MAC level guy. He's playing above his level only because of BKs QB development, not in spite of it. Book is good at quick 5 yard reads where he doesn't need to think or have an arm. That's it Sure, blame BK for recruiting, but not for the development of an average Joe QB. My lord
  16. After Navy We really need Michigan to keep winning. Stanford and VT are both frauds imo
  17. oh, the horror. we have the 2nd most difficult schedule to date instead of the 1st most difficult. what will we do now guys
  18. Rabid ND delusionist: "I want a new coach, BK only gets 8.6 wins per season, equivocate, equivocate, equivocate." Rational ND fan rebuttal: Okay, name some guys... Rabid ND delusionist: "We gotta find the next Urban Meyer, BK only wins 8.6 times per year!!!' Rational ND rebuttal: But Urban Meyer isnt coming here... Rabid ND delusionist: I want a new coach, BK only gets 8.6 wins per season, equivocate, equivocate, equivocate." Rational ND fan rebuttal: Okay name some guys... and the circular logic goes on and on and on...
  19. name some people and quit equivocating. listing all these problems and not producing a reasonable solution makes you sound like a dumbass oh, thats right. no one worth a damn would actually come to coach for ND in 2018. silly me. "just gotta find the next urban meyer bro" - lol
  20. 2012 and 2015 were both solid years, although only one playoff appearance would have been earned, correct. 2015 was an extremely flukey year where we lost two games by 4 points total and were arguably screwed by a pick penalty on the goal line. every 3-4 years he has placed us into playoff contention, i guess would be the better argument.
  21. noticed how i just said ONE guy let alone compile a list of 5 guys who would actually come here that are hands down better coaches than BK and go...
  22. LOL this is why our fanbase is dumb af "just go find the next urban meyer bro" - thats how you end up with guys like willie taggert. my lord
  23. name someone (this will be amusing)
  24. to believe ND is actually attractive enough to find a coach better than BKs resume is beyond low IQ and extremely delusional. name one that would come here? maybe Shaw from stanford, but i doubt it. meyer turned us down for a decade. saban, lol? dabo, lol, he'd laugh in our faces. BK is a top 15 guy leading a top 15 program, it is what it is; we will make the playoffs every 3-4 years and we should be content with that.
  25. imagine being so delusional to think any top 5 coach would want to coach in south bend, Indiana in 2018. we dont pay as well as the big boys, we have more alumni responsibilities, less homegrown talent. more recruiting demands, etc anyone with any sense of rationality realizes that the ND coaching position is not a top 5 job, so, therefore, its insane to demand a top 5 coach. at this point, im not even sure ND is a top 10 coaching destination
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