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  1. Completely agree. One positive side is that they have three top 15 games so the critics can’t spout their nonsense of weak schedules. Now just hope the team can win 2 of 3 but I wouldn’t be surprised if they loose all three. Just too many unknowns with the O for me to think this will be a good years.
  2. He is. I should have said the “the bigger fish” to include him and others (Bowen, etc) as possible options to flip if they have offers from Bama, OSU, A&M.
  3. It’s click bait until he flips and it seems more likely that it will happen. If MF can put a decent product on the field and only loose 1 or 2 games then maybe he stays. Loose any more and the I bet we see bigger fish flip.
  4. Looks like D Moore is committing on Friday now. Will be interesting to see how quickly ND moves to find another QB for 23 or we hear about CJ reclassifying.
  5. As predicted, Page is Irish. Kind of like announcing via Twitter and IPC.
  6. Big fan of him mentioning he wanted to get recruiting over with and start recruiting. Those are type of kids and people I’d want to be around. Seems like a real “team” person.
  7. If a team with their own National network who is working to making advertiser connections with athletes doesn’t attract recruits then I’m not sure what will. sure go to the SEC and compete with all those studs for commercial time on ESPN and ABC or come to ND where you have you own network to yourself.
  8. Does ND have a chance? Didn’t he announce his commitment date shortly after an OSU visit?
  9. And I didn’t specifically state that this situation was related to NIL. It was a general statement from all that is going lately (Tate’s TN news, Moore’s feet dragging, etc). The new staff started strong but I see them as fading on the top targets so this was the “show me” statement on what this staff is going to do to close. I suppose I should have been more specific and yes I have seen several posts about Rhett being an academic related issue.
  10. Respect your calm and confidence or your general straight forwardness on these posts. I for one might as well be from MO and be “show me” because all I see lately is stories big names chasing NIL money (allegedly) and ND recruiting fading. If you say the team is fine then I’ll go with that though.
  11. I like to think it had to do with the Vols great coaching or on-field play but have to imagine those alums are doing one hell of a job trying to buy their way back into relevance via NIL. If only ND could secure a star QB to help recruit WRs like TN currently has committed.
  12. Oh I agree. Not sure how you can turn them down if they both wanted in. I guess if the four LBs from the ‘22 class come in and push for playing time you could see transfers above them, which would solved the numbers issues. Not a bad problem to have. Now it would be nice to have the same potential issue on the offensive side too.
  13. While it is unlikely to happen, would both Ausberry and M’Pemba be takes if they both wanted in? Seems that number are needed elsewhere this cycle and not four LBs.
  14. Ya hate to loose him and agree with not wanting the DC also being a position coach. Think we need a QB coach in that regard as well. Hopefully the fans will know what the completed staff will look like come this time next week.
  15. Brilliant!!! Toss in a couple more if they actually graduate and a bit more if they are 5th years that the staff wants them to stay and they in return get their masters. Maybe that could be a way to lower the bar for underclassmen transfers and show the university that yes they are coming to play football but the boosters are going to incentivize them to get their degree.
  16. I read it the same way and I hope that’s the case. Time for the boosters to start doing what is reportedly happening at other schools and paying positions groups a yearly amount as long as they stay at the school. Times are changing and while I may disagree with it, it is the way this game is going to be played and won. Glad he is maybe subtly trying to address the issue.
  17. For those out there with the AMEX Platinum you can get Peacock for free as a perk. That’s the only way we subscribe to the service. Wouldn’t do it otherwise.
  18. Challenge is going to be an understatement. USC and their boosters have given Riley a blank check (No not saying the school is paying the players) to build a football factory again it seems. They will do whatever it takes to win. Lower academic requirements for transfers and recruits. Boosters will will entice kids with great NIL deals and it will all be done in place kids will think is great place for action outside of football and school. Pete Carol era 2.0 is what I think we are going to see. Time will tell if ND will go the route of the elite or just trying to do it the “right way”. Don’t want to be a pessimist but beat we can hope for is Riley is a worse coach than Freeman and can’t figure out how to utilize all that talent he is going to have. Outside of the anyone from the SEC the last team I want to see so well is USC. Ugh.
  19. So what’s left to fill? DC, LB, and TE right? Wont hear anything about a DC until after the SB probably. TE will be a take time since that departure isfresh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on the LB coach search. So far very pleased with the staff hires. Freeman’s could be building a beast of a team on the recruiting trail.
  20. I would use quotes for the Cardale Jones types who didn’t go to “x” academic institution to “play school” and those institutions who create made up academic programs to support those types of athletes who couldn’t get into or through higher levels of education if they were not there playing a sport. Does this apply to all student athletes? Certainly not. However, it does apply to a larger percentage of “student athletes” in revenue generating sports (football and basketball). I knew some extremely intelligent football players at the Academy but there were plenty of players who would self admit that they never would have gotten in if they didn’t play football or basketball and struggled to get through despite the tutors and help provided to them.
  21. To keep this on football, the student athletes are getting paid in the form of a free education and room and board, unlike the vast majority of the rest of the students. However, I do agree that those student athletes should benefit from their NIL, since millions is being made off them since the NCAA has been so restrictive to earn any spending money in the past.
  22. Yes I meant student athletes but Pregame is right it is an issue at all levels of the sport. Coach’s, ADs, etc.
  23. That’s fair. I didn’t look into whether oR not it included Other divisions but as you say 10% is a sizable number. As for the mess, Lack of loyalty, me first mentality, lack of making a decision and following through. It’s a societal issue that that’s at the root of it and I just don’t get it anymore.
  24. Assuming they are all from the 130 FBS schools and all are part of the 85 scholarships for each team, that’s 28.75% of scholarship players in the portal. College football is a mess right now.
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