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  1. I would it’s not a hope that we don’t have those matchup it’s are forgone conclusion that it will happen until Freeman can prove he can coach. Have to imagine that Recruiting has gotten a lot harder for him after the first couple weeks of the season. Maybe Big can calm those concerns but I would bet Paige won’t be the last to decommit this year.
  2. ND scored. Which can only mean the D will allow themselves to walked all over on.
  3. Can the D make one stop when it matters this season. Preferable one in the second half when they have the lead. It’s like watching a rerun each wk.
  4. Even if he only know 10% of the plays all he has to do is execute to do better than Pyne.
  5. Agree. Until there is a powder puff degree ND will have a hard time taking many of the transfer options. Hell even the service academies all have them for the at risk students. They were typically the ones that were hard to do well in but ones you were never going to be kicked out for if you turned in the work (Management, Humanities, etc).
  6. At this pint nothing to lose if TB is injured. Might as well let Angelli and Pyne both play each game for development. Might even need to give Powlus some time because it’s not like the line is going to protect any QB so TB might not be the last one injured.
  7. Won’t need to wait till mid week. Frost was just fired.
  8. I’d give you a cheers but I reached my limit in the second quarter.
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