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  1. Thanks Faith. Love the write ups. Much easier and faster than Watching the videos.
  2. Are you viewing on a phone/tablet or computer? This is a huge improvement for the phone/tablet users. I haven’t check on a computer yet but not sure the last time I used a computer outside of work. I miss the color scheme and I mentioned the Twitter posts issues in another thread. I was hesitant with change but this is much better than Irish Envy’s update. Give it time, Mike is just starting the updates and so far pretty darn good.
  3. Wow this new format works so much better on a phone. Thank you. One critique, the threads where folks post a tweet turns into a never ending slew of tweets they didn’t post/link and just continues as you scroll down. Noticed this mainly in the recruiting threads.
  4. Can Jackson, Checks, or Tahiti play Safety? Would hate to push away talent especially if they could be used elsewhere where we may not get as high as rated player for that position group. Edit: I guess Ziegler can/could play Safety too.
  5. Just hope they don’t mess it up like IrishEnvy. It’s tough to even peruse over there now after the change.
  6. Yes the NCAA lacks consistency whatsoever and they continue to loose credo ability. However, I am not sure why anyone is upset as the penalties are rather minor as they are mostly for the 20-21 academic year which is almost over. We all know there is an ND booster who already made $5k in the time it took you read this post so that’s covered. So we miss out on Seattle kids for 20-22. It’s not like ND has a pipeline or strong ties that pull kids out of there often. However, I would like to know more about what probation entails. Even though Freeman confirmed that this is not a posts
  7. Can’t win on or off the field against the schools that place football above all else.....bummer. Yes I realize that is doom and gloom. On the positive side, I’m sure ND will find their coach to continue the four year winning consistency. Edit: Disregard all above! Wow truly shocked ND landed. Great news!
  8. Nigel Knott (CB) may be a name to watch. Was at Bama and then transferred to ECU. His tweet on 31 Dec mentioned beginning the recruiting process with a team in the top 4. We know it’s unlikely to go back to Bama.
  9. Went over to 247 transfer portal page and I was shocked (maybe not) to see 411 players currently in the portal. Going to take some time but it would be interesting to see who is all out there for positions of need (S, CB, DE?, WR?, RB?). If he was healthy and met the grades this time it would nice to see Stepp in the RB mix (assuming Diggs decides not to sign in Feb....pure speculation on my part).
  10. Won’t say it can’t happen but one would have to assume that won’t happen till after spring ball at least. Two to three of the WR are graduating so the spots are there to be a starter. Lenzy, Austin, Keys seems to be next up but I would think they are pushed by Watts, Johnson, and Styles. With BK saying they need more weapons maybe they get a transfer who can sling it, maybe Buckner comes in and impresses, maybe the two QBs already on campus actually are better than we give them credit for, or maybe just maybe RB3 comes in and wins the job as the biggest dark horse surpassing TR and Book.
  11. Ya know I would love to see ND win big games in the post season. I would love for them to at least make the games close and to not hear my friends, who cheer for opposing teams, keep saying ND doesn’t belong or is always overrated. I would also enjoy if ND could do all that while maintaining the purity of the student athlete at an top rated school academically. ND has had success with this model and it will continue. It is all perspective on what that success is. In the past 23 years (pretty much my entire adult life) during the BCS and CFP eras there has been 60 spots in the post sea
  12. Had a dream Wednesday night that Irish were up 25 - 0 at the half and won 25 - 23. Woke up thinking wow that would be some game. Right up until I realized how odd and difficult it would be to achieve either score of 23 or 25. Bama 49 Irish 17 Seems more realistic unfortunately though. What a fun season in an otherwise crummy year. On to a new team with a new QB and DC next year.
  13. Agree it will be fun. Only watched them last night and after watching I was dreading playing both Bama and UF. However, if the D can get pressure against their OL then they don’t have to worry about a mobile QB. Then again Jones has only been sacked 4 times all year. Very interested in Hamilton’s status. Bama is going to score no doubt about it. They are averaging what 45+ per game. This will be on NDs the O to score at least in the 30s and control the time of possession. I think that will be the best way to keep Bama from scoring and have a slim chance of success.
  14. That’s a tough reality to accept but you’re right.
  15. Agree ISU matchup is not interesting. Maybe an OU matchup would be interesting to watch. After watching UF/Bama I’m not sure ND will even play a close game against UF. Most agree we’d get blowout by Bama and yet some think we can beat UF who just hung around with Bama till the end. What am I missing there? I wanted to believe that the Clemson win was this program turning the corner this year to be on the same stage as the three elites (I don’t think OSU is as good as Clemson or Bama this year though either). Maybe last night was over confidence of the players and coaches. Clearly the Rose
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