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  1. The chat box is great for real time conversations or reactions but I find myself not watching it very close because some of us are always a play or two behind. The MegaThread is better to not spoil for what happened for those of us on a slight delay but it is not as easy to have any quick interactions like the chat box. BL - Do what is best for the site. Doubt many who are on chat are going to stop posting with each other on game day if you go to the thread format.
  2. A bit concerning that he talks about family and/or fitting in with the first two and not with ND. Maybe he doesn’t think it’s a good fit for him. I agree it would be a major loss if he goes elsewhere but those comments don’t instill confidence that he picks ND.
  3. Exactly but let’s hope some of these 18 yr old kids realize this is a rebuilding year and loses are to be expected.
  4. It’s unfortunate more CB’s have him picking Iowa now. Not a terrible surprise though right?
  5. Still have family there as well. My uncles stopping renewing their season tickets years ago for the very gouging you mentioned. However, they never sold tickets to big games ever, rust belt or not. You’re also spot on about the area struggling. Any time we take the kids to see the grandparents they are in shock of how “different” it is there and they’ve followed me around to some crummy places (Clovis, NM and ABQ, NM = we will never move back there if you get sent back directives from the wife).
  6. Agree with the invasions need to stop. You don’t see this at other top programs. Their teams are life and they rather be there for top games (win or loose) then make a buck on over priced tickets. I get you can do with whatever you want with your tickets you paid for them. I wish ND would do what Porsche does to flippers of limited production cars…..stop selling them cars. Would be great to see loyal fans (alumni or subway) in the seats win or loose.
  7. Now thats funny. I told my wife (a Purdue alum) that Purdue should build a small door in the visitors tunnel and make the cheerleaders and Leprechaun try to crawl through it to try to get in for 2024. Pettiness should be met with an equal or more escalated form of trolling. The drum is silly but it’s been at every halftime performance since the 50s (hone and away). Real arrogant move by ND.
  8. 1 Nov? 3 Oct is my prediction we are out of the top 25. It’s a good thing I geobach it during the work week these days because my wife won’t let me hear the end of it after they loose to Purdue.
  9. 45-21 ND Hoping to see the backup play…Go Irish!!! Haven’t missed an ND game in several years but missed last weeks game due to a work trip to the ME and figured of all days I should make the short drive up to Annapolis to watch the Falcons. Sink Navy!! Looking forward to the NR game replay and all the post game analysis here later tonight.
  10. Well here is the deal NBC is pitching use code NOTREDAME and get the month for $2.50 vs $4.99 for three months. Still not a fan of paying extra for the game and watching the condensed version will probably be my preferred option as I’m sure work will have me busy with 20 yr anniversary events for Sept 11.
  11. Not a fan of this but at $4.99 it’s much cheaper than going to the game and if I can access the game anytime during my subscription even better. Can watch it after whatever kid activity will take priority that day. Also, I’ll be watching to see what deal for the season they release on the 11th.
  12. I think Jack is going to surprise a lot of people with how well he is going to okay this year. Hope he gets out of the gate quickly because I have my concerns with game 1 and Milton. FSU is going to be much better than last year. Coan surprising play and Freeman’s ability to coach a great D is going to set the tone for season.
  13. Already some good recruiting news! Welcome aboard Joey. Like to see when ND can keep some good in-state talent.
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