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  1. With that Georgia game looming, I think this was a nice way to prepare for that environment. I do wish we played a little cleaner(especially the LB tackling) but I really think we’ll be better off from last night, we faced adversity early and over came it. I’ll take that over a cupcake any day!!!!
  2. That’s the best defense he’ll face all year and even with being sandwiched between the ends for most of the night he still kept his composure. He should have had an extra touchdown plus that 3rd and 16 QB draw was a huge play. Sure there were some throws he missed but the BW from last night would have beaten Georgia rge last year. He’s made some improvements and I only see him getting better. Most other QBs would have crumbled under all that pressure but he stood in there and took the hits, plus his running ability puts so much pressure on the defense. He could have been a litter better but he
  3. Change of pace? To go from scoring to not scoring or getting first downs to not getting first downs? Kizer should never come off unless he's hurt or we're up by 40 period.
  4. You do realize that Herman is doing that with mostly Texas recruits. He's getting the best players from Houston and the surrounding areas, hate to say it but there's no way he would give that up to have academics through a wrench in his recruiting efforts
  5. Zaire is definitely not a top 3 QB in the country, his pre snap reads are horrible and he finished the game with 0 rushing yards.
  6. How could it not have had any bearing? That's 5 or 6 more possessions Kizer would have had on offense. All the 3 and outs Zaire had put the defense right back on the field. I'm sure Kizer could have squeezed 1 or 2 more scores out of the series threat Zaire got.
  7. Not sure what I'm missing but everyone not on Domer Domain is picking Texas, even the FPI gives them a 57% chance to win. We have better QB's and should win the battle up front on both sides. 35-21 Notre Dame
  8. Texas starting center is a freshman but might not play due to injury, 2 other offensive lineman nursing injuries. We should win the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball, combine that with 2 better options at QB and that should be the difference in this game.
  9. I'm going with Kizer, he played extremely well as a red-shirt freshman and I expect him to take the next step this year. I just don't see how BK can tell him he's not the starter after what he did last year. Don't get me wrong he has areas of improvement but he has more experience than Zaire and he's a winner.
  10. Yeah that PAC-12 replay crew knew what they were doing, everyone could see he was short but they wanted to give Stanford enough time to drive for a FG.
  11. Darius Walker??? But yes indeed that class was horrible!!
  12. I'm not trying to bash Kizer, i love the way he played. This is a Kelly Sucks thread and I'm just saying I don't think he does. And yes it a great throw, I'm not saying it wasnt. But we can all agree in general that if a guy is running wide open that's where we would want the ball to go.
  13. Yes I would prefer him to throw to the receiver that had no one with in 15 yards of him, you make my point for me by saying imagine if his teammates show up ready. It's not BK's fault they couldn't catch or hold on to the ball is all I'm saying. And I said he's been good, but we need him to be great to live up to some of your 12-0 expectations.
  14. Kizer has been good, I'll give you that. But he hasn't been great and that's what we would need to get to 12-0 or 11-1. He missed Tori wide open down the middle for a touchdown and C.J. was open in the flat on the INT, I guess those were BK's fault too? Sure BK takes some of the blame but to say he sucks given the cards he's been dealt is ridiculous. Sure C.J. has been great but we needed the type of running that Folston brings on Saturday. So all of this underachieving talk is for the birds, no other team would be 4-1 right now with all the losses we've had.
  15. Really? This season will determine Kelly's legacy? If I would have told you before the season started that after week 2 Zaire and Folston would be done for the year some of you would have predicted 6 wins this year now you say 8 wins is underachieving. The fact that you guys still wanted us to go 12-0 or 11-1 with the 3rd string QB leads me to believe you think BK is a hell of a coach. What other team can lose its starting QB,RB,DT,TE and nickle back and go undefeated? But we lose 1 game in a hostile environment, in a monsoon, with our 3rd string QB making his first road start and you guys ar
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