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  1. You are correct sir. I was in there as well.
  2. Everybody can relax, I just personally witnessed Tee saying in a chat room with about 6 other people that he is ND until he dies, and he 100% enrolling here. Greenberry is coming as well. Book it.
  3. They're cheaper outside the stadium for every game. I guess that means I should not try to get my money back if I can.
  4. Sorry, I did the math and I do stand to making a whopping $10 total. Shoot me. I promise to not spend it all in one place.
  5. Really? Thats pretty funny, face value for the tickets is $80, plus a $6 "fee" for each ticket from the ticket office. Then there is an additional "order charge". Anybody who has purchased tickets online from the ticket office knows this. Paypal fees for re-selling are additional 3%, then shipping. Love to know where I'm making $50 out of this genius.
  6. 2 in row 41 2 in row 45 Would like to get $100/ticket which just covers what I paid for them from the ticket office, and the cost of shipping and paypal fees for whoever buys them.
  7. No horse in this race, but I sure hope you are not an attorney PWT. You are disputing facts with semantics. If its possible to get back on topic though, I LOVE the new helmets and would actually like to see the team come out in gold pants to match them, and Madonna blue jerseys.
  8. Equally important is that just about every one of our current commits who are not here officially, are coming in unofficially. Many of them to help recruit these elite prospects to join them in South Bend next year.
  9. Haha And as much credit as he gets, I think it is still taken for granted how good of a coach Urban is.
  10. Jason Sapp disagrees with you if one of the current QBs does not come back next year for one reason or another. He is correct more often then not
  11. I agree with your assessment of our WR corp being just as much of an issue as Rees. We definitely need a more mobile QB who has the arm strength to test a defense vertically. That being said we also need receivers who can test a defense vertically. TJ Jones is a good WR, but not explosive. Riddick is explosive in tight spots, but I dont see the true top end speed from him. He is more quick and shifty than fast. I do believe though that Davaris Daniels is going to be the best true ATHLETE we have seen play WR in some time. Kid is fast, explosive and can jump through the roof. He ne
  12. Hey guys, I have a pair of tickets up for grabs for the USC game. They are side by side in section 103. Shoot me a PM with an offer if interested.
  13. Just curious how he had 3 TDs for a team that only scored 14 pts unless I am reading this wrong or those are season stats, which wouldnt be very impressive.
  14. Also agree with everything said, but have to say Utah last year was a pretty impressive showing by the ND faithful. Stadium was rocking almost the entire game in cold, wet miserable weather.
  15. The play where Tommy had the ball batted back in his face was going to be a bubble screen to theo.
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