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  1. Didn't Coach Sark graduate from BYU? I wonder if this is easing Damien Mama's mind heading into recruiting... just a thought...
  2. Love the hire and the option-value of being able to run both 3-4 and 4-3 defense - especially given the talent pool currently on the roster. In the past, I've been more inclined to go with the "up-and-coming" coach, but love the fact that we're getting a coach with both experience in the NFL and college football. Should be great for recruiting, and god willing, provide a little bit of consistency at ND which has been sorely lacking these last couple of years... Let's hope the OC hire is just as promising.
  3. Head to head, Tyler Eifert is looking pretty good so far in the major workouts for the day. You can track all H2H matchups here: http://www.nfl.com/combine/ Not saying one will get drafted over another just b/c of the workout results, but you have to feel pretty good about T.E. at TE right about now...
  4. No mention of a certain coach giving him a second chance to succeed while at Cincy either... boy, I had such high hopes for journalistic rigor and integrity from http://chicagosidesports.com...
  5. Santa / Wife was kind this year and brought a new 3DTV to our house. After first getting geeked-up about watching "Finding Nemo 3D" (my kids are small), I find myself now with a ton of questions on watching CFB. Wondering if any of my other fellow DD'ers have braved this new world before me and might be able to answer some of my key questions. Questions like: Are games (more specifically, 'the game') broadcast in 3D? Are there 3D versions of your typical HD channel line-up? Are all employees of Best Buy completely useless? Thanks all...
  6. From my total uninformed opinion, this seems like a plausible destination versus say, BC. I think he was the DC there in '09 and has some familiarity (possibly good & bad) with the program. Not sure there have been any candidates announced now that Butch Jones is at Tenn, but I think this might be one to watch... Thoughts?
  7. Congrats Manti - the first (ever) high school and college Butkus award winner! Well-deserved...
  8. The loss to Kentucky was just another example of the sheer dominance of the SEC. I heard they played with only 10 guys on the field for the entire 4th quarter. As a former MAC guy myself (Miami University), I for one will be cheering for Kent State to crash this party in style. Would bookend this bowl season perfectly with a giant middle finger to those "big conference" types who argue against playoffs: Notre Dame (an independent) in the title game, and a MAC SCHOOL in the Orange Bowl. Priceless.
  9. While I do not post much, I am an addicted reader of DD. On this morning, and as we approach the eve of this weekend's anticipated game vs. the Trojans, I find it appropriate to offer my thanks for such an amazing season to date. So, without much ado, I offer my sincerest thanks to: Coach Kelly: We stood by you. You have delivered. And while this season is not yet complete, I am thankful for giving us hope again after the various false starts this program has endured over the last decade. Thank you for making me a believer again. Coach Diaco: You are the Yin to Coach Kelly's Yang. You have put together a great game plan for every game - and gotten the most out of this team in every stretch of the season. We all hope you continue your career with us next year - but in the event that you move on, know that I too will be cheering on your next team for all that you have done this year. Manti Teo: Thank you for showing us all how to be better men. You have been a true inspiration to us all - proving that no matter what life throws at you, that you can persevere with sheer will, love and a passion for being the best that you can be every day. Everett Golson: Thank you for making every play an exciting one. Between the heart attack fumble vs. Purdue, and the amazing play-action pass against Oklahoma, somewhere in that mix, we have found ourselves an unbelievable playmaker, an emerging leader, and a great quarterback. Tommy Rees: Thank you for being the ultimate team mate. For always being ready to contribute, and to leading by example on the personification of this team: unselfish, cohesive, and results-driven. Your third down conversion vs. Oklahoma was cool and calculated. And though I wanted you off the field for the very next play, I was sure glad you were in to deliver that one. Zeke Motta: You don't say much, and we don't say many positive things about you, but thank you for stabilizing our secondary; for providing senior class leadership with a team and program that has sorely lacked it. Your quiet-confidence is more than comforting, it is inspiring. Stephon Tuitt: Thank you for showing that Kelly can recruit and develop even "big time" talent. Thank you as well for your sheer dominance on the edge, and for allowing us to develop our secondary while you fluster the quarterback on each passing play. While we all marvel at your talent on the field, you also appear to have your head screwed on the right way off of it - showing us that even at Notre Dame, you can succeed on and off the field. Louis Nix: Thank you for ALL that you do. You are my favorite player-personality; you're like the goalie on my college hockey team: our rock that delivers, but also the guy that everyone just enjoys being around to see what pops out of your mouth (and on Chocolate news) next. Theo Riddick: Thank you for your versatility, your ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, and for your running toughness. The run against BYU - sheer brilliance. Cierre Wood: Thank you for making the most of every touch. While we all probably wish to see more of you during the game, I can say that each time you have gotten your due, you have made it enjoyable to watch. Your run against Wake makes me forget the fumble against Pitt - but even superman had his Kryptonite. Tyler Eiffert: Thank you for returning and showing that success goes beyond personal statistics. The NFL will reward you more next year for your blocking than your receiving. Life is full of its little ironies - but good things come to those who are patient and persistent. Kapron Lewis-Moore: Thank you for your leadership and continued effort. Like Zeke Motta, you too have shown us how seniors anchor their group - and sir, have not missed any mark. Your tackle last week vs. Wake on the screen shows us how bright of a player you truly are - and I look forward to you playing on Sundays next year. Mike Golic Jr.: Thank you for stepping-in and delivering in a role that none of us likely thought you could likely do. You have been a pleasant surprise. And though Purdue was not your best afternoon, I can say from experience that sometimes team chemistry can overcome the seams of sheer talent; trick shot Monday has become more than an interesting exercise of useless skill, it has become a bonding vehicle for a group of men to show us that team goes beyond the playing field. There are many others to offer thanks to this season - feel free to add your own, but there is one more that I wish to add before I stop typing this thread and get back to my own family: Nicky Baratti: Thank you for intercepting that pass vs. Michigan. In each season there are "moments" that shape a teams fortune - and your pick in the endzone truly was a shaping moment for our season. I look forward to big things from you in the future.
  10. Anyone know if/where there will be a replay of tonights game online? Looks like my DVR crapped the bed and I missed what seemed to be an amazingly satisfying team win. Thanks all....
  11. Yesterday he officially became Kyle Rudolph- uber-talented, but redundant with GA3 and Theo both looking great. Heck, I was even happy with how Cam was running the ball...
  12. Have to admit, I was a little surprised to see Okwara on the field. While the reviews have been positive from the get go, I sure thought he was a redshirt/save-a-year candidate.
  13. I must admit, I wanted Gunner Kiel to be Irish. I wanted to gloat (albeit a short one) against the SEC while we brought in the nations #1 QB. But alas, it is not to be. I do think this will actually be better for ND in the long run. My reasoning: I believe us to close the deal with the NJ trio of Fuller, Shumate and Wright for 2012, as well as pave the way for a possible Alviti commit for 2013. While this certainly could be wishful thinking on my part, I do wonder if losing the Gun-battle this year, actually nets über-positive for the boys in Blue and Gold. At least that is my wish in curing this latest setback.
  14. Big fan of the work Jonas put in this year, but unfortunately I think we'll never know how good Jonas could have been for us. I certainly think he had a great year, but I think it's way premature to call him the best since Julius Jones. Heck, I think Darius Walker was a more productive back over his career. Not taking away from Jonas' great year, but like Hawaii mentions beforme, I don't think there is enough volume of work to justify the lofty rating provided in the title of the thread. One only wonders where Jerome Bettis was two or three years ago to have the same "play like you are 235" talk with Jonas in his sophomore year - or to have that same discussion with Robert Hughes for that matter. In my opinion, this is why BK is our coach - to not only put the right X's and O's together, but to also coach-up and develop talent. I also believe this team to be missing the key element of leadership within the upper classman on the team. Having played college sports, when you are an underdeveloped 19/20 year old trying to compete against those that are signficantly bigger/stronger/faster than you, you look up to those guys ahead of you and don't want to let them down. You play for something more than just yourself, you play for THE TEAM, a concept that unfortunately I believe we are lacking in. This team has been missing senior class leadership since, dare I say it, Brady Quinn left town. Hopefully, someone has the "you should stay another year" talk with Manti Teo on why staying for his senior year is more about the legacy he we leave in favor of the dollars he will receive in declaring for the NFL draft. This is something I admire (and am envious of) from the Stanford team we're about to play tonight. Their Senior class joined following a 1-11 season and have delivered. And while we find ourselves on the verge of another season missing out on a BCS bowl, I can't help think of a "what could have been" had we been able to retain and develop our talent better of the last few years. Maybe then, we could confidently add Jonas into the mix of best RB; I certainly would have enjoyed watching more of him.
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