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  1. That was awesome.... Thanks for the link.... What????
  2. If you're too dim to accept the fact that I apologized, then that's your problem... Keep on, keepin' on... Your posts are quickly starting to rival those of Sir Joan in the mind-numbing category. Knock yourself out....
  3. After some thought, I agree with this. Rick, my apologies.
  4. Initial head scan was negative... He's a tough kid. He'll be fine. That was a strange game all the way around. About time the Tribe scored a few runs.
  5. I think that you're an unpatriotic person who has great disdain for this country so long as we don't have a republican in office. You've gone to all lengths to rip our president who inherited a nation in shambles...left by a cocaine sniffing, alcholic who didn't know the difference between shoe laces and a pair of spurs. What say me??? I say, step away from the keyboard for five minutes, get some fresh air and attempt to bring some happiness into your miserable life. Perhaps a hobby....that is, something other than sitting endless hours in front of the computer screen and bombarding us with your right wing propaganda. Happy Memorial Day...
  6. Would Chutes and Ladders fall under the category of "extreme games"??? I would bust up some mofo's there.... Just sayin'
  7. Is he in the top 50? What say you???
  8. Out with the old...In with the new. The cowboy has ridden off into his cocaine-laced sunset. I'm HereComeTheIrish....and I approve this message.
  9. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v141/DarkArtsDesign/garth.jpg
  10. This is a bit irresponsible, no? You'd hope that a mod could show just a little class.... Just a little.
  11. Hold off on the hedge clipping....Never know what's on the horizon. You may meet someone dead set on having critters.
  12. Right Wingers......Unite!!!! Can't wait for football season...This crap is getting old.
  13. Apparently not.... on and forward gentlemen....
  14. Didn't ND Fanatic basically say the same thing??? I shouldn't question Sub as a fan as I've read his blog....very good and enjoy the content. Just questioning why we're debating our biggest rival. That's a no brainer. Is that OK Chris?
  15. Pretty silly question. If you have to ask, are you really an ND fan? USC and then everyone else.
  16. http://www.irishenvy.com/forums/2011-recruiting-profiles/51741-11-il-rb-lb-rodney-coe-offer.html
  17. This is why I love this site. A relevant topic finaly comes up from a new member on a very hot topic and all 217 mods (which could be handled by about 3-or 4 quite frankly) decide to turn it into a "Welcome To The Site" thread. Can't there be a welcome to the site thread and stop destroying good, informative threads?
  18. This one gives me the butt giggles. No one brought up your age. In fact no one brought you up....PERIOD. It has to be tough to be irrelevant. Joan, apparently reading comprehension isn't your strong suit as well...however, narcissism seems to be just your game.
  19. You are Bat S*** crazy Old Man... What did he do wrong with his lifestyle? He did nothing wrong other than date a person of the opposite sex who's obviously off her rocker. Did he force the drinks down this dingbat's gullet??? Chris did everything by the book...I'd ask you to expound on your response ,however, it seems these days you're above that.
  20. "Hey look....A golden dome hehehe." :doh: Did you hammer a couple of packs of cigs before the big shoot? Jeesh....you sounded like you just ran a marathon. :faint2:
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