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  1. You are abosolutley right. I'm not saying Nix is a bad player, but he got single blocked by Jones alot that night. That freed up the guards to climb to backers. Bama wasnt very worried about nix, they did not combo him very much all night. Jones had a great game, used he feet and hand placement to reach block and cut off nix pretty much all game.
  2. Made my day also. I coached against this kid for 2 years, he is a fantastic player. So glad we don't have to face him at usc.
  3. My son was born the day before the oklahoma game. He has not seen the irish lose and he wont tonight. ND-21 Bama-13 GO IRISH!
  4. Russell is not nearly as bad as you are making him out to be Irish 33. We play 2 high safeties but alot of times we are in quarters coverage alot and Russell is playing basically off man, and he does a really good job sometimes. He has quick trigger break and he tackles very well. Granted we play alot of cover 2 with direct safety help but the thing he does best is compete. He needs work in man with his hands and footwoork, but I would not call him a bad player
  5. Very well put phony. The zone scheme can also be very helpful when teams are switching fronts and lbs are moving all over the place. The timing of the double team can be very difficult and the the backs can help by being patient and seeing cut back lanes. It takes a ton of work but can be very effective. I wouldn't mind also seeing a little less zone with double teams and more of the "old school" zone where the online is trying to step one direction and reach the defensive linemen in the gap and allow the uncoverd olineman climb to the lbs quicker.
  6. I can tell you don't know much about coaching a game. The same guy that is such a danger carrying the ball, was the exact same guy we called qb zone sweep for the td when we absolutely needed a play. But when the game is on the line you want to take the ball out of his hand bc "he is small, and not used to carrying the ball". He handles the ball on every single play. I understand the play did not work and your mad but it simply was not a bad call. If you played football I would expect you to give me some info on why you didn't like the call, such as the dline was slanting away from our back,
  7. I agree Wave, tommy was the right call to get the W, thats all that matters.
  8. I understand very well play calling and all that goes into it. I have been both the oc and the dc at the high school I coach at, as well as coaching d1 football at the university of memphis. In all my years, I have never come across an oc that takes into account that a player can not hang onto the ball. If the player fumbles alot he is simply not in the game. At some point it is on the players, they must execute things like not fumbling. If we did not run the zone read and read the backside end on the play then we would have been outnumbered and it would have been a "dead" play. As far as
  9. Nothing wrong with call, it is called all over america, a hundred times on saturday. Golson must hang on to the ball, coach can't do it for him. QB must be able to do basic things like protect the ball while running, or he is wrong guy for the the job. What is the alternative? Never call a play where he has the option to pull the ball? Isn't that the point of having a more mobile qb? What play would you have called ....kneel 3 times and punt?
  10. It was just the old inside zone read play, which should be a great play for golson, I didn't mind the call because we were not blocking very well and this gave us a chance to put the ball in one of our better players hands, and at the same time it is a safe call. Golson just has to secure the ball
  11. I didn't mind the read too much, the man lined up on the te was in a 9 technique and crossed our te's face which is technically a pull (thats what I teach my qbs) but he has to come tight off the te and get vertical, not take it so wide
  12. The play he fumbled on was inside zone with a read on the backside. Backside end crashed golson kept it. Are you one of the guys who just watches the ball, or do you watch the blocking schemes up front?
  13. He fumble on zone read....that is a run up the middle
  14. All defenses dictate to a certain degree how the offense plays. Purdue played cover 1 and loaded the box with 7 and 8, we had no choice but the throw the ball.
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