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  1. 2002...not quite. In 2002 you couldnt help but feel we were just getting lucky and didnt always deserve to win games. This year, we have flat outplayed teams on both sides of the ball. Even in the close games, we havent had to rely on a lucky bounce for most of our wins, like 2002. Besides the record, I do not see a whole lot of similarities between these two teams. This just doesnt look like smoke and mirrors to me.
  2. Yeah, Theo has been nails atrunning out the clock this year. Also, and i think this is the main reason, we had to have Theo in as a threat to catch out of the backfield...if for no other reason than to lure that extra defender away from Golson. Cierre will get his touches against Pitt...I would say.
  3. actually rocket...I see that picture a lot. twitter backgrounds, people's sigs on other sites, etc. it's a good one.
  4. Look at the thread below"Remember These Days".
  5. Hello Mr. Obvious...long time listener, first time caller. Come on man...this is supposed to be about what teams have more talent than ND.
  6. Bama and Oregon I think we match up great against the others. Florida and LSU...I would rather play them than Stanford and USC. Both of those two are hugely overrated.
  7. This is true. Golson has all the potential...but he is very young and still a pup. Having said that, its obvious he needs to get involved in the run game more...when he does it helps his pass game. He seems to do better when his heart rate is up and is a little excited. He will have some great games...but make no mistake, he will struggle some as well. ALL young QBs have those head scratchers...but he definitely took a huge step forward this weekend.
  8. Yeah, but you gotta admit, getting that kind of winning percentage out of Tommy is pretty damn impressive. I really hope the best for Rees...this kid has no ego and just puts the team first no matter what. Not too many college kids would handle this situation quite like he has. I hope he continues to be a good mentor for Golson and he gets into coaching one day.
  9. Late for a meeting. Gotta hold all players accountable.
  10. Why? I looked forever to find one I liked. Ive seen much worse.
  11. Oh, quit getting so butt hurt. I was just kidding you in the first place.
  12. Yes...those two week old posts are killers.
  13. Hey, you are the one who said you never said any of those things. I was just giving you a hard time,and even admitted that ND has proven me wrong a lot as well. You could have checked for yourself before you told me to check for myself and before I open my mouth. As for being closer than me...I would hope because I didnt guess...every time I do guess I end up guessing wrong...i think I jinx them when I swear they are going to win. Im just a little superstitious.
  14. OK...just as you asked. For your viewing pleasure...just as I stated. But, Im just a rookie and you are a master internet board poster guy...so what the hell do i know.
  15. OK...but its right there for you to read yourself. Pages 1-3 i think...but if you like, I will post them.
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