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  1. Great info as always Jersey - thanks - our St. Peter's Prep defenders contributed some good play this year - hats off to the Marauders. Ex-Bergen County
  2. zemaniak, you nailed it. This is just what has bothered me about Kelly's offense (and it is HIS offense - read ego) since he got here. He has to be the brightest guy in the room (cute plays) and is incredibly stubborn (define insanity). As a result is normally out coached, wastes talent, and is schooled by better coaches (Saban, Meyer, Sweeney). That said, he has done great things for the program, and is a major upgrade from the 1997 - 2009 circus.
  3. Out Freaking-Standing, Rocket. Thanks for the great laugh & Merry Christmas.
  4. Agreed, it is a dumpster fire & probably will always be - being in the $EC exacerbates that. The key is how to measure 'success'. If he can improve them, as Franklin did, while learning the HC chops in a low downside situation... then that is a success. If he can do that, and we know his skill & character first hand, he is a very real 2024 candidate. It is the path that Kelly navigated and Fleck is attempting to travel. Look at the Ara, Saban, and Meyer career stops. not everyone was unicorns and rainbows, but each contributed to their long term success. I would say that Fleck's move was a greater risk - higher profile expectations and pressure, bigger down side. Just one opinion.
  5. Once quoted, "I can't wait until tomorrow, because I get better looking every day." RIP #5
  6. ND just out lasted the #1 team in the country, which has consistently been one of the top 2 programs over the last 5+ years. For an emphatic punctuation they owned the 2nd overtime. Since Lou the team would have run out of gas. Some of it is greater recruiting depth, and better assistant coaches, but full honor and credit due to Coach Balis and his staff.
  7. Great "catch" / comparison, Brian - on the money as usual.
  8. Elder, 100%. Somehow his return to NC has them playing at a high level. It may be better assistant coaches, better recruiting... I think the shift from Fedora (almost anyone would have been an improvement) is a major factor, and will wear off as the season progresses. Going back 10 years, Mack has not kept up. Texas tanked before they eased him out because he was resting on his oars, and that will occur again in Chapel Hill. The telling incident was his visit to Saban at Alabama, where the weight room dumbfounded him - his comment was, something like, "I didn't know all this stuff was available"... - well, that's your job, Mack. As a result, I also feel that they are very over rated - and will get spanked when they face strong opposition.
  9. Brian, With all the good that you have done, you will never have anything for which to apologize. You exemplify the "Old School" Notre Dame, and for geezers like me that is very re-enforcing. Thank You!
  10. Good question. lame kitten? Terry Brennan?
  11. Cory had an excellent coaching tree analysis that spoke to the results of CBK's comfort picks. It is scary, and unfortunately I agree with it and the comments. Looking, let's say, 11 months ahead, it took 2 great LSU O. C.s a quarter and a half (and a critical targeting disqualification of Skalski when Clemson was only 3 points behind in the 3rd quarter) to crack Venable's defense....Coach Rees against that? Not a good omen for the program.
  12. 3 different ND groupings (some overlap) HH had a major hand in developing and/or recruiting all three - and this with Mike McG and Nick Martin lurking 'behind' these fellows - who deserve congratulations. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ENYZYZAWwAEXI9B.jpg
  13. To me, if a QB isn’t accurate, he’s not worth a damn. Agreed - Bill Walsh said that (far and away) the most important thing in judging / picking a QB was accuracy... think Montana and Young - from memory, neither was a blazer, but their scalpel like accuracy won. Good point on the Cincy QBs as well.
  14. The direct conclusion that most will jump too is Hiestand to OL and Quinn to TE's BUT I'm not sure Kelly wants to go back to the future. I only can hope that he does. He talks about firing a guy in his wedding, so a ding to Quinn (=> TEs) would put CBK's $ where his mouth is. Quinn may be adequate and comfortable, but he isn't much more than 60% of Harry (who, BTW, turned out to be a HELL of a recruiter). No tears for Jeff, CBK took good care of him since he flamed out in Buffalo, and the talent (much of which HH recruited) counterbalanced the adequate coaching and kept the OL from having a disappointing year. Just MHO. Brian, Happy New Year and all the best in 2020 to you and all on this great board.
  15. Brian, you are a paragon of knowledge, dedication, and decency. We are all better for knowing you. God Bless you and yours.
  16. Disagree. I am a 1968 grad, and yes, many geezers do what has been mentioned. HOWEVER they also have suffered through the eras of Davie, Willinghan, Brennan, Kuharich etc, and many (self included) are too stiff of body due to old age and 'meritorious' injuries, to enjoy the cement seat cals that we did decades ago, so cut us a break and skip the condescending generalizations. As to stuck up - in the pre 80s perhaps even the pre 90s, the school and the student body was predominantly 'blue collar' and damn glad / proud to be on campus, at a game etc. From what I have seen on campus and heard, the attitude (not the fact) is what Ted envisioned - the "ivy of the mid-west". But also having an Ivy degree, I'd say that it falls short, and that ND has become just another diploma factory with candle light vigils to comfort the 'distraught students' because Trump won - i.e. Snowflake U. What made it unique is gone. A 'stuck up' old bast**d
  17. Great. Lets talk - will need an address, if you want, I will PM my phone. Splitting the postage would be much appreciated. Thanks Paul
  18. I just moved, and found: 1) The Notre Dame T Formation – Frank Leahy (1949) 2) Then Ara Said to Joe – Heisler 3) Talking Irish – Delsohn 4) Shake Down The Thunder - Leahy's Biography 5) Shake Down The Thunder – Sperber, and 6) Resurection by Jim Dent about Ara' 1st season – (1964). I have read them all, all are in good shape. I would like to pass them on (gratis). An Amazon search will provide a description / summary. If you have interest in any or all, please let me know and I will send them on. Paul
  19. Brian,

    Did you get the books?


  20. As Sundance said to Butch, "You just keep doin' the thinkin', that's what you're good at."
  21. Great - I just moved, and it may take a bit, but watch your mail - goodies should show up pre season.

    All the best,


  22. Great analysis as usual, Faith - I agree with all the points, and would add Longo (hope he is well) to Denbrock & VanGorder.
  23. Originally Posted by Rocketsan View Post You call the coach of the year a loser. You slag players stepping in to fill in for the injured who may not be ready to perform on the biggest of stages. You immediately demand the school lower its expectations to meet yours. You call for the hire of men who would do just about anything to win - even when it is wrong. You discount or dismiss every one of the 12...12! win this team had. When players and coaches are beating the likes of Michigan week one - they are legends; when they struggle against Ball State they are garbage. The emotional liability of the team’s fanbase is a joke. Flame on. I’ve said my piece. See you in September. As usual, I agree with Jersey and Rocket. After a 'wailing & gnashing' e-mail from a 3rd fellow graduate, I sent this to them: "News flash. Neither Ara, nor Lou are coaching at ND. The exceptional tactical and strategic abilities, and the recruiting skills that brought victories against The Bear, the Cheerios bowl, Miami, and FSU have left the building. Still many times better than Gerry, tyrone, and puddin' pants, so be grateful and quit whining. Happy Freaking New Year." I have followed the team since the early 50's and got my degree in 1968. My 4 years were Ara's 1st 4. The lesson in perspective that I have learned through the ups and downs is that gratitude makes both better - the success sweeter, and the defeats more tolerable. I am grateful for the success of this team, that CBK has gotten out of the way and let some very fine assistants work, and that the athletes seem to be exceptional young men. End of sermon.
  24. Great topic & posts. A class mate (Pete Farrell) suggested that I went to the school that they tore down to build 'The Old School... reading this I agree - in the past several decades, I have bought one item. a classic ND seal t-shirt - in 2010. I do not wear it on game day. Ditto my great 2 Subway Domer shirts - F*CK U$C and Muck Fichigan - bad karma - always tanked when worn on game day. Two best are the Lyons Hall - Maura Fox run shirts and the Sox 2004 "It's Time To Cowboy Up, Boston" shirts. They seem to do the trick. Again, great post.
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