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  1. Maybe referring to Georgia situation? Almost impossible to get suspended down there, must be something crazy ndmpb1
  2. Have not heard anything guys! Still waiting!!...... ndmpb1
  3. It's scary when everyone's source is saying the same thing.
  4. It's not looking likely, but I so hope mine is wrong.....
  5. I am with Chitown... I don't think it means a lot that they are still in the "internal" system. I guess I am hoping for a positive ending to this, which doesn't look like its going to happen. ndmpb1
  6. internal system lookup... with GPA, etc.... my source works for ND like I said I hope I and my source is wrong
  7. I understand. My source is still trying to get final confirmation for me. However my source did check themselves and all 5 are still enrolled, as of a few minutes ago.
  8. My source works at Notre Dame and is close to the situation, and in another twist to this the source told me that DD is still enrolled, according to the computer. I don't know if that means anything or not.
  9. My source is telling me all 5 are done for the year.... I so hope I am wrong.:-x:-x ndmpb1
  10. As an Elder grad, I am super excited about Tommy Kraemer committing to Notre Dame. I have not had the chance to see him play yet, but at 6'5 305 he is a beast. My family knows his family, so I am looking forward to meeting him soon. The only feedback I got about him is that he needs to play meaner, but he will certainly fit the "gentleman off the field" profile well. Regarding the Frozen 5. I have a source at Notre Dame that tells me the players know their fate already, and that this is potentially embarrassing from a "sexual" perspective, apparently much more that has been talked about
  11. as usual, great stuff Rocket ndmpb1
  12. Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I was disappointed to see Alex ask for his release a few weeks back. Alex went to my high school and I know the family. I fully expect him to go to Miami (Ohio) and play for Chuck Martin. A meeting between the two should have already taken place. Go Irish ndmpb1
  13. hahhahahha..... Good one Island.... The Shamrock Hills area is very nice I forgot to mention the celebs/former players I saw at the game: Manti Teo Brady Quinn Armando Allen Robby Toma Michael Floyd Taylor Swift (I think) David Robinson Did I miss anybody? ndmpb1
  14. What a great weekend up at the Blue Gold game with the family. Here are my observations from the weekend.... The defense looks stout... good penetration up the middle and the ends. I think though part of that the offense seemed a little rusty. Tommy Rees looked the best of the quarterbacks, but Malik Zaire is going to be a star someday. He didn't have the best game, but I think he is a star down the road. Tyler Stockton looked great, Louis Nix looked great (although I missed the two point conversion). Stephon Tuitt is a man amongst boys, I hope he does not leave after this year. Ca
  15. Regarding Nix, I was ready to give him some love and joke with him, like I did with other players, but when I said hi, his mannerisms were of someone that didn't want to be there... I hope he works hard and stays because he could be a force... ndmpb1
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